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One class polls

Associated Press Poll             
No poll before 9-8             
Week 3 9-81. Worland2. Cheyenne Central3. Sheridan4. Cody5. Laramie6. Natrona7. Thermopolis8t. Rock Springs8t. Rawlins10. Greybull Others not available. 
Week 4 9-161. Worland2. Cheyenne Central3. Thermopolis4. Cody5. Sheridan6. Natrona7. Laramie8. Newcastle9. Green River10t. Rock Springs10t. RawlinsOthers not available. 
Week 5 9-221. Worland2. Cody3. Thermopolis4. Sheridan5. Cheyenne Central6. Natrona7. Laramie8. Powell9. Newcastle10. Rawlins Others not available. 
Week 6 9-291. Worland2. Cody3. Sheridan4. Powell5. Cheyenne Central6. Natrona7. Thermopolis8. Laramie9. Newcastle10. Rock Springs Others not available. 
Week 7 10-61. Cody2. Sheridan3. Powell4. Worland5. Laramie6. Greybull7. Torrington8. Natrona9. Evanston10. Newcastle Others not available. 
Week 8 10-131. Cody2. Sheridan3. Powell4. Worland5. Lovell6. Laramie7. Torrington8. Natrona9. Cheyenne Central10t. Newcastle10t. GreybullOthers not available. 
Week 9 10-201. Cody2. Sheridan3. Powell4. Lovell5. Cheyenne Central6. Worland7. Natrona8. Laramie9. Newcastle10. Torrington Others not available. 
Week 10 10-281. Cody2. Powell3. Sheridan4. Laramie5. Natrona6. Newcastle7. Lovell8. Worland9. Cheyenne Central10. Torrington Others not available. 
Week 11 11-31. Cody2. Sheridan3. Laramie4. Powell5. Natrona6. Greybull7. Worland8. Cheyenne Central9. Torrington10. Lovell Others not available. 
Wyoming Association of Sportswriters and Sportscasters Poll             
No poll before 9-2             
Week 2 9-21. Cheyenne Central2t. Worland2t. Natrona4. Cody5. Laramie6. Sheridan7. Rock Springs8. Powell9. Rawlins10. Torrington  Others not available.
Week 3 9-91. Worland2. Cody3. Laramie4. Cheyenne Central5. Sheridan6. Rock Springs7. Powell8. Rawlins9. Natrona10t. Green River10t. Thermopolis Also: Lander, Douglas, Campbell County, Star Valley, Evanston, Lusk, Lovell, Greybull.
Week 4 9-161. Worland2. Cody3. Thermopolis4t. Natrona4t. Cheyenne Central6. Sheridan7. Laramie8. Rawlins9. Rock Springs10. Green River  Also: Torrington, Powell, Newcastle, Greybull, Evanston, Lovell, Douglas.
Week 5 9-231. Worland2. Cody3. Thermopolis4. Sheridan5. Laramie6. Natrona7. Cheyenne Central8. Rawlins9. Powell10. Evanston  Also: Newcastle, Green River, Rock Springs, Lovell.
Week 6 10-11. Worland2. Cody3. Sheridan4. Laramie5. Powell6t. Natrona6t. Cheyenne Central8. Thermopolis9. Lovell10t. Torrington10t. Rock Springs Also: Star Valley, Newcastle, Evanston, Rawlins, Greybull.
Week 7 10-71. Cody2. Sheridan3. Powell4. Worland5. Laramie6. Greybull7. Torrington8. Evanston9. Thermopolis10. Star Valley  Also: Lovell, Natrona, Cheyenne Central, Newcastle, Lander, Douglas, Rock Springs, Green River.
Week 8 10-141. Cody2. Sheridan3. Powell4. Greybull5. Natrona6. Torrington7. Evanston8. Laramie9. Worland10. Cheyenne Central  Also: Lovell, Newcastle, Buffalo, Star Valley, Lusk, Douglas.
Week 9 10-211. Cody2. Sheridan3. Powell4. Laramie5. Newcastle6. Cheyenne Central7. Worland8. Natrona9. Lovell10. Greybull  Also: Torrington, Green River, Buffalo, Thermopolis, Douglas, Evanston.
Week 10 10-291. Cody2. Powell3. Laramie4. Sheridan5t. Newcastle5t. Natrona7. Torrington8. Lovell9. Worland10. Greybull  Also: Rock Springs, Cheyenne Central, Green River, Star Valley, Evanston, Glenrock, Douglas, Buffalo.
Week 11 11-71. Cody2. Laramie3. Sheridan4. Powell5. Natrona6. Greybull7. Worland8. Torrington9. Newcastle10t. Lovell10t. Green River10t. Rock SpringsAlso: Cheyenne Central, Thermopolis, Glenrock.