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Class AA polls

Associated Press PollAA      
No polls prior to 9-18       
Week 3 9-181. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Natrona4. Cheyenne East5. Kelly Walsh Also: Powell, Campbell County.
Week 4 9-251. Cheyenne Central2. Natrona3. Kelly Walsh4. Laramie5. Cheyenne East Also: Powell, Campbell County, Cody, Riverton.
Week 5 10-31. Cheyenne Central2. Kelly Walsh3. Laramie4t. Cheyenne East4t. Natrona Also: Cody, Riverton.
Week 6 10-91. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Cheyenne East4. Kelly Walsh5. Natrona Also: Powell, Riverton.
Week 7 10-161. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Kelly Walsh4. Natrona5t. Cheyenne East5t. RivertonAlso: Cody.
Week 8 10-231. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Natrona4. Riverton5. Kelly Walsh Also: Cheyenne East, Cody.
Playoffs 10-30 (taken after A/B championships)1. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Natrona4. Riverton5. Cody Also: Kelly Walsh, Powell.
UPI CoachesAA      
Week 1 9-61. Laramie2. Natrona3. Cheyenne Central4. Rock Springs5. Cheyenne East Also: Kelly Walsh, Campbell County.
Week 2 9-12 (WE)1. Cheyenne Central2. Natrona3. Laramie4. Cheyenne East5. Kelly Walsh Also: Campbell County, Cody.
Week 3 9-19 (WE)1. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Natrona4. Cheyenne East5. Kelly Walsh Also: Campbell County.
Week 4 9-27 (WE)1. Cheyenne Central2. Natrona3t. Kelly Walsh3t. Cheyenne East5. Laramie Also: Riverton.
Week 5 10-41. Laramie2. Cheyenne Central3. Powell4. Natrona5. Rock Springs Also: Kelly Walsh, Cheyenne East, Campbell County, Worland.
Week 6 10-10 (WE)1. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Kelly Walsh4. Natrona5. Cheyenne East Also: Riverton, Cody.
Week 7 10-17 (WE)1. Cheyenne Central2. Kelly Walsh3. Laramie4. Natrona5. Cheyenne East Also: Riverton.
Week 8 10-24 (WE)1. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Natrona4. Kelly Walsh5t. Cheyenne East5t. RivertonAlso: Powell.
Week 9 10-31 (WE)1. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3. Natrona4. Riverton5t. Kelly Walsh5t. Cheyenne EastAlso: Cody.
Week 10 11-9 (WE)1. Cheyenne Central2. Laramie3t. Natrona3t. Riverton5t. Kelly Walsh5t. CodyNo others.

Class A polls

Associated Press PollA      
No polls prior to 9-18       
Week 3 9-181. Douglas2. Evanston3. Kemmerer4. Glenrock5. TorringtonAlso: Buffalo. 
Week 4 9-251. Kemmerer2. Torrington3. Evanston4. Douglas5. BuffaloAlso: Glenrock, Newcastle. 
Week 5 10-31. Kemmerer2. Torrington3. Evanston4. Douglas5. BuffaloNo others. 
Week 6 10-91. Kemmerer2. Torrington3. Evanston4. Douglas5. BuffaloAlso: Lusk. 
Week 7 10-161. Evanston2. Buffalo3. Kemmerer4. Torrington5. DouglasAlso: Lusk, Newcastle. 
Week 8 10-231. Evanston2. Buffalo3. Kemmerer4. Douglas5. TorringtonAlso: Lusk, Jackson, Greybull, Star Valley, Newcastle. 
Playoffs 10-30 (taken after A/B championships)1. Buffalo2. Evanston3. Kemmerer4. Douglas5. TorringtonAlso: Lusk. 
UPI CoachesA      
Week 1 9-61. Douglas2. Evanston3. Glenrock4. Buffalo5. Kemmerer Also: Torrington, Newcastle, Star Valley.
Week 2 9-12 (WE)1. Douglas2. Kemmerer3t. Evanston3t. Glenrock5. Buffalo Also: Star Valley, Torrington.
Week 3 9-19 (WE)1. Douglas2. Kemmerer3. Evanston4. Glenrock5. Buffalo Also: Torrington.
Week 4 9-27 (WE)1. Torrington2. Evanston3. Kemmerer4. Douglas5. Buffalo Also: Lovell.
Week 5 10-41. Douglas2. Torrington3. Star Valley4. Newcastle5. Lovell Also: Evanston, Glenrock, Kemmerer.
Week 6 10-10 (WE)1t. Evanston1t. Kemmerer3. Torrington4. Douglas5. Buffalo No others.
Week 7 10-17 (WE)1. Evanston2. Buffalo3. Torrington4. Kemmerer5t. Douglas5t. Star ValleyAlso: Lusk, Newcastle.
Week 8 10-24 (WE)1. Evanston2. Buffalo3. Kemmerer4. Douglas5. Torrington Also: Newcastle.
Week 9 10-31 (WE)1. Buffalo2. Evanston3. Douglas4. Kemmerer5. Torrington Also: Newcastle.
Week 10 11-9 (WE)No poll     

