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Longest overall winning and losing streaks — Wyoming High School Football History

All records through the end of the 2017 season. * indicates active streak.

Winning streaks

Does not include ties.
1.Laramie34 games1959-63
2t.Kaycee30 games2015-17
2t.Douglas30 games2008-10
2t.Sheridan30 games1990-93
4t.Byron28 games1945-50
4t.Rocky Mountain28 games1997-99
6t.Buffalo27 games2004-06
6t.Powell27 games2011-13
8t.Cokeville26 games1987-90
8t.Riverton26 games1997-99
10t.Glenrock24 games1970-72
10t.Cheyenne Central24 games1988-90
12.Star Valley23 games1965-68
13t.Cokeville22 games2013-14
13t.Glenrock22 games1966-68
13t.Rock Springs22 games2001-02
13t.Snake River22 games2010-12
17.Glenrock21 games2008-09
18t.Cokeville20 games2001-02
18t.Kelly Walsh20 games1980-82
18t.Lusk20 games1999-2000
18t.Sheridan20 games2016-18

Longest active streaks (entering 2019): Big Horn, 11 games; Farson, 11 games; Buffalo, 10 games; Star Valley, 9 games; Natrona, 7 games.

Unbeaten streaks

Includes ties.
1.Worland34-0-2 (36 games)1953-56
2t.Worland33-0-2 (35 games)1924-28
2t.Star Valley33-0-2 (35 games)1964-68
4.Laramie34-0-0 (34 games)1959-63
5t.Kaycee30-0-0 (30 games)2015-17
5t.Douglas30-0-0 (30 games)2008-10
5t.Sheridan30-0-0 (30 games)1990-93
7t.Byron28-0-1 (29 games)1955-58
7t.Laramie28-0-1 (29 games)1968-70
9t.Byron28-0-0 (28 games)1945-50
9t.Rocky Mountain28-0-0 (28 games)1997-99
11t.Buffalo27-0-0 (27 games)2004-06
11t.Powell27-0-0 (27 games)2011-13
13t.Cokeville26-0-0 (26 games)1987-90
13t.Glenrock25-0-1 (26 games)1966-69
13t.Riverton26-0-0 (26 games)1997-99
13t.Star Valley24-0-2 (26 games)1960-63
17t.Cheyenne Central24-0-0 (24 games)1988-90
17t.Cody22-0-2 (24 games)1931-34
17t.Byron23-0-1 (24 games)1966-69
17t.Glenrock24-0-0 (24 games)1970-72
21t.Cokeville22-0-0 (22 games)2013-14
21t.Rock Springs22-0-0 (22 games)2001-02
21t.Snake River22-0-0 (22 games)2010-12
24.Glenrock21-0-0 (21 games)2008-09
25t.Cokeville20-0-0 (20 games)2001-02
25t.Kelly Walsh20-0-0 (20 games)1980-82
25t.Lusk20-0-0 (20 games)1999-2000
25t.Sheridan20-0-0 (20 games)2016-18
25t.Lusk19-0-1 (20 games)1961-64

Winless streaks

Includes ties.

1.Kemmerer0-38-0 (38 games)2012-17
2.Rawlins0-35-0 (35 games)2008-12
3.Greybull0-34-0 (34 games)1978-82
4t.Evanston0-31-2 (33 games)1969-72
4t.Hulett0-33-0 (33 games)1974-78
4t.Sundance0-31-2 (33 games)1950-55
7.Wyoming Indian0-32-0 (32 games)1975-79
8.Big Horn0-29-2 (31 games)1957-64&
9t.Basin0-28-1 (29 games)1948-52
9t.Greybull0-29-0 (29 games)1996-2000
9t.Newcastle0-29-0 (29 games)2001-04
12.Greybull0-27-0 (27 games)1963-67
13t.Evanston0-26-0 (26 games)2000-03
13t.Green River0-23-3 (26 games)1934-37
13t.Hanna0-26-0 (26 games)1992-97$
13t.Kemmerer0-26-0 (26 games)1966-69
13t.Saratoga0-26-0 (26 games)1965-68
13t.Wyoming Indian0-26-0 (26 games)2003-06
19t.Burns0-23-1 (24 games)1967-70
19t.Fort Washakie0-22-2 (24 games)1936-41
19t.Hulett0-24-0 (24 games)1971-74
19t.Kemmerer0-24-0 (24 games)1951-54
23t.Burlington0-22-1 (23 games)1969-71
23t.Glendo0-23-0 (23 games)1975-78
23t.Lander0-23-0 (23 games)2013-16
23t.St. Stephens0-23-0 (23 games)2013-15
27.Shoshoni0-21-1 (22 games)1972-75
28t.Meeteetse0-21-0 (21 games)1947-51
28t.St. Mary's0-21-0 (21 games)1967-70
30.Kemmerer0-20-0 (20 games)1987-89
--Burns0-34-2 (36 games)1942-70
--Fort Washakie0-28-2 (30 games)1926-41
--Guernsey0-21-0 (21 games)1922-30

