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Longest overall winning and losing streaks — Wyoming High School Football History

All records through the end of the 2022 season. * indicates active streak.

Winning streaks

Does not include ties.
1.Laramie34 games1959-63
2t.Kaycee30 games2015-17
2t.Douglas30 games2008-10
2t.Sheridan30 games1990-93
4t.Byron28 games1945-50
4t.Rocky Mountain28 games1997-99
6t.Buffalo27 games2004-06
6t.Powell27 games2011-13
8t.Cody26 games2020-22
8t.Cokeville26 games1987-90
8t.Riverton26 games1997-99
11t.Glenrock24 games1970-72
11t.Cheyenne Central24 games1988-90
13.Star Valley23 games1965-68
14t.Big Horn22 games2018-19
14t.Cokeville22 games2013-14
14t.Glenrock22 games1966-68
14t.Rock Springs22 games2001-02
14t.Snake River22 games2010-12
19t.Glenrock21 games2008-09
19t.Snake River21 games2021-22*
19t.Star Valley21 games2018-19
22t.Buffalo20 games2018-19
22t.Cokeville20 games2001-02
22t.Kelly Walsh20 games1980-82
22t.Lusk20 games1999-2000
22t.Lyman20 games2020-22
22t.Sheridan20 games2016-18

Longest active streaks (entering 2023): Snake River, 21 games; Sheridan, 19 games; Pine Bluffs, 11 games; Big Horn, 10 games; Star Valley, 5 games.

Unbeaten streaks

Includes ties.
1.Worland34-0-2 (36 games)1953-56
2t.Worland33-0-2 (35 games)1924-28
2t.Star Valley33-0-2 (35 games)1964-68
4.Laramie34-0-0 (34 games)1959-63
5t.Kaycee30-0-0 (30 games)2015-17
5t.Douglas30-0-0 (30 games)2008-10
5t.Sheridan30-0-0 (30 games)1990-93
7t.Byron28-0-1 (29 games)1955-58
7t.Laramie28-0-1 (29 games)1968-70
9t.Byron28-0-0 (28 games)1945-50
9t.Rocky Mountain28-0-0 (28 games)1997-99
11t.Buffalo27-0-0 (27 games)2004-06
11t.Powell27-0-0 (27 games)2011-13
13t.Cody26-0-0 (26 games)2020-22
13t.Cokeville26-0-0 (26 games)1987-90
13t.Glenrock25-0-1 (26 games)1966-69
13t.Riverton26-0-0 (26 games)1997-99
13t.Star Valley24-0-2 (26 games)1960-63
18t.Cheyenne Central24-0-0 (24 games)1988-90
18t.Cody22-0-2 (24 games)1931-34
18t.Glenrock24-0-0 (24 games)1970-72
21t.Big Horn22-0-0 (22 games)2018-19
21t.Cokeville22-0-0 (22 games)2013-14
21t.Rock Springs22-0-0 (22 games)2001-02
21t.Snake River22-0-0 (22 games)2010-12
25t.Glenrock21-0-0 (21 games)2008-09
25t.Snake River21-0-0 (21 games)2021-22*
25t.Star Valley21-0-0 (21 games)2018-19
28t.Buffalo20-0-0 (20 games)2018-19
28t.Cokeville20-0-0 (20 games)2001-02
28t.Kelly Walsh20-0-0 (20 games)1980-82
28t.Lusk20-0-0 (20 games)1999-2000
28t.Lyman20-0-0 (20 games)2020-22
28t.Sheridan20-0-0 (20 games)2016-18
28t.Lusk19-0-1 (20 games)1961-64

Winless streaks

Includes ties.

1.Kemmerer0-38-0 (38 games)2012-17
2.Rawlins0-35-0 (35 games)2008-12
3.Greybull0-34-0 (34 games)1978-82
4t.Evanston0-31-2 (33 games)1969-72
4t.Hulett0-33-0 (33 games)1974-78
4t.Sundance0-31-2 (33 games)1950-55
7.Wyoming Indian0-32-0 (32 games)1975-79
8.Big Horn0-29-2 (31 games)1957-64&
9t.Basin0-28-1 (29 games)1948-52
9t.Cheyenne South0-29-0 (29 games)2019-22*
9t.Greybull0-29-0 (29 games)1996-2000
9t.Newcastle0-29-0 (29 games)2001-04
13.Greybull0-27-0 (27 games)1963-67
14t.Evanston0-26-0 (26 games)2000-03
14t.Green River0-23-3 (26 games)1934-37
14t.Hanna0-26-0 (26 games)1992-97$
14t.Kemmerer0-26-0 (26 games)1966-69
14t.Saratoga0-26-0 (26 games)1965-68
14t.Wyoming Indian0-26-0 (26 games)2003-06
20t.Burns0-23-1 (24 games)1967-70
20t.Fort Washakie0-22-2 (24 games)1936-41
20t.Hulett0-24-0 (24 games)1971-74
20t.Kemmerer0-24-0 (24 games)1951-54
24t.Burlington0-22-1 (23 games)1969-71
24t.Glendo0-23-0 (23 games)1975-78
24t.Lander0-23-0 (23 games)2013-16
24t.St. Stephens0-23-0 (23 games)2013-15
28t.Meeteetse0-22-0 (22 games)1947-51
28t.Pinedale0-22-0 (22 games)2020-22
28t.Shoshoni0-21-1 (22 games)1972-75
31t.Campbell County0-21-0 (21 games)2016-19
31t.St. Mary's0-21-0 (21 games)1967-70
33.Kemmerer0-20-0 (20 games)1987-89
--Fort Washakie0-28-2 (30 games)1926-41
--Burns0-25-1 (26 games)1944-70
--Guernsey0-21-0 (21 games)1922-30

