The 2023 all-state football teams, released Monday by the Wyoming Coaches Association, have been added to the all-state listings.

Five players made their third first-team all-state squads. Dubois’ Wyatt Trembly, Encampment’s Quade Jordan, Meeteetse’s Joseph Pina, Snake River’s Seth Maxson and Wind River’s Cooper Frederick were named all-state for the third time in their careers. Trembly and Jordan are the first three-time all-state selection to come from their respective schools.

Two-time first-team selections included Big Horn’s Kiefer Dunham and Drew Heermann; Big Piney’s Karsyn Gurr and Reuben Stoutenberg; Buffalo’s Will Hammond; Burlington’s Joe Bassett; Campbell County’s Levi Palmer; Cheyenne East’s Kolbe Dierks, Cam Hayes, Drew Jackson, Nathan Mirich and Colby Olson; Dougas’ Trey Rinn and Tegen Seeds; Encampment’s Ryon Miller and Kaben Pickett; Evanston’s Cohen Morrow and Brady Roberts; Kaycee’s Vaun Pierson; Lingle’s Louden Bremer; Lovell’s Jared Mangus; Lyman’s Carter Bradshaw and Morgan Hatch; Mountain View’s Carson Eardley and Jayce Schultz; Powell’s Trey Stenerson; Sheridan’s Dane Steel; Snake River’s Isaiah Skalberg; Star Valley’s Jayden Crook, Jesse Gibson and Clay Merritt; Tongue River’s Colter Hanft and Caleb Kilbride; Torrington’s Ty Bennick and Kaiden Riggs; and Upton-Sundance’s Eli Gill.

All of the two-time selections except for Bassett, Bremer, Riggs and Gill are seniors. Riggs was all-state last year at Lingle.

Two freshmen — Lusk’s Raynce Brott and Newcastle’s Landon Hatheway — were named all-state.

If any names are misspelled among the all-state listings, please let me know and I will update it as soon as I can.


There have been 106 total cases in Wyoming’s high school football history where players with the same names ended up as all-state selections. Most were coincidence — not everyone has a unique name. Some were father-son senior/junior situations. And some were just plain weird.

In four cases, players with the same name made the all-state team in the same year for different teams:

  • Clay Cundall: Made the all-state teams for both Greybull and Guernsey-Sunrise in 2009.
  • Shawn Kelley: Made the all-state teams for both Cody and Dubois in 1994.
  • Mike Williams: Made the all-state teams for both Natrona and Kemmerer in 1971.
  • Phil Martin: Made the all-state teams for both Buffalo and Lingle in 1970.

An honorable mention here goes to the two Larry Sessions from 1960; Moorcroft Larry was an all-state honorable mention in Class B eight-man in 1959 as an underclassman and was all-conference in 1960. Byron Larry was an all-state selection in B 11-man in both 1960 and 1961.

Meanwhile, the most common name for an all-state football player in Wyoming is Mike Johnson; mentioning “Mike Johnson” always has to come with the caveat of “Which one?” Some of the more common names for all-state selections:

  • Mike Johnson: Six Mike Johnsons have been all-state: The Byron one (1964), the Thermopolis one (1969-70), the Bow-Basin one (1976), the second Thermopolis one (1978), the Southeast one (1979-80) and the Wheatland one (1997-98).
  • Bob Johnson: Four Bob Johnsons have been all-state: The Natrona one (1954), the Rock Springs one (1959), the Huntley one (1965) and the Wheatland one (1973). There was also a Rob Johnson (Tongue River 2005-07).
  • Bob Wilson: Four Bob Wilsons have been all-state: The Sheridan one (1952), the Big Piney one (1958-59), the Glenrock one (1965) and the second Big Piney one (1979).
  • Jim Anderson: Four Jim Andersons have been all-state: The Douglas one (1960), the Natrona one (1967), the Cheyenne East one (1973) and the Laramie one (1979).
  • Bill Miller: Three Bill Millers have been all-state: The Cheyenne Central one (1958), the Cowley one (1965) and the Campbell County one (2003). There was also a Will Miller (Campbell County, 2020-21).
  • Don Anderson: Three Don Andersons have been all-state: The Cody one (1946), the Greybull one (1961-62) and the Ten Sleep one (1988).
  • Don Miller: Three Don Millers have been all-state: The Natrona one (1935), the Cheyenne Central one (1954) and the Burlington one (1987).
  • Mike Smith: Three Mike Smiths have been all-state: The Kemmerer one (1973), the Rawlins one (1974-75) and the Ten Sleep one (1983-84).
  • Mike Thompson: Three Mike Thompsons have been all-state: The Cody one (1982-83), the Cheyenne Central one (1988) and the second Cody one (2007).