&-did not field a team in 1958; $-did not field a team in 1993.
Burns’ winless streak from 1942-70 includes a 20-year gap in which the school did not field a football team; Fort Washakie’s winless streak from 1926-41 includes an eight-year gap in which the school did not field a football team; Guernsey’s winless streak from 1922-30 includes a five-year gap in which the school did not field a football team.

Losing streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Kemmerer38 games2012-17
2.Rawlins35 games2008-12
3.Greybull34 games1978-82
4.Hulett33 games1974-78
5.Wyoming Indian32 games1975-79
6t.Greybull29 games1996-2000
6t.Newcastle29 games2001-04
8.Greybull27 games1963-67
9t.Evanston26 games2000-03
9t.Hanna26 games1992-97$
9t.Kemmerer26 games1966-69
9t.Saratoga26 games1965-68
9t.Wyoming Indian26 games2003-06
14t.Hulett24 games1971-74
14t.Kemmerer24 games1951-54
16t.Glendo23 games1975-78
16t.Lander23 games2013-16
16t.St. Stephens23 games2013-15
19t.Meeteetse21 games1947-51
19t.St. Mary's21 games1967-70
21t.Basin20 games1949-52
21t.Kemmerer20 games1987-89
--Guernsey21 games1922-30

$-did not field a team in 1993.
Guernsey’s winless streak from 1922-30 includes a five-year gap in which the school did not field a football team.
Longest active streaks (entering 2019): Gillette, 19 games; Rock River, 14 games (did not field a team in 2017-18); Riverton, 12 games; Southeast, 9 games; Dubois, 8 games.

Longest home winning and losing streaks

Streaks listed do not count neutral-site victories/losses or forfeits.

Home winning streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Byron31 games1953-61
2.Lusk29 games2009-14
3.Natrona28 games1936-40
4.Cokeville27 games1993-97
5.Douglas26 games2008-12
6t.Sheridan25 games1920-24
6t.Shoshoni25 games1976-81

Longest active streaks (entering 2019): Farson, 17 games; Natrona, 13 games; Torrington, 12 games; Mountain View, 11 games; Big Horn, 9 games.

Home unbeaten streaks

Includes ties.

1.Natrona37-0-3 (40 games)1934-40
2.Byron31-0-0 (31 games)1953-61
3.Lusk29-0-0 (29 games)2009-14
4t.Cody25-0-2 (27 games)1929-35
4t.Cokeville27-0-0 (27 games)1993-97

Home winless streaks

Includes ties.

1.Saratoga0-18-1 (19 games)1965-70
2t.Shoshoni0-17-1 (18 games)1971-75
2t.Lander0-18-0 (18 games)1967-71
2t.Kemmerer0-18-0 (18 games)2012-16
2t.Newcastle0-18-0 (18 games)1999-2004
5t.Basin0-16-1 (17 games)1948-52
5t.Rawlins0-17-0 (17 games)2008-12
5t.Tongue River0-17-0 (17 games)2008-13$

$-did not field a team in 2011

Home losing streaks

Does not include ties.

1t.Kemmerer18 games2012-16
1t.Lander18 games1967-71
1t.Newcastle18 games1999-2004
3t.Rawlins17 games2008-12
3t.Tongue River17 games2008-13$
6t.Glendo16 games1975-79
6t.Hulett16 games1975-78
6t.Rawlins16 games1992-95
6t.Shoshoni16 games1971-75

$-did not field a team in 2011
Longest active streaks (entering 2019): Gillette, 10 games; Lingle, 7 games; Rock River, 7 games (did not field a team in 2017-18); Riverton, 5 games.

Longest road winning and losing streaks

Streaks listed do not count neutral-site victories/losses or forfeits.

Road winning streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Rocky Mountain25 games1994-2000
2.Natrona22 games2011-15
3.Cokeville20 games1987-92
4.Gillette19 games2013-16
5.Byron18 games1945-52
6.Laramie17 games1959-62

Longest active streaks (entering 2019): Big Horn, 11 games; Torrington, 7 games; Buffalo, Cokeville, Farson, 5 games.

Road unbeaten streaks

Includes ties.

