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Individual pages on are available for sponsorship. Sponsorships can take the form of a traditional banner ad (at 728 x 90 pixels) — with or without a link — or a colored text box with up to 300 characters (not including links or other basic html formatting) in addition to a 50-character max bold headline (not including links or other formatting).


Sponsorship rates will be $20 per year per page — just $1.67 per month! Page sponsorships will be renewable on an annual basis. Payments will be accepted by PayPal or by snail-mail check or money order.

If you sponsor five pages (a $100 contribution), you’ll get a sixth page FREE! Consider sponsoring all the team pages in your area for maximum regional reach, or consider sponsoring several popular pages to maximize the number of potential viewers.

Available pages

Page availability is first-come, first-served. Most pages on the site are available for sponsorship; check the specific page you’d like to sponsor to see if it’s available.

The current sponsor has the first choice of renewing that page’s sponsorship for the upcoming year. If a current sponsor declines to renew a sponsorship for the following year, that page will be available to other sponsors.

When a page is sponsored, the other advertisements on the page will be removed for the duration of the sponsorship.

Other important points

All sponsorships are subject to approval by the site manager. Offensive, pornographic or insensitive sponsorships will not be accepted. Messages and banners will be screened for appropriateness before being accepted and posted. The site manager reserves the right to refuse sponsorships for any reason. The decision of the site manager is final.

Once sponsorships are approved and payment is processed, sponsorships are non-refundable. Sponsorships are transferrable only under exceptional circumstances; contact the site manager for details.

Sponsorship may include advertising. However, sponsorship messages and banners, once set, cannot be changed except under exceptional circumstances; for example, don’t expect to rotate in a new banner ad every week or month. Banner images, if desired, will be hosted by and will not be remote-loaded. will not provide ad design or sponsorship message writing services.

Sponsorships may not spoof or belittle players or teams. For example, I will not allow a sponsorship message of “Midwest stinks!” to be put on the Midwest team page (or any other page, for that matter). Sponsorships listed must have a clear source (your name or your company, for example) and should not be attributed to others. For example, I will not allow a message to be sponsored by “Craig Bohl” unless you are actually Craig Bohl.

Sponsorships do not have to include links. You can sponsor your favorite team’s page and give it an inspirational message without linking to anything if you so choose.

Who to contact

To set up a page sponsorship, contact site manager Patrick Schmiedt at