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Colors: Red and white

Program highlights
Records and superlatives
All-time record (since 1951): 50-96-3 (.346)
All-time playoff record (since 1951): 0-1
Best season(s): 1953 (5-2) and 1964 (5-2-1)
Worst season(s): 1957 (0-7)
Best-ever state finish: State semifinalist, 1951
Scoring records
Most points scored, game: 60, vs. Albin (18), O7/1953
Largest margin of victory: 50, at Albin (50-0), S14/1951
Most points allowed, game: 89, at Lingle (Huntley 34), O19/1962
Largest margin of defeat: 59, at Pine Bluffs (65-6), N8/1957
Longest winning streak: 4 games, 1952-53 and 1964
Longest unbeaten streak: 6 games (5-0-1), 1964
Longest winless/losing streak: 10 games, 1955-56

All records through the end of last season.

Year-by-year results

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YearClassConferenceCoachWLTPctPO W-LStateTPSTPAAPSAPA
1951B six-manTexas TrailJacque Schmiedt5300.6250-1SF25210636.0015.14
1952B six-manTexas TrailJacque Schmiedt4300.571DNQ421918731.2926.71
1953B six-manTexas TrailJacque Schmiedt5200.714DNQ429913942.7119.86
1954B six-manTexas TrailRaymond Haskins2410.357DNQ420131628.7145.14
1955B six-manTexas TrailRaymond Haskins3400.429DNQ49613513.7119.29
1956B six-manTexas TrailRaymond Haskins1800.111DNQ210421613.0027.00
1957B eight-manTexas TrailElmer Coleman0700.000DNQ2252024.1733.67
1958B eight-manTexas TrailDon Rounds1600.143DNQ38918912.7127.00
1959B eight-manTexas TrailDon Rounds1600.143DNQ38820812.5729.71
1960B eight-manTexas TrailDon Rounds1600.143DNQ29219613.1428.00
1961B eight-manTexas TrailBill Perich3500.375NB17126121.3832.63
1962B eight-manTexas TrailBill Perich2500.286NO17123124.4333.00
1963BTexas Trail (eight-man)LeRoy Cundall4400.500NO23217829.0022.25
1964BTexas TrailLeRoy Cundall5210.6883rd1567319.509.13
1965BTexas TrailLeRoy Cundall4400.500DNP10313712.8817.13
1966BTexas TrailLeRoy Cundall3600.333DNP802038.8922.56
1967BTexas TrailDonald Waite1900.100DNP692906.9029.00
1968BTexas TrailRon Moore3600.333DNP10923412.1126.00
1969BTexas TrailRon Moore2610.278DNP491295.4414.33
Game-by-game results

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