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Road team listed first. How to read these results.
S25/1915 Laramie 0 University of Wyoming 19 LB
O2/1915 Cheyenne Central 7 Laramie 19 LB
O2/1915 Sheridan 0 Billings (MT) 33 SPO
O4/1915 Sheridan 26 Billings Poly (MT) 0 SPO
O9/1915 Laramie 0 Colorado State frosh (CO) 19 LB
O9/1915 Northern Colorado (CO) 7 Cheyenne Central 13 CSL
O16/1915 Greeley (CO) 20 Laramie 6 LB
O16/1915 Cheyenne Central Colorado State JV (CO) canceled WC
O23/1915 Laramie Cheyenne Central canceled CSL
O23/1915 Billings Poly (MT) 0 Sheridan 53 SPO
O30/1915 Greeley Normal (CO) 0 Laramie 33 LB
N6/1915 Colorado Mines frosh (CO) 17 Cheyenne Central 0 CSL
N6/1915 Miles City (MT) 0 Sheridan 22 SPO
N13/1915 Billings (MT) 7 Sheridan 3 SPO
N16/1915 Colorado State JV (CO) 17 Laramie 3 LB
N20/1915 Colorado State frosh (CO) 46 Laramie 7 LB
N25/1915 Fort Collins (CO) 0 Laramie 34 LB
N25/1915 Colorado State JV (CO) Cheyenne Central canceled WST
N25/1915 Bozeman (MT) 6 Sheridan 3 SPO