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2018 conference: Class 1A six-man East
2018 coach: Doug Spriggs
Colors: Blue and white
Stadium: Rock River’s field

2018 schedule and results

Rock River did not field a team that played a game in 2018.

For a full schedule including dates and kickoff times, click here.

Program highlights
Records and superlatives
All-time record (since 2014): 2-20 (.091)
All-time playoff record (since 2014): 0-0
Best season(s): 2014 (1-6) and 2015 (1-6)
Worst season(s): 2016 (0-8)
Best-ever state finish: never made playoffs
Scoring records
Most points scored, game: 61, vs. St. Stephens (18), S5/2015
Largest margin of victory: 43, vs. St. Stephens (61-18), S5/2015
Most points allowed, game: 92, vs. Lingle (Rock River 13), O21/2016
Largest margin of defeat: 79, vs. Lingle (92-13), O21/2016
Longest winning/unbeaten streak: 1 game, 2014 and 2015
Longest winless/losing streak: 14 games, 2014-16 (current streak)

All records through the end of last season.

Year-by-year results

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YearClassConferenceCoachWLTPctPO W-LStateTPSTPAAPSAPA
20141A six-manEastTerrance Reese1600.143DNQ815329025.5048.33
20151A six-manEastTerrance Reese1600.143DNQ815534722.1449.57
20161A six-manEastDoug Spriggs0800.000DNQ811955814.8869.75
2017-18--No team----------

Game-by-game results

Road team listed first. How to read these results.

2014 (1-6) Coach: Terrance Reese
S5/2014 Rock River 45 St. Stephens 38 CST
S13/2014 Rock River 22 Normative Services 26 CST
S19/2014 Kaycee 66 Rock River 14 CST
S26/2014 Hanna 68 Rock River 22 CST
O3/2014 Rock River 26 Midwest 56 CST
O17/2014 Rock River Guernsey-Sunrise Guernsey-Sunrise win by forfeit CST
O24/2014 Hulett 36 Rock River 24 CST

2015 (1-6) Coach: Terrance Reese
S5/2015 St. Stephens 18 Rock River 61 CST
S11/2015 Normative Services 69 Rock River 19 CST
S18/2015 Rock River 7 Kaycee 52 CST
S25/2015 Rock River 12 Hanna 59 CST
O2/2015 Midwest 34 Rock River 30 CST
O17/2015 Guernsey-Sunrise 55 Rock River 6 CST
O24/2015 Rock River 20 Hulett 60 CST

2016 (0-8) Coach: Doug Spriggs
S2/2016 St. Stephens 43 Rock River 18 CST
S10/2016 Rock River 12 Hulett 47 CST
S16/2016 Rock River 19 Kaycee 72 CST
S23/2016 Hanna 64 Rock River 7 CST
S30/2016 Rock River 7 Midwest 70 at Casper, NCHS CST
O7/2016 Normative Services 91 Rock River 30 CST
O14/2016 Rock River 13 Guernsey-Sunrise 79 CST
O21/2016 Lingle 92 Rock River 13 CST