&-did not field a team in 1958; $-did not field a team in 1993.
Burns’ winless streak from 1944-70 includes a 20-year gap in which the school did not field a football team; Fort Washakie’s winless streak from 1926-41 includes an eight-year gap in which the school did not field a football team; Guernsey’s winless streak from 1922-30 includes a five-year gap in which the school did not field a football team.

Losing streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Kemmerer38 games2012-17
2.Rawlins35 games2008-12
3.Greybull34 games1978-82
4.Hulett33 games1974-78
5.Wyoming Indian32 games1975-79
6t.Cheyenne South29 games2019-22*
6t.Greybull29 games1996-2000
6t.Newcastle29 games2001-04
9.Greybull27 games1963-67
10t.Evanston26 games2000-03
10t.Hanna26 games1992-97$
10t.Kemmerer26 games1966-69
10t.Saratoga26 games1965-68
10t.Wyoming Indian26 games2003-06
15t.Hulett24 games1971-74
15t.Kemmerer24 games1951-54
17t.Glendo23 games1975-78
17t.Lander23 games2013-16
17t.St. Stephens23 games2013-15
20t.Pinedale22 games2020-22*
20t.Meeteetse22 games1947-51
22t.Campbell County21 games2016-19
22t.St. Mary's21 games1967-70
24t.Basin20 games1949-52
24t.Kemmerer20 games1987-89
--Guernsey21 games1922-30

$-did not field a team in 1993.
Guernsey’s winless streak from 1922-30 includes a five-year gap in which the school did not field a football team.
Longest active streaks (entering 2023): Cheyenne South, 29 games; Pinedale, 22 games; Ten Sleep, 12 games; Guernsey-Sunrise, 11 games; St. Stephens, 9 games.

Longest home winning and losing streaks

Streaks listed do not count neutral-site victories/losses or forfeits.

Home winning streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Byron31 games1953-61
2.Lusk29 games2009-14
3.Natrona28 games1936-40
4.Cokeville27 games1993-97
5.Douglas26 games2008-12
6t.Sheridan25 games1920-24
6t.Shoshoni25 games1976-81

Longest active streaks (entering 2023): Cody, 19 games; Sheridan, 16 games; Snake River, 12 games; Lovell, 8 games; Cheyenne East, Rocky Mountain, 7 games.

Home unbeaten streaks

Includes ties.

1.Natrona37-0-3 (40 games)1934-40
2.Byron31-0-0 (31 games)1953-61
3.Lusk29-0-0 (29 games)2009-14
4t.Cody25-0-2 (27 games)1929-35
4t.Cokeville27-0-0 (27 games)1993-97

Home winless streaks

Includes ties.

1.Saratoga0-18-1 (19 games)1965-70
2t.Shoshoni0-17-1 (18 games)1971-75
2t.Lander0-18-0 (18 games)1967-71
2t.Kemmerer0-18-0 (18 games)2012-16
2t.Newcastle0-18-0 (18 games)1999-2004
6t.Basin0-16-1 (17 games)1948-52
6t.Rawlins0-17-0 (17 games)2008-12
6t.Tongue River0-17-0 (17 games)2008-13$

$-did not field a team in 2011

Home losing streaks

Does not include ties.

1t.Kemmerer18 games2012-16
1t.Lander18 games1967-71
1t.Newcastle18 games1999-2004
3t.Rawlins17 games2008-12
3t.Tongue River17 games2008-13$
6t.Glendo16 games1975-79
6t.Hulett16 games1975-78
6t.Rawlins16 games1992-95
6t.Shoshoni16 games1971-75

$-did not field a team in 2011
Longest active streaks (entering 2023): Pinedale, Rawlins, 14 games; Cheyenne South, 13 games; Wyoming Indian, 10 games; Guernsey-Sunrise, 7 games.

Longest road winning and losing streaks

Streaks listed do not count neutral-site victories/losses or forfeits.

Road winning streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Rocky Mountain26 games1994-2000
2.Natrona22 games2011-15
3.Cokeville20 games1987-92
4t.Byron19 games1945-52
4t.Campbell County19 games2013-16
6.Big Horn18 games2016-20
7.Laramie17 games1959-62

Longest active streaks (entering 2023): Lovell, 10 games; Cody, 9 games; Pine Bluffs, 8 games; Sheridan, Snake River, 6 games.