Note that these lists don’t account for all possible first name variants such as Bob/Robert, Mike/Michael, etc. But it’s a pretty close approximation.

You can explore the all-state listings for yourself using the new searchable and sortable all-state database, which includes all selections from 1920 to 2022, minus the three all-state teams that have yet to be found (1926 all-class, 1932 all-class and 1994 1A nine-man).


One thing that constantly amazes me is that no matter how much research I do into Wyoming’s sports history, I always keep finding more interesting things.

The latest? Wyoming’s 1930 all-state football team, published in a Nebraska newspaper published in 1957.

Yep, you read that right.

The 1930 all-state team was one of just a handful of missing all-state teams on, a list that now includes only the all-class teams from 1926 and 1932 and the elusive 1994 Class 1A nine-man team.

But I did not expect to find the 1930 all-state team the way I did, published in an out-of-state paper nearly 30 years after the season was done.

In doing research for a big project (details coming, maybe this summer), I fell into a deep dive of looking into Sheridan’s 1930 championship team. I started looking into a few of the players, particularly guys like Raymond “Jeff” Doyle, Sheridan’s speedy halfback; center Rusty Thompson; and end Clarence Brokaw. They were cornerstones of the Broncs’ team that beat Laramie (and later Cody) for the championship in the final year before state-sanctioned playoffs and the formation of the Wyoming High School Activities Association.

When I threw their names into a search on — a subscription made possible by the site sponsors (thank you!) — I stumbled into a column from the Oct. 29, 1957, edition of the Scottsbluff Star-Herald in Nebraska from Bill Madden. More on him in a bit.

In that column, Madden said the upcoming game between Scottsbluff and Laramie would be his first time seeing the Plainsmen since 1930, when he was a boy in Sheridan and the Plainsmen came north for a key game. He then went into detail on the 1930 game between the Plainsmen and Broncs, which for all intents and purposes decided the state championship, and those who played in it. Madden said the rosters included five all-staters from Sheridan (Doyle, Thompson, Brokaw, guard Clint Endicott and tackle Albert Husman) and two from Laramie (end Lester Forsyth and fullback Wes Christenson).

But in addition, he also mentioned the other four players named all-state that year: tackle Dan Sedar and quarterback Porter Davis of Natrona, guard Fay Thompson of Midwest, and halfback Don Tottenhoff of Cheyenne Central.

That’s 11 guys. An all-state team from that era only had that many. I double-checked the names in other publications and yearbooks I could access online, and the list looks legit. No unexpected names here.

However, Madden didn’t cite his source, which is always a big question in research like this. After looking into his career, though, if there’s one Nebraska journalist whose word we can trust on matters like this, it’s Madden’s.

Madden grew up in Sheridan an avid sports fan and attended Hastings College in Nebraska. From 1955 to 1974, Madden was a sportswriter for the Scottsbluff Star-Herald; he then moved on to the nearby Gering Courier, where he stayed until he retired in 1991.

He was named to the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame in 1996; his bio said he was “a noted historian of high school athletics.” In reading a selection of Madden’s work, it’s easy to draw comparisons to Chuck Harkins, Casper Star-Tribune sports editor in the 1970s and the one person who has taught me more about Wyoming sports than anyone else I’ve never met. Madden died in 1997.

In his 1957 pontifications of a 1930 football game and the all-state players in it, Madden didn’t need to cite a source because he was the source. That’s good enough for me.

The 1930 all-state team is now listed among this site’s all-state listings — with any luck, never to be lost again.


Seven three-time selections highlighted the Wyoming Coaches Association’s 2022 all-state football teams, released Sunday.

