Frequently asked questions — Wyoming High School Football History

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What is this site?
This site was created and is maintained by Patrick Schmiedt, a former sports reporter at the Casper Star-Tribune who now teaches journalism at Citrus College in Glendora, California. If you republish the information posted here in any way, either directly or indirectly, please attribute as your source. I go out of my way to attribute my sources on this site and I appreciate the professional courtesy of the same in return. If you plan to use information from this site as part of an item (such as a book or program) you plan to sell, please ask for permission, as content on is protected by applicable copyright laws.

Whose work is this?
Mine, mostly, and I retain all applicable rights to what’s posted here. This website is not affiliated with the Wyoming High School Activities Association, the Associated Press, any specific press organization or any Wyoming high school.

How did you do this?
Most of this database was compiled using the microfilm materials at Coe Library, University of Wyoming. Parts of this research were also conducted at the Natrona County Public Library with its microfilm. Other information was compiled via internet research, school yearbooks or personal correspondence.

How do I read pages that contain results?
Each game has six (or seven) aspects to it. The data are listed in this order: Date (A for August, S for September, O for October, N for November, D for December, J for January), Away team, Away score, Home team, Home score, and the source (see below for more details on sources). Sometimes, between the home score and the source, I will have notes on the game, such as if it went into overtime, what the neutral site was or a note to say I’m not sure about a certain aspect of a game (loc. unk. for an unknown location, etc.).

OK, so a win is a win and a loss is a loss. Other than that, how are records compiled?
Playoff records include state playoffs only. This doesn’t include consolation playoffs, consolation championship games, 1/2 playoff games or conference championship tiebreaker playoffs. Overall records count 1/2 playoffs as whole games. Ties count as half a win and half a loss in computing winning percentage. Only interscholastic games are counted; games against alumni teams, town teams or other non-school teams are not tallied or noted here.

What are your sources?
Most of the scores listed throughout this site were first printed in a newspaper, compiled first by countless journalists throughout the state. My eternal gratitude is extended to those who helped with the creation of this site simply by doing their jobs. My sources are coded with capital letters after each game; a full list of what those letters mean is available on the paper codes page.

Is the research complete? Are team records full?
No way! Please note that this is a work in progress! I will be adding/improving this site to best suit you and to make the site and the information you want easy to find and access. Records start in 1894 and continue through the end of last season. The missing games list includes all games that are missing information.

Aren’t all your records a year off?
No. Records are compiled using actual dates, not graduation dates. For example, if your high school won the state title with the “Class of ’95,” their games and subsequent title will be listed in the year those games were played, in this case 1994.

Whose photos show up on the site? How can I add one of my photos to the group?
The photos that load on are taken from a variety of sources. See the “You can help!” page to see more details on the photos you see here.

How can I get in touch with you?
You can email me at