1.Rocky Mountain25-0-0 (25 games)1994-2000
2.Natrona22-0-0 (22 games)2011-15
3.Cokeville20-0-0 (20 games)1987-92
4t.Gillette19-0-0 (19 games)2013-16
4t.Worland18-0-1 (19 games)1953-56
6t.Byron17-0-1 (18 games)1965-69
6t.Byron18-0-0 (18 games)1945-52
8.Laramie17-0-0 (17 games)1959-62

Road winless streaks

Includes ties.

1.Hulett0-33-0 (33 games)1971-79
2.Glendo0-29-1 (30 games)1971-78
3t.Big Horn0-24-1 (25 games)1957-66
3t.Evanston0-24-1 (25 games)1969-74
3t.Wyoming Indian0-25-0 (25 games)1975-81
6.Kemmerer0-24-0 (24 games)2012-17
7.Gebo0-22-1 (23 games)1933-37

Road losing streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Hulett33 games1971-79
2.Glendo29 games1971-78
3.Wyoming Indian25 games1975-81
4.Kemmerer24 games2012-17
5t.Greybull22 games1978-83
5t.Newcastle22 games2001-06

Longest active streaks (entering 2019): St. Stephens, 11 games; Riverton, 10 games; Gillette, 9 games; Rock River, 9 games (did not field a team in 2017-18); Ten Sleep, 8 games (did not field a team in 2018).

Consecutive scoring streaks

Consecutive games in which teams scored at least two points. Streaks of at least 70 games. Does not include forfeit wins or forfeit losses.

1.Cokeville175 games1997-2015
2.Gillette136 games2005-16
3.Natrona120 games2005-15
4.Buffalo117 games2001-13
5.Byron97 games1963-74
6.Snake River95 games2009-18&*
7.Gillette93 games1989-99
8.Lusk92 games1993-2003
9.Sheridan90 games2006-14
10.Lingle88 games1953-65
11t.Basin86 games1965-75
11t.Evanston86 games1976-86
13.Green River85 games2002-10
14.Southeast83 games2005-12
15.Rocky Mountain82 games1991-2000
16.Burlington77 games1992-2001
17t.Big Horn75 games2012-18*
17t.Mountain View75 games1989-98
19.Basin74 games1977-86#
20.Dubois73 games2009-17

&-streak grows to 97 when including Baggs games of the 1957 and 1958 seasons
#-streak grows to 80 when including Riverside’s 1987 season

Consecutive winning and losing seasons

Top 10 winning (better than .500)

1.Cokeville31 seasons1988-2018*
2.Southeast16 seasons1997-2012
3.Glenrock15 seasons1963-77
4t.Byron14 seasons1963-76
4t.Natrona14 seasons1932-45
6t.Douglas13 seasons1948-60
6t.Lusk13 seasons1991-2003
6t.Natrona13 seasons1993-2005
9t.Laramie12 seasons1954-65
9t.Sheridan12 season2007-18*
9t.Star Valley12 seasons1961-72
9t.Torrington12 seasons1947-58

Top 10 non-losing (.500 or better)

1.Cokeville33 seasons1986-2018*
2.Glenrock24 seasons1956-79
3.Byron23 seasons1954-76
4.Torrington22 seasons1937-58
5.Natrona19 seasons1927-45
6t.Southeast17 seasons1997-2013
6t.Torrington17 seasons1966-82
8t.Mountain View16 seasons1991-2006
8t.Natrona16 seasons1993-2008
10.Pine Bluffs15 seasons1959-73

Top 10 losing (worse than .500)

1.Newcastle22 seasons1984-2005
2.Laramie18 seasons2001-18*
3.Rawlins16 seasons2001-16
4.Sundance14 seasons1941-54
5.Wyoming Indian13 seasons1983-95
6t.Burns12 seasons1941-73$
6t.St. Mary's12 seasons1960-71
6t.Rawlins12 seasons1987-98
9t.Big Horn11 seasons1959-69
9t.Manville11 seasons1930-41&
9t.Rock Springs11 seasons2004-14
9t.Worland Institute11 seasons1951-61

$-did not field a team in 1945 or from 1947-66
&-did not field a team in 1933

Top 10 non-winning (.500 or worse)

1.Wyoming Indian24 seasons1983-2006
2.Newcastle22 seasons1984-2005
3t.Laramie18 seasons2001-18*
3t.Torrington18 seasons1996-2013
5.Thermopolis17 seasons1973-89
6.Rawlins16 seasons2001-16
7.Kelly Walsh15 seasons1987-2001
8t.Basin14 seasons1922-35
8t.Cheyenne East14 seasons1986-99
8t.Greybull14 seasons1963-76
8t.Sundance14 seasons1941-54
12t.Farson13 seasons1940-53$
12t.Meeteetse13 seasons1941-54&

$-did not field a team in 1952
&-did not field a team in 1943