The all-state listings were first published by WyoPreps.

Three-time selections included Cody’s Matt Nelson and Luke Talich, Lusk’s Dayne Lamp; Lyman’s McKoy Smith; Pine Bluffs’ Stu Lerwick and Diego Paniagua; and Rocky Mountain’s Nate Minemyer. All are seniors.

Another 43 players were selected all-state for a second time. Two-time first-team all-state selections included Big Horn’s Cooper Garber; Buffalo’s Blake Bell; Burlington’s Seth Wardell; Cheyenne Central’s Keagan Bartlett; Cheyenne East’s Trevor Eldridge and Garet Schlabs; Cody’s Grayson Beaudrie, Remy Broussard, Jace Grant and Jackson Schroeder; Cokeville’s Cael Thompson and Landon Walker; Douglas’ Karson Ewing; Dubois’ Wyatt Trembly and Ryan Wells; Encampment’s Quade Jordan; Glenrock’s Logan Jones; Greybull’s Jake Schlattmann; Lander’s Matisse Weaver; Lyman’s Braydon Bradshaw; Meeteetse’s Joseph Pina; Natrona’s Breckin McClintock; Pine Bluffs’ Ryan Fornstrom and Dalton Schaefer; Rock Springs’ Carter McBurnett; Rocky Mountain’s Carsyn Weber; Sheridan’s Colson Coon; Shoshoni’s Cannon Campbell, Korbin Dewitt, Trey Fike, Dom Jarvis, Jaxon Stanley and Pehton Truempler; Snake River’s David Hernandez, Seth Maxson, Hadley Myers and Kannadis Peroulis; Star Valley’s Derek Astle; Wind River’s Cooper Frederick, Tucker Jensen and Calder Johnson; and Worland’s Brock Douzenis and Kade Weber.

All players but Weaver and Douzenis were 2021 first-team selections; Weaver and Douzenis were chosen in 2020.

Of the two-time selections group, Trembly, Jordan, Pina and Frederick are juniors; the rest are seniors.

Full all-state listings for this year are available here. If any names are misspelled, please let me know; leave a comment on this post, and I’ll get it fixed.

Full listings of Wyoming’s all-state teams by decade back to 1920 are here.


Making an all-state football team is a challenge.

Making an all-state football team as an underclassman is even more challenging.

Making an all-state football team as an underclassman and then making all-state again after changing schools, though, is so rare that the number of incidents in Wyoming where that’s happened can be counted on two hands — and you’d still have fingers left over.

One player in Wyoming will be trying to do just that this year, as Dom Kaszas, an all-state selection at wide receiver for Sheridan last year, will play his senior year at Cheyenne East.

An examination of the 11,060 all-state selections on shows that Kaszas’ attempt, if successful, will accomplish something only a handful of players have ever done — reach all-state status with two separate Wyoming football programs.

The list of names is short — eight for sure, and one more maybe where I need to get your help.

The eight players who have done this before, in reverse chronological order:

  • Josh Dawson, Jackson/Star Valley: Dawson was an all-state selection as a sophomore at Jackson in 2015, then finished his career at Star Valley as a junior and a senior, where he was all-state both in 2016 and 2017.
  • Jordan Roberts, Campbell County/Sheridan: Roberts’ transfer might be the most famous in state history. He was an all-state running back at Campbell County as a sophomore and a junior in 2009 and 2010. He then moved to Sheridan as a senior, where he set the state’s all-time single-season rushing record (2,688 yards), which still stands.
  • Devin Wilson, NSI/Moorcroft: Wilson, a junior, was a Class 1A all-state selection while playing at NSI in 2007; the next year, Wilson was a Class 3A all-state selection while playing at Moorcroft in 2008.
  • Boyd McMaster, Big Horn/Lusk: McMaster was a second-team 1A all-stater as a junior at Big Horn in 1986 and a first-team 2A all-state pick in 1987 as a senior at Lusk. Both times, he was chosen to positions on the defensive line.
  • Ron Cathcart, Greybull/Lander: Cathcart was a Bighorn Basin star as a junior with Greybull, notching an honorable mention to the Class A all-state team in 1962 at guard. Then he transferred to Lander for his senior year, earning Class AA honorable mention all-state honors at tackle in 1963 with the Tigers.
  • Larry Dickman, Shoshoni/Morton: Dickman’s journey is one of the most interesting I’ve ever seen. As a sophomore, he played at Morton; as a junior in 1962, he was at Shoshoni, where he was honorable mention to the Class B 11-man all-state team as a guard. Then, as a senior, he went back to Morton, where he was a 1963 Class B first-team all-state guard.
  • Larry Kellner, Hulett/Upton: A running back, Kellner was a Class B eight-man honorable mention selection to the all-state team as a sophomore with the Red Devils in 1961. His junior and senior years, though, he played at Upton, where he earned first-team Class B all-state honors in both 1962 and 1963.
  • John Turner, Saratoga/Evanston: Turner was a second-team all-state selection in the Class B eight-man division while playing at Saratoga in 1961; he was also a heck of a basketball player and was team MVP. As a senior, though, he played at Evanston, earning first-team Class A all-state recognition as an end.

