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Consecutive winning and losing seasons — Wyoming High School Football History

All records through the end of the 2023 season. * indicates active streak.

Top 10 winning (better than .500)

1.Cokeville36 seasons1988-2023*
2.Sheridan17 seasons2007-23*
3.Southeast16 seasons1997-2012
4.Glenrock15 seasons1963-77
5t.Byron14 seasons1963-76
5t.Natrona14 seasons1932-45
7t.Douglas13 seasons1948-60
7t.Lusk13 seasons1991-2003
7t.Natrona13 seasons1993-2005
10t.Laramie12 seasons1954-65
10t.Star Valley12 seasons1961-72
10t.Torrington12 seasons1947-58

Top 10 non-losing (.500 or better)

1.Cokeville38 seasons1986-2023*
2.Glenrock24 seasons1956-79
3.Byron23 seasons1954-76
4.Torrington22 seasons1937-58
5.Natrona19 seasons1927-45
6t.Sheridan17 seasons2007-23*
6t.Southeast17 seasons1997-2013
6t.Torrington17 seasons1966-82
9t.Mountain View16 seasons1991-2006
9t.Natrona16 seasons1993-2008

Top 10 losing (worse than .500)

1.Laramie23 seasons2001-23*
2.Newcastle22 seasons1984-2005
3.Rawlins16 seasons2001-16
4.Moorcroft15 seasons2008-23*
5t.Sundance14 seasons1941-54
5t.Worland14 seasons2010-23*
5t.Wyoming Indian14 seasons2008-23^*
8t.Cheyenne South13 seasons2011-23*
8t.Wright13 seasons2011-23*
8t.Wyoming Indian13 seasons

^-did not field a team in 2020; $-did not field a team in 1945 or from 1947-66; &-did not field a team in 1933

Top 10 non-winning (.500 or worse)

1.Wyoming Indian24 seasons1983-2006
2.Laramie23 seasons2001-23*
3.Newcastle22 seasons1984-2005
4.Torrington18 seasons1996-2013
5t.Thermopolis17 seasons1973-89
5t.Wright17 seasons2007-23*
7.Rawlins16 seasons2001-16
8t.Kelly Walsh15 seasons1987-2001
8t.Moorcroft15 seasons2009-23*
10t.Basin14 seasons1922-35
10t.Cheyenne East14 seasons1986-99
10t.Greybull14 seasons1963-76
10t.Kemmerer14 seasons2010-23*
10t.Sundance14 seasons1941-54
10t.Worland14 seasons2010-23*
10t.Wyoming Indian14 seasons2009-23^*

^-did not field a team in 2020