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Colors: Blue and silver

Program highlights
Records and superlatives
All-time record (since 1954): 0-12 (.000)
All-time playoff record (since 1954): 0-0
Best season(s): none
Worst season(s): 1954 (0-3), 1955 (0-2), 1956 (0-4) and 1957 (0-3)
Best-ever state finish: never made playoffs
Scoring records
Most points scored, game: 26, at Huntley (27), N9/1956
Largest margin of victory: NA
Most points allowed, game: 70, vs. Lyman, Neb. (Chugwater 6), S28/1956
Largest margin of defeat: 64, vs. Lyman, Neb. (70-6), S28/1956
Longest winning/unbeaten streak: NA
Longest winless/losing streak: 12 games, 1954-57

All records through the end of last season.

Year-by-year results

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YearClassConferenceCoachWLTPctPO W-LStateTPSTPAAPSAPA
1954B six-manIndependentJerald Morgan0300.000INE4914616.3348.67
1955B six-manIndependentRichard Weed0200.000INE13806.5040.00
1956B six-manIndependentFrank Eckes0400.000INE5717514.2543.75
1957B eight-manIndependentFrank Eckes0300.000INE181216.0040.33

Game-by-game results

Road team listed first. How to read these results.

1954 (0-3) Coach: Jerald Morgan
O1/1954 Chugwater 6 Glendo 44 CTH/PCR
O6/1954 Guernsey 51 Chugwater 19 GG
O29/1954 Glendo 51 Chugwater 24 CTH

1955 (0-2) Coach: Richard Weed
S23/1955 Sunrise Chugwater
S30/1955 Chugwater 7 Glendo 33 TT/PCR
O21/1955 Chugwater 6 Albin 47 TT

1956 (0-4) Coach: Frank Eckes
S28/1956 Lyman (NE) 70 Chugwater 6 TT/PCR
O9/1956 Chugwater 6 Sunrise 38 GG
O26/1956 Chugwater 19 Guernsey 40 TT
N9/1956 Chugwater 26 Huntley 27 TT/PCR

1957 (0-3) Coach: Frank Eckes
S20/1957 Chugwater 6 Glendo 47 CTH/SP
O11/1957 Sunrise 27 Chugwater 6 TT/GG
O18/1957 Chugwater 6 Guernsey 47 CTH/GG
O25/1957 Huntley Chugwater postponed-bad field