One other instance of a possible transfer has popped up, but I have yet to prove anything definitively on whether they’re the same person or two people with the same name in similar times:

  • Matt Miller, Kemmerer/Big Piney: There was a Matt Miller, a junior, who was a Class A all-state selection at offensive tackle at Kemmerer in 1979; there was a Matt Miller who was a Class B first-team all-state selection at offensive and defensive tackle at Big Piney in 1980. Again, I don’t know if they’re the same guy.

If you, dear reader, can provide any insight on this case, leave a comment on this post!


Updated Sept. 22, 2023, to indicate Wilson as a two-school selection after initially listing him as uncertain.

I was able to add a couple more first names to the all-state listings thanks to some help — Cindy Asay in Lovell hooked me up with some first names of Lovell players, and Andrew Towne at the Torrington Telegram chipped in some Torrington first names.

Update: Thanks to those of you who left comments below to help — they were valuable! And another big thanks to the Stat Rat, Jim Craig, for helping me find the others so far.

Update 2, Sept. 4, 2022: With some more help from the Stat Rat, we are down to only six first names that are still missing. I’ve cleaned up the list below to remove names that have been found.

Thanks for the help!

And here’s a list of the first names I’m still missing for all-state selections, by school:

1929: Metcalf

1922: F. Rice

1925: Brosheaus (maybe Brosious)

1935: Barsh

1925: Guffey

University Prep
1920: Sonners


Some recent site updates, thanks to new information I found through yearbooks and old press clippings:

Torrington beat Lyman, Neb., 34-6 on Nov. 8, 1934, in Torrington.

Noted that the game between Oct. 13 and 16, 1943, between Buffalo and Campbell County was played in Gillette; it’s still on the missing games list because I have yet to pin down a date.

Noted that the Oct. 15, 1966, game between Jackson and the Rock Springs JV was canceled due to snow.

Noted that the Oct. 9, 1956, game between Reliance and Pinedale and the Oct. 11, 1940, game between Ranchester and Big Horn were not played.

Noted that Ranchester’s coach in 1948 was Bert Johnston, not Silas Lyman.

Updated Campbell County’s coaches for 1943. The Camels actually used three coaches that season — Chet Bowen for the first game, Ray Ritter for the next three games, and Ben Dobbs for the final four games. It was war times.

Corrected the spelling for Campbell County’s coach from 1950-52; it was Albert Consbruck.

I’m also working on a separate all-state project, and in that work I’ve corrected a handful of misspellings or players listed with the wrong team in all-state listings. I’ve also added about a half-dozen first names for players who were missing those names on lists. I’m still missing 50 first names on all-state teams from 1920 to 1936.

All of the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


For the five team sports offered by the WHSAA — basketball, football, soccer, softball and volleyball — four-time all-state selections are quite uncommon.

In fact, among those five team sports, only 14 boys and 48 girls have been four-time all-state choices.

As noted previously here, only 21 players — five boys, 16 girls — are four-time all-state basketball selections.

