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Longest home winning and losing streaks — Wyoming High School Football History

All records through the end of the 2023 season. * indicates active streak.

Streaks listed do not count neutral-site victories/losses or forfeits.

Home winning streaks

Does not include ties.

1.Byron31 games1953-61
2.Lusk29 games2009-14
3.Natrona28 games1936-40
4.Cokeville27 games1993-97
5.Douglas26 games2008-12
6t.Sheridan25 games1920-24
6t.Shoshoni25 games1976-81

Longest active streaks (entering 2024): Sheridan, 22 games; Snake River, 18 games; Lovell, 13 games; Big Horn, 11 games.

Home unbeaten streaks

Includes ties.

1.Natrona37-0-3 (40 games)1934-40
2.Byron31-0-0 (31 games)1953-61
3.Lusk29-0-0 (29 games)2009-14
4t.Cody25-0-2 (27 games)1929-35
4t.Cokeville27-0-0 (27 games)1993-97

Home winless streaks

Includes ties.

1.Saratoga0-18-1 (19 games)1965-70
2t.Cheyenne South0-18-0 (18 games)2020-23*
2t.Shoshoni0-17-1 (18 games)1971-75
2t.Lander0-18-0 (18 games)1967-71
2t.Kemmerer0-18-0 (18 games)2012-16
2t.Newcastle0-18-0 (18 games)1999-2004
7t.Basin0-16-1 (17 games)1948-52
7t.Rawlins0-17-0 (17 games)2008-12
7t.Tongue River0-17-0 (17 games)2008-13$

$-did not field a team in 2011

Home losing streaks

Does not include ties.

1t.Cheyenne South18 games2021-23*
1t.Kemmerer18 games2012-16
1t.Lander18 games1967-71
1t.Newcastle18 games1999-2004
5t.Rawlins17 games2008-12
5t.Tongue River17 games2008-13$
7t.Glendo16 games1975-79
7t.Hulett16 games1975-78
7t.Pinedale16 games2019-23
7t.Rawlins16 games1992-95
7t.Shoshoni16 games1971-75

$-did not field a team in 2011
Longest active streaks (entering 2024): Cheyenne South, 18 games; Wyoming Indian, 14 games; Guernsey-Sunrise, 11 games.