Class B polls

Associated Press PollB       
No polls prior to 9-18        
Week 3 9-181. Shoshoni2. Big Horn3. Burns4. Midwest5. Southeast Also: Tongue River, Pinedale, Burlington, Cokeville, Ten Sleep, Lyman, Basin. 
Week 4 9-251. Big Horn2. Burns3. Shoshoni4. Southeast5. Midwest Also: Burlington, Pinedale, Pine Bluffs, Tongue River, Wind River. 
Week 5 10-31. Big Horn2. Burns3. Southeast4. Shoshoni5. Midwest Also: Pinedale, Burlington, Ten Sleep. 
Week 6 10-91. Southeast2. Midwest3. Big Horn4. Burns5. Burlington Also: Pinedale, Big Piney, Basin, Upton, Shoshoni, Cokeville, Lusk. 
Week 7 10-161. Midwest2. Burns3. Southeast4. Pinedale5. Big Horn Also: Big Piney, Basin, Ten Sleep, Burlington, Shoshoni, Tongue River. 
Week 8 10-231. Midwest2. Southeast3. Burns4. Big Piney5. Big Horn Also: Basin, Pinedale, Cokeville, Tongue River, Burlington, Shoshoni. 
Playoffs 10-30 (taken after A/B championships)1. Midwest2. Burns3. Southeast4. Big Piney5t. Pinedale5t. Big HornAlso: Shoshoni, Cokeville. 
UPI CoachesB       
Week 1 9-61. Lingle2. Cokeville3. Shoshoni4. Southeast5. Pinedale  Also: Upton, Big Horn, Burns, Mountain View, Big Piney, Saratoga, Midwest.
Week 2 9-12 (WE)1. Shoshoni2. Southeast3. Cokeville4. Lingle5t. Pinedale5t. Upton Also: Midwest, Burns, Meeteetse, Big Piney, Burlington, Big Horn, Lyman.
Week 3 9-19 (WE)1. Shoshoni2t. Cokeville2t. Midwest4t. Big Horn4t. Southeast  Also: Pine Bluffs, Burns, Pinedale, Upton, Ten Sleep.
Week 4 9-27 (WE)1. Big Horn2. Midwest3. Southeast4t. Burns4t. Shoshoni  Also: Pinedale, Tongue River, Ten Sleep, Wind River, Cokeville.
Week 5 10-41. Shoshoni2. Big Horn3. Lingle4. Basin5t. Big Piney5t. Cokeville5t. DuboisAlso: Burlington, Pinedale, Ten Sleep.
Week 6 10-10 (WE)1. Southeast2. Midwest3. Big Horn4. Pinedale5. Big Piney  Also: Burlington, Shoshoni, Lingle, Basin, Upton, Burns, Tongue River.
Week 7 10-17 (WE)1. Southeast2. Midwest3. Big Piney4. Pinedale5. Basin  Also: Burns, Burlington, Lusk, Lyman, Tongue River.
Week 8 10-24 (WE)1. Midwest2. Big Piney3. Southeast4. Burns5. Basin  Also: Pinedale, Upton, Burlington.
Week 9 10-31 (WE)1. Midwest2. Burns3. Big Piney4. Southeast5. Upton  Also: Basin, Tongue River, Burlington, Big Horn.
Week 10 11-9 (WE)No poll