Oddly enough, a similar ratio exists for fall and spring team sports. For fall, three boys are four-time all-state football selections, while 13 girls are four-time all-state volleyball picks. And in spring, two boys and 19 girls have been four-time all-state soccer choices.

Softball was first sanctioned in 2021, so no four-time all-staters will come from that sport until at least 2024.

Lyman’s Tayler Anderson and Kelly Walsh’s Madison Vinich are the only players to be four-time all-state in two different team sports; both were four-time picks in volleyball and basketball.

The fall four-time all-state selections are:

Wendy Anderson, Cokeville, 1987-90
Stephanie Laya, Tongue River, 1993-96
Katie Nate, Cokeville, 1996-99
Meggie Malyurek, Big Horn, 1997-2000
Erin Scherry, Big Horn, 1997-2000
Tayler Anderson, Lyman, 2005-08
Paige Neves, Burlington, 2006-09
Madison Vinich, Kelly Walsh, 2014-17
Haedyn Rhoades, Douglas, 2015-18
Danilynn Schell, Kelly Walsh, 2016-19
McKenzie Earl, Rawlins, 2017-20
Demi Stauffenberg, Lander, 2018-21
Alexis Stucky, Laramie, 2018-21

Ty Barrus, Meeteetse, 1987-90
James Caro, Kaycee, 2009-12
Drake Lamp, Lusk, 2017-20

For soccer, the four-time all-state choices are:

Marcee Owens, Natrona, 1988-91
Liza Schmidt, Cheyenne Central, 1991-94
Erin Bowler, Cheyenne East, 1995-98
Jenny Watkins, Lander, 1995-98
Lindsey Sosovec, Cheyenne East, 1995-98
Monica Trujillo, Cheyenne East, 1995-98
Jessie Zebroski, Lander, 1997-00
Melissa Speiser, Natrona, 1997-00
Enedina Vasco, Riverton, 1998-01
Ariela Schreibeis, Laramie, 2007-10
Bridget Schumacher, Cody, 2009-12
Jessica Freeze, Jackson, 2010-13
Sarah Erickson, Cheyenne East, 2011-14
Hannah Bailey, Cody, 2014-17
Taylor Stoeger, Green River, 2014-17
Casey Wassum, Worland, 2015-18
Lexi Pulley, Laramie, 2015-18
Eli Olsen, Buffalo, 2016-19
Grace Roswadovski, Campbell County/Thunder Basin, 2016-19

Jared White, Cheyenne East, 1992-95
Robert George, Kelly Walsh, 2013-16


Individual sports are harder to track because what constitutes “all-state” varies from sport to sport. However, across a variety of individual sports, we can keep track of four-time state champions, something that’s maybe even harder to do than all-state in a team sport.

Cross country: Three girls have won state cross country four times, one each at the 4A, 3A and 2A levels:

Sarah Balfour, Natrona, 4A, 2001-04
Emily Higgins, Rocky Mountain, 2A, 2002-05
Sydney Thorvaldson, Rawlins, 3A, 2017-20

No boys have ever won state cross country titles four times, although Saratoga’s Grant Bartlett has a chance to do so at the 2A level next season.


Golf: Two boys and two girls have finished as four-time state champions:

Easton Paxton, Riverton, 4A, 2013-16
Hardy Johnson, Thermopolis, 2A, 2018-21

Mardi Johnson, Buffalo, 3A, 1991-94
Whittney Coon, Lusk, 2A, 2003-06


Gymnastics: Although no longer sanctioned by the WHSAA, two boys (across four events) and four girls (across six events) have been four-time event or all-around champions.

Chris Santistevan, Laramie, vault, 1984-87
Steven George, Laramie, pommel horse, rings and all-around, 1989-92

Jennifer Perry, Laramie, uneven parallel bars, 1979-82
Amanda Murdock, Kelly Walsh, floor exercise, vault and all-around 1985-88
Julie Kasper, Campbell County, all-around, 1996-99
Kaitlyn Balfour, Natrona, uneven parallel bars, 2005-08


Nordic skiing: Jackson’s Willie Neal is an eight-time champion, winning both races at state every year from 2005-08. Jackson’s Anna Gibson won the freestyle race four years in a row from 2014-17 and won six individual titles in all after winning the classic races in 2016 and 2017, the most individual championships for any one skier on the girls’ side.


