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State champions — Wyoming High School Football History

YearClass 4AClass 3AClass 2AClass 1A nine-manClass 1A six-man
2023SheridanStar ValleyTorringtonBig PineyBurlington
2022SheridanStar ValleyBig HornPine BluffsSnake River
2021SheridanCodyLymanShoshoniSnake River
2020Cheyenne EastCodyLymanSoutheastFarson
YearClass 4AClass 3AClass 2AClass 1A 11-manClass 1A six-man
2019SheridanStar ValleyMountain ViewBig HornSnake River
2018NatronaStar ValleyBuffaloBig HornFarson
2017SheridanCodyMountain ViewPine BluffsKaycee
2016SheridanStar ValleyBig HornPine BluffsKaycee
2015SheridanStar ValleyWheatlandUpton-SundanceKaycee
2014NatronaCodyMountain ViewCokevilleGuernsey-Sunrise
2013Cheyenne EastPowellBig HornCokevilleMeeteetse
2011SheridanPowellLovellCokevilleSnake River
2010NatronaDouglasThermopolisCokevilleSnake River
YearClass 5AClass 4AClass 3AClass 2AClass 1A
2008Campbell CountyDouglasGlenrockBurnsSoutheast
2007Cheyenne EastJacksonKemmererRiversideSoutheast
2006Campbell CountyPowellBig PineySoutheastGuernsey-Sunrise
2005Cheyenne CentralBuffaloKemmererSundanceUpton
2004Green RiverBuffaloBig PineyBig HornGuernsey-Sunrise
2003NatronaWorlandGlenrockBig HornCokeville
2002Rock SpringsWorlandGlenrockLuskCokeville
2001Rock SpringsWorlandBig PineySoutheastCokeville
YearClass 4AClass 3AClass 2AClass 1A-DIClass 1A-DII
2000Campbell CountyRawlinsBig PineyLuskSoutheast
1998Campbell CountyRivertonBig PineyRocky MountainCokeville
1997EvanstonRivertonMountain ViewRocky MountainWind River
1996NatronaStar ValleyBuffaloMoorcroftCokeville
1995SheridanStar ValleyMountain ViewRocky MountainCokeville
YearClass 4AClass 3AClass 2AClass 1A 11-manClass 1A nine-man
1993SheridanStar ValleyKemmererCokevilleMeeteetse
1992SheridanStar ValleyThermopolisRocky MountainBurlington
YearClass 4AClass 3AClass 2AClass 1A-
1989Cheyenne CentralWorlandCokevilleHanna (9-man)x
1988Cheyenne CentralTorringtonBig PineyCokevillex
1987Rock SpringsPowellLovellCokevillex
1985NatronaEvanstonShoshoniBig Hornx
1984LaramieWheatlandMountain ViewCokevillex
1983Cheyenne CentralBuffaloBurnsCokevillex
YearClass AAClass AClass B--
1982SheridanStar ValleyLymanxx
1981Kelly WalshJacksonLuskxx
1980Kelly WalshStar ValleySoutheastxx
1979Cheyenne CentralBuffaloMidwestxx
1978Rock SpringsDouglasCokevillexx
1977Cheyenne CentralGlenrockBig Pineyxx
1976CodyGreen RiverLymanxx
1974Cheyenne EastTorringtonTongue Riverxx
1973LaramieGreen RiverTongue Riverxx
1972Kelly WalshStar Valley/TorringtonGlenrock/St. Mary'sxx
YearClass AA-A-Class B--
1970Cheyenne EastxPinedalexx
1967PowellxTongue Riverxx
1966Cheyenne Central/PowellxTongue Riverxx
1965Cheyenne CentralxByronxx
1962LaramiexSt. Stephensxx
YearClass AAClass AClass B--
1961LaramieStar ValleyUptonxx
YearClass AAClass AClass BClass B (6- or 8-man)-
1960LaramieGreybullByronGlenrock (8-man)x
1959Rock SpringsWorlandShoshoniBig Piney (8-man)x
1958Laramie/SheridanCodyByronGlenrock (8-man)x
1957Natrona/SheridanPowellByronGlendo (8-man)x
1956LaramieWorlandByronTongue River (6-man)x
YearClass AAClass A--Class B (6-man)-
1954Cheyenne Central/LaramieWorlandxHannax
1950LaramieGreen RiverxCowleyx
1949Cheyenne CentralGreen RiverxByronx
YearClass AA----
1945Cheyenne Centralxxxx
1944Cheyenne Centralxxxx
1943Cheyenne Centralxxxx
1941Cheyenne Centralxxxx
1940Rock Springs/Sheridanxxxx
YearOne Class----
1935Rock Springsxxxx
1929Cheyenne Central/Thermopolisxxxx

Note: The AA (large-school) champions listed between 1939 and 1968 were decided by conference standings, not by playoffs or a championship game. All champions listed between 1962-67 and Class A, B and C champions from 1962-74 were decided by statewide poll, not by state playoffs or a state championship game. Champions listed for those eras are consensus champions (Class AA/one class champions from 1939 to 1961) and both AP and UPI ballot champions (1962-74). Champions listed prior to 1931 are consensus champions based on press reports from those years.

