Missing games

The highest priority for this project is filling in information from games that are missing from the database or filling in missing information on existing games. This list contains all the games in the database that are missing at least one piece of information. Sometimes, it’s the score, sometimes it’s a game’s location, sometimes it’s the date, and sometimes it’s all three. Also, I know there are games that were played that, for some reason, didn’t make it into this database and aren’t even on the missing games list. I’m interested in hearing about those games, too.

Click here for the missing games.

Missing all-state teams

I’m missing several all-state teams, although many (if not all) of these may not exist. If you have COMPLETE copies of the following all-state teams, I’d be happy to post them here:
1957 Class B
1954 Class A or B
1952 Class A or B
1951 Class A or B
1950 Class A or B
1932 all classes
1926 all classes

Missing coaches

Part of my research on Wyoming high school football history also includes tracking down the name of each coach for each team. This page is meant to be a listing of the information I am missing for this project. If schools aren’t listed, it means that I have all the information I need for that school. This is what I need for the following schools:
Albin: Coaches for 1941, 1944-1946 and 1948
Arvada: Coaches for 1939-41 and 1950
Basin: Coach for 1924
Big Piney: Coaches for 1924 and 1944; first name for coach Bardo (1946)
Buffalo: First names for coaches Jeffers (1917) and Graves (1920)
Burlington: Coaches for 1935-36, 1943-45, 1948, 1950, 1953 and 1955; first name for coach Weaver (1924)
Burns: Coaches for 1942-44 and 1946
Byron: Coaches for 1924, 1944 and 1953
Carpenter: Coach for 1940
Cheyenne Central: Coaches for 1894 and 1902; first names for coaches Lee (1905), English (1906) and Brink (1911)
Cokeville: Coach for 1934
Cowley: Coach for 1930
Dayton: Coaches for 1936, 1938, 1941-43 and 1946-47
Deaver-Frannie: Coach for 1950
Douglas: Coaches for 1913-14
Farson: Coaches for 1938-50 and 1953
Fort Laramie: Coaches for 1935-36
Fort Washakie: Coaches for 1910, 1936-37 and 1939-41
Gebo: Coaches for 1930 and 1931
Grass Creek: Coach for 1926
Greybull: Coaches for 1921 and 1930
Guernsey: Coaches for 1922, 1932-1933 and 1940
Hanna: Coaches for 1927-28, 1930, 1935, 1939-40 and 1947-48
Hawk Springs: Coaches for 1941-42
Kemmerer: Coach for 1923
Lander: Coach for 1908
Laramie: Coaches for 1895-98, 1901, 1903 and 1908
Lingle: Coaches for 1922 and 1932-33
Lusk: Coach for 1924
Lyman: Coach for 1943
Manderson: Coaches for 1922-23, 1928 and 1941
Manville: Coaches for 1930, 1937 and 1943; first name for coach Baylis (1931)
Meeteetse: Coach for 1942
Midwest: Coaches for 1924 and 1938; first name for coach Beard (1923)
Monarch: Coach for 1936
Moorcroft: Coach for 1922
Natrona: Coach for 1910
Pavillion: Coach for 1941
Pinedale: Coach for 1938
Ranchester: Coaches for 1935-36
Reliance: Coach for 1944
Riverton: Coach for 1927
Saratoga: Coach for 1926
Shoshoni: Coaches for 1930 and 1943-44
Snake River: Coach for 1957
Sunrise: Coaches for 1925-26, 1928, 1930, 1932-33 and 1945; first name for coaches Clark (1927), Berheim (1929) and Dawson (1949)
Superior: Coaches for 1923-25, 1928-29 and 1935
Ten Sleep: Coaches for 1924-27, 1932-33 and 1959
University Prep: Coach for 1909
Valley: Coaches for 1924 and 1926-31
Wheatland: Coaches for 1912 and 1925
Worland Institute: Coaches for 1951-56, 1958 and 1961

I’m human

Occasionally, I mess up. I spell a name wrong, I get a score wrong, I calculate a record wrong… If you think I’ve got something wrong on this site, let me know. As always, it’s best to try to include some documentation to prove I’m wrong.

Sometimes, the best way to make sure the records are as complete and as accurate as they can be is to simply let people know this site exists. So spread the link around to your buddies.

To reach me, email me at pschmiedt@yahoo.com.

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