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The simple act of wearing a seat belt is the single most effective way to prevent death and serious injury in a crash. Yet historically, Wyoming has one of the lowest seat belt compliance rates in the country. By working together to increase seat belt usage, we can protect people from needless death and injury.

2022 conference: Independent
2022 coach: Ryan Harrison
Colors: Black and white
Stadium: N/A

2022 schedule and results
WeekCasper ChristianLocW/LPFPA
Week 0MidwestAL049
Week 1BurlingtonAL666
Week 2OPEN
Week 3KayceeAL1233
Week 4OPEN
Week 5Natrona frosh/sophsAW466
Week 6Natrona frosh/sophsAL3454
Week 7Natrona frosh/sophsAL4950
Week 8HulettAL2683
Week 9Q-xxxx
Week 10S-xxxx
Week 11F-xxxx
 1A six-man North

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Program highlights
Records and superlatives
All-time record (since 2022): 1-6 (.143)
All-time playoff record (since 2022): 0-0
Best season(s): 2022 (1-6)
Worst season(s): 2022 (1-6)
Best-ever state finish: Never made playoffs
Scoring records
Most points scored, game: 49, vs. Natrona frosh/sophs (50), O15/2022
Largest margin of victory: 40, vs. Natrona frosh/sophs (46-6), O1/2022
Most points allowed, game: 83, vs. Hulett (Casper Christian 26), O21/2022
Largest margin of defeat: 60, vs. Burlington (66-6), S3/2022
Longest winning/unbeaten streak: 1 game, 2022
Longest winless/losing streak: 3 games, 2022 (twice)

All records through the end of last season.

Year-by-year results

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YearClassConferenceCoachWLTPctPO W-LStateTPSTPAAPSAPA
2022--IndependentRyan Harrison1600.143INE17334124.7148.71
Game-by-game results

Road team listed first. How to read these results.

2022 (1-6) Coach: Ryan Harrison
A26/2022 Casper Christian 0 Midwest 49 WHSAA
S3/2022 Casper Christian 6 Burlington 66 WHSAA
S13/2022 Casper Christian 12 Kaycee 33 WHSAA
O1/2022 Casper Christian 46 Natrona frosh/sophs 6 called in fourth quarter, lightning WHSAA
O8/2022 Casper Christian 34 Natrona frosh/sophs 54 WHSAA
O15/2022 Casper Christian 49 Natrona frosh/sophs 50 WHSAA
O21/2022 Casper Christian 26 Hulett 83 WHSAA