Road unbeaten streaks

Includes ties.

1.Rocky Mountain26-0-0 (26 games)1994-2000
2.Natrona22-0-0 (22 games)2011-15
3.Cokeville20-0-0 (20 games)1987-92
4t.Byron19-0-0 (19 games)1945-52
4t.Campbell County19-0-0 (19 games)2013-16
4t.Worland18-0-1 (19 games)1953-56
7t.Big Horn18-0-0 (18 games)2016-20
7t.Byron17-0-1 (18 games)1965-69
9.Laramie17-0-0 (17 games)1959-62

Road winless streaks

Includes ties.

1.Hulett0-33-0 (33 games)1971-79
2.Glendo0-29-1 (30 games)1971-78
3t.Big Horn0-24-1 (25 games)1957-66
3t.Evanston0-24-1 (25 games)1969-74
3t.Wyoming Indian0-25-0 (25 games)1975-81
6.Kemmerer0-24-0 (24 games)2012-17
7.Gebo0-22-1 (23 games)1933-37

Road losing streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Hulett33 games1971-79
2.Glendo29 games1971-78
3.Wyoming Indian25 games1975-81
4.Kemmerer24 games2012-17
5t.Greybull22 games1978-83
5t.Newcastle22 games2001-06

Longest active streaks (entering 2023): Cheyenne South, 20 games; Ten Sleep, 14 games; Moorcroft, 11 games; Green River, Pinedale, 10 games.

Consecutive scoring streaks

Consecutive games in which teams scored at least two points. Does not include forfeit wins or forfeit losses.

1.Cokeville175 games1997-2015
2.Snake River137 games2009-22&*
3.Campbell County136 games2005-16
4.Natrona120 games2005-15
5.Buffalo117 games2001-13
6.Star Valley116 games2012-22*
7.Byron97 games1963-74
8.Sheridan95 games2015-22*
9.Campbell County93 games1989-99
10.Lusk92 games1993-2003
11.Sheridan90 games2006-14
12.Lingle88 games1953-65
13t.Basin86 games1965-75
13t.Big Horn86 games2012-19
13t.Evanston86 games1976-86
16.Green River85 games2002-10
17.Southeast83 games2005-12
18.Rocky Mountain82 games1991-2000
19.Burlington77 games1992-2001
20.Mountain View75 games1989-98
--Basin/Riverside80 games1977-87#

&-streak grows to 139 when including Baggs games of the 1957 and 1958 seasons
#-streak includes two programs, Basin and Riverside, through their consolidation

Consecutive winning and losing seasons

Top 10 winning (better than .500)

1.Cokeville35 seasons1988-2022*
2t.Sheridan16 season2007-22*
2t.Southeast16 seasons1997-2012
4.Glenrock15 seasons1963-77
5t.Byron14 seasons1963-76
5t.Natrona14 seasons1932-45
7t.Douglas13 seasons1948-60
7t.Lusk13 seasons1991-2003
7t.Natrona13 seasons1993-2005
10t.Laramie12 seasons1954-65
10t.Star Valley12 seasons1961-72
10t.Torrington12 seasons1947-58

Top 10 non-losing (.500 or better)

1.Cokeville37 seasons1986-2022*
2.Glenrock24 seasons1956-79
3.Byron23 seasons1954-76
4.Torrington22 seasons1937-58
5.Natrona19 seasons1927-45
6t.Southeast17 seasons1997-2013
6t.Torrington17 seasons1966-82
8t.Mountain View16 seasons1991-2006
8t.Natrona16 seasons1993-2008
8t.Sheridan16 seasons2007-22*

Top 10 losing (worse than .500)

1t.Laramie22 seasons2001-22*
1t.Newcastle22 seasons1984-2005
3.Rawlins16 seasons2001-16
4t.Moorcroft14 seasons2008-22*
4t.Sundance14 seasons1941-54
6t.Worland13 seasons2010-22*
6t.Wyoming Indian13 seasons1983-95
6t.Wyoming Indian13 seasons2008-22^*
9t.Burns12 seasons1941-73$
9t.Cheyenne South12 seasons2011-22*
9t.St. Mary's12 seasons1960-71
9t.Rawlins12 seasons1987-98
9t.Wright12 seasons2011-22*

^-did not field a team in 2020; $-did not field a team in 1945 or from 1947-66; &-did not field a team in 1933

Top 10 non-winning (.500 or worse)

1.Wyoming Indian24 seasons1983-2006
2t.Laramie22 seasons2001-22*
2t.Newcastle22 seasons1984-2005
4.Torrington18 seasons1996-2013
5.Thermopolis17 seasons1973-89
6t.Rawlins16 seasons2001-16
6t.Wright16 seasons2007-22*
8.Kelly Walsh15 seasons1987-2001
9t.Basin14 seasons1922-35
9t.Cheyenne East14 seasons1986-99
9t.Greybull14 seasons1963-76
9t.Moorcroft14 seasons2009-22*
9t.Sundance14 seasons1941-54