Swimming: Three boys and five girls have the distinction of being eight-time individual champions, never losing an individual race at state (as swimmers are capped at two individual races at state). They are:

John Green, Sheridan, 1984-87
Phil Rehard, Rawlins, 1993-96
Jake Rehard, Rawlins, 1995-98

Cindy Miyake, Laramie, 1974-77
Yvonne Brown, Campbell County, 1980-83
Shelly Smith, Greybull, 1981-84
Marsha Landowski, Newcastle, 1987-90
Katie Peck, Buffalo, 1996-99

(Note that individual swimming records at the state meet are woefully incomplete prior to the 1970s.)

Track and field: Eight boys and 58 girls have won a single event four consecutive times. See that list here. However, no track athlete has ever won 16 individual championships (winning your maximum of four individual events every year for four years). The closest to that mark is Mountain View’s Amber Henry, who won 15 individual titles from 2005-08, and Campbell County’s Emily Moore, who won 14 from 2003-06. (Those don’t include relay titles.)

The boys with the most individual championships are Byron’s Tom Bassett and Medicine Bow’s Leonard Padilla. Basset and Padilla both won 12 individual championships, Bassett from 1974-77 and Padilla from 1969-72. However, both competed in eras prior to the cap of four individual events per person at the state meet.


Wrestling: In all, 24 wrestlers have finished their careers with four state championships. They are:

Dave Edington, Saratoga, 1957-60
Ray Sanchez, Cheyenne Central, 1962-65
John Lucchi, Rock Springs, 1970-73
Lanny Schneider, Worland, 1984-87
Russell Davis, Upton, 1988-91
Bobby Thoman, Wind River, 1995-98
Troy McIlravy, Campbell County, 1995-98
Cody Grant, Torrington, 2001-04
Jeff Wood, Campbell County, 2004-07
Jared Hatley, Torrington, 2005-08
Kasey Garnhart, Greybull-Riverside, 2005-08
Tyler Cox, Campbell County, 2006-09
Auston Carter, Powell, 2007-10
Dani Fischer, Campbell County, 2010-13
Bryce Meredith, Cheyenne Central, 2011-14
Justin Lewton, Worland, 2011-14
James Teichert, Cokeville, 2012-15
Tevis Bartlett, Cheyenne East, 2012-15
Kye Catlin, Powell, 2013-16
Donny Proffit, Kemmerer, 2016-19
Tate Stoddard, Glenrock, 2016-19
Dawson Schramm, Kemmerer, 2017-20
Jace Palmer, Kelly Walsh, 2017-20
Analu Benabise, Kelly Walsh, 2018-21


Indoor track and alpine skiing have never had a four-time champion in any one event, although alpine skiing records are incomplete.


The 2021 Casper Star-Tribune Super 25 was released on Friday. Here are the first team, second team and third team selections.

The offensive and defensive players of the year, along with the coach of the year, will be announced at Friday’s Super 25 banquet in Casper.

The 2021 team will be added to the Super 25 listings here in the next few days.


Thanks to the continuing research of “Stat Rat” Jim Craig, I have added the 1958 Class B all-state teams to the all-state listings. This was the first year for the Associated Press to choose a Class B all-state team. Thanks to Jim for his help, as always!

I also added some first names to all-state players from Douglas, Rock Springs and Cheyenne Central from the 1920s and 1930s. I still have 78 all-state players from 1920 to 1939 whose first names are unaccounted for. They include players from Basin, Buffalo, Cheyenne Central, Cody, Cowley, Douglas, Evanston, Gillette, Green River, Greybull, Kemmerer, Lander, Laramie, Lovell, Midwest, Newcastle, Powell, Riverton, Rock Springs, Sundance, Superior, Thermopolis, Torrington, University Prep and Worland. Let me know if you’re interested in helping me out to find these!

I believe the only all-state teams I am now missing are the 1994 Class 1A 9-man and the all-class teams from 1932, 1930 and 1926. The last three may not have been chosen, but I know for sure that 1994 team was. Anyone out there who can help with that?


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