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All-America selections — Wyoming High School Football History

USA Today All-America Team
since 1982

2002: Dan Titchener, P, Cheyenne East, honorable mention

Gatorade Players of the Year
since 1986
Based on academic year, not on year of play

2022: Colson Coon, RB/LB, Sheridan
2021: Graedyn Buell, QB, Cheyenne East
2020: Garrett Coon, RB/LB, Sheridan
2019: Parker Christensen, RB/LB, Sheridan
2018: Brett Brenton, RB, Natrona
2017: Coy Steel, WR/DB, Sheridan
2016: Theo Dawson, RB/LB, Jackson
2015: Christian Mayer, WR, Big Horn
2014: Tevis Bartlett, QB/S, Cheyenne East
2013: Brecken Biggs, QB, Natrona
2012: Jordan Roberts, RB, Sheridan
2011: Jim Shellenberger, QB, Natrona
2010: Austin Woodward, QB, Sheridan
2009: Tommy Earl, RB, Natrona
2008: Alex Stratton, QB/S, Cheyenne East
2007: Cody Saloga, RB, Evanston
2006: Chris Moberly, RB/DB, Kelly Walsh
2005: Erick Pauley, OT/DT, Green River
2004: J.C. Navarro, RB, Natrona
2003: Matt Romanowski, RB/LB, Rock Springs
2002: Ben Stratton, QB/DB, Cheyenne East
2001: Jesse Brownell, RB, Natrona
2000: Jeff Martini, QB/S, Sheridan
1999: Andy Bryant, RB/DB, Laramie
1998: Cory Fosher, OT/LB, Lusk
1997: Rocky Kirk, RB/LB, Kelly Walsh
1996: Chris Packer, QB, Lander
1995: Josh Kalinowski, QB, Natrona
1994: Ben Phillips, QB, Sheridan
1993: Lee Vaughn, RB/DB, Cheyenne East
1992: Blaine Phillips, QB, Sheridan
1991: Andre McWell, RB/DB, Cheyenne Central
1990: John Godina, OL/DL, Cheyenne Central
1989: Terry Jackson, RB, Kelly Walsh
1988: Travis Bandemer, RB/LB, Laramie
1987: Mike Rooks, RB/LB, Jackson
1986: John McDougall, QB, Cody

Parade Magazine All-America Team
since 1963

1971: John Kormylo, Thermopolis

Scholastic Magazine All-America Team
from 1952 to 1972

1970: Steve Cockreham, QB, Lusk
1964: Herb Mapp, RB, Natrona
1953: George Fuson, G, Cheyenne Central
1952: Homer Scott, HB, Sheridan

Wigwam Wisemen All-America Team
from 1947 to 1961
No team designations available after 1960

1971: John Kormylo, B, Thermopolis
1969: Keith Nate, FB, Cokeville
1968: Steve Cockreham, QB, Lusk
1966: Jess Manzanares, G, Rawlins; Dennis Havig, FB, Powell
1965: Lew Roney, B, Laramie; Glen Patterson, B, Worland
1964: Wes Ackerson, B, Laramie
1960: Allen Frude, QB, Laramie, sixth team; Randy Murphy, T, Natrona, seventh team
1958: Jim Barrus, HB, Cody, fifth team
1957: Ernie Trujillo, G, Natrona, seventh team
1956: Robert Trew, G, Rawlins, fourth team
1955: Earl McKipe, T, Worland, fifth team
1954: Howard Cook, TB, Worland, first team; Larry Johnson, C, Natrona, fourth team
1953: Larry Zowada, RB, Sheridan, seventh team
1952: Dick Harkins, QB, Worland, fifth team
1951: Neal Waters, B, Laramie, fourth team
1949: Don Olcott, E, Cheyenne Central, sixth team

Teen Magazine All-America Team
from 1957 to 1960

1960: George Squires, B, Laramie, West Team

Kick-off Magazine All-America Team
from 1965 to 1972

1969: Don Westbrook, Cheyenne Central, Top 100 Backs; Ken Madia, Sheridan, Top 100 Backs
1968: Rollie Parkison, Tongue River, Top 100 Backs; Steve Cockreham, Lusk, Top 100 Backs
1967: Wendell Jackson, Cheyenne Central, Top 100 Backs; Jerry Gadlin, Cheyenne Central, Top 100 Backs
1965: Jim Ward, Buffalo, Top 100 Backs 101 All-America Team
from 2004 to 2007

2007: Tommy Earl, Natrona
2007: Blaine Woodfin, Jackson
2006: James Horton, Campbell County
2005: Chris Prosinski, Buffalo
2004: Erick Pauley, Green River

National High School Athletic Coaches Association
date range uncertain; all teams not accounted for

1987: Rich Van Deer, Cody, top 100; Steve Sessions, Lovell, honorable mention; Sean Bell, Campbell County, honorable mention; Jason Atwood, Lander, honorable mention; Rod McKee, Douglas, honorable mention; Tyler Brown, Star Valley, honorable mention
1983: Erik Stensaas, NG, Rock Springs, top 100; Willie Jefferson, RB, Rawlins, honorable mention
1982: Marc Martini, QB, Sheridan, top 100; Dean Dick, Wheatland, honorable mention; Rock Mirich, Moorcroft, honorable mention; Mike Wilcox, Rawlins, honorable mention; David Jones, Saratoga, honorable mention; Tom Bayse, Jackson, honorable mention
1978: Lance Deal, OL/DL Natrona, top 100; Rob Spence, QB, Rock Springs, top 100; Drew Shain, Torrington, honorable mention

Two now-defunct databases were essential to the creation of these listings — the High School Football Database and Although the pages are no longer online, archived versions can be found on the Internet Archive: the High School Football Database and