Total championship count

Only programs that have won state championships are listed. Totals are from 1921 to 2023. Defunct programs in italics.
Sheridan: 30 (10 poll/consensus-20 bracket/title game)
Cokeville: 22 (1 poll/consensus-21 bracket/title game)
Natrona: 18 (7 poll/consensus-11 bracket/title game)
Laramie: 16 (10 poll/consensus-6 bracket/title game)
Cheyenne Central: 15 (9 poll/consensus-6 bracket/title game)
Star Valley: 14 (1 poll/consensus-13 bracket/title game)
Worland: 14 (4 poll/consensus-10 bracket/title game)
Southeast: 10 (0 poll/consensus-10 bracket/title game)
Big Piney: 9 (0 poll/consensus-9 bracket/title game)
Byron: 9 (2 poll/consensus-7 bracket/title game)
Glenrock: 9 (3 poll/consensus-6 bracket/title game)
Big Horn: 8 (0 poll/consensus-8 bracket/title game)
Powell: 8 (2 poll/consensus-6 bracket/title game)
Thermopolis: 8 (2 poll/consensus-6 bracket/title game)
Cody: 7 (0 poll/consensus-7 bracket/title game)
Rock Springs: 7 (2 poll/consensus-5 bracket/title game)
Buffalo: 6 (0 poll/consensus-6 bracket/title game)
Lyman: 6 (0 poll/consensus-6 bracket/title game)
Mountain View: 6 (0 poll/consensus-6 bracket/title game)
Cheyenne East: 5 (0 poll/consensus-5 bracket/title game)
Douglas: 5 (0 poll/consensus-5 bracket/title game)
Green River: 5 (1 poll/consensus-4 bracket/title game)
Lusk: 5 (0 poll/consensus-5 bracket/title game)
Snake River: 5 (0 poll/consensus-5 bracket/title game)
Tongue River: 5 (4 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Torrington: 5 (2 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Campbell County: 4 (0 poll/consensus-4 bracket/title game)
Guernsey-Sunrise: 4 (0 poll/consensus-4 bracket/title game)
Kemmerer: 4 (0 poll/consensus-4 bracket/title game)
Riverton: 4 (0 poll/consensus-4 bracket/title game)
Rocky Mountain: 4 (0 poll/consensus-4 bracket/title game)
Burlington: 3 (0 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Evanston: 3 (0 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Hanna: 3 (0 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Jackson: 3 (0 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Kaycee: 3 (0 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Kelly Walsh: 3 (0 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Pine Bluffs: 3 (0 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Shoshoni: 3 (0 poll/consensus-3 bracket/title game)
Burns: 2 (0 poll/consensus-2 bracket/title game)
Cowley: 2 (0 poll/consensus-2 bracket/title game)
Farson: 2 (0 poll/consensus-2 bracket/title game)
Lovell: 2 (0 poll/consensus-2 bracket/title game)
Meeteetse: 2 (0 poll/consensus-2 bracket/title game)
Midwest: 2 (0 poll/consensus-2 bracket/title game)
Pinedale: 2 (1 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Rawlins: 2 (1 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Upton: 2 (0 poll/consensus-2 bracket/title game)
Wheatland: 2 (0 poll/consensus-2 bracket/title game)
Dayton: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Deaver-Frannie: 1 (1 poll/consensus-0 bracket/title game)
Dubois: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Glendo: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Greybull: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Lander: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Lingle: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Moorcroft: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Riverside: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
St. Mary’s: 1 (1 poll/consensus-0 bracket/title game)
St. Stephens: 1 (1 poll/consensus-0 bracket/title game)
Sundance: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Upton-Sundance: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)
Wind River: 1 (0 poll/consensus-1 bracket/title game)

Active programs that have never won a state title: Casper Christian, Cheyenne South, Encampment, Hulett, Newcastle, Saratoga, Ten Sleep, Thunder Basin, Wright and Wyoming Indian.

Consecutive championships

Cokeville: 6 (1986-91)
Worland: 5 (1952-56)
Worland: 4 (1924-27)
Sheridan: 4 (1990-93)
Cokeville: 4 (1993-96)
Southeast: 4 (2006-09)
Sheridan: 3 (1921-23)
Cheyenne Central: 3 (1943-45)
Laramie: 3 (1954-56)
Byron: 3 (1956-58)
Laramie: 3 (1960-62)
Thermopolis: 3 (1990-92)
Riverton: 3 (1997-99)
Southeast: 3 (1999-01)
Cokeville: 3 (2001-03)
Worland: 3 (2001-03)
Douglas: 3 (2008-10)
Powell: 3 (2011-13)
Kaycee: 3 (2015-17)
Sheridan: 3 (2015-17)
Sheridan: 3 (2021-23)