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Say hi to: Fort Washakie.
Say bye-bye to: Fort Washakie, Lander.

Road team listed first. How to read these results.
O1/1910 Cheyenne Central 12 University of Wyoming 57 CSL/LDB
O8/1910 Cheyenne Central 0 Laramie 5 LDB
O8/1910 Lander 0 Fort Washakie 6 WSJ/WRM
O15/1910 Billings (MT) 14 Sheridan 16 SPO
O29/1910 Cheyenne Central 0 Eaton (CO) 50 CSL
O29/1910 Laramie 5 UW JV 11 LREP
N5/1910 Laramie 0 Cheyenne Central 0 tie CSL
N5/1910 Sheridan 0 Billings (MT) 17 SPO
N6/1910 Fort Washakie 5 Lander 0 WSJ
N13/1910 Lander 0 Natrona 0 tie WRM
N24/1910 Big Timber (MT) Sheridan canceled SPO
N24/1910 Natrona 0 Lander 6 NCT
N24/1910 Laramie UW JV canceled LREP