I was able to add a couple more first names to the all-state listings thanks to some help — Cindy Asay in Lovell hooked me up with some first names of Lovell players, and Andrew Towne at the Torrington Telegram chipped in some Torrington first names.

Update: Thanks to those of you who left comments below to help — they were valuable! And another big thanks to the Stat Rat, Jim Craig, for helping me find the others so far.

Update 2, Sept. 4, 2022: With some more help from the Stat Rat, we are down to only six first names that are still missing. I’ve cleaned up the list below to remove names that have been found.

Thanks for the help!

And here’s a list of the first names I’m still missing for all-state selections, by school:

1929: Metcalf

1922: F. Rice

1925: Brosheaus (maybe Brosious)

1935: Barsh

1925: Guffey

University Prep
1920: Sonners


Some recent site updates, thanks to new information I found through yearbooks and old press clippings:

Torrington beat Lyman, Neb., 34-6 on Nov. 8, 1934, in Torrington.

Noted that the game between Oct. 13 and 16, 1943, between Buffalo and Campbell County was played in Gillette; it’s still on the missing games list because I have yet to pin down a date.

Noted that the Oct. 15, 1966, game between Jackson and the Rock Springs JV was canceled due to snow.

Noted that the Oct. 9, 1956, game between Reliance and Pinedale and the Oct. 11, 1940, game between Ranchester and Big Horn were not played.

Noted that Ranchester’s coach in 1948 was Bert Johnston, not Silas Lyman.

Updated Campbell County’s coaches for 1943. The Camels actually used three coaches that season — Chet Bowen for the first game, Ray Ritter for the next three games, and Ben Dobbs for the final four games. It was war times.

Corrected the spelling for Campbell County’s coach from 1950-52; it was Albert Consbruck.

I’m also working on a separate all-state project, and in that work I’ve corrected a handful of misspellings or players listed with the wrong team in all-state listings. I’ve also added about a half-dozen first names for players who were missing those names on lists. I’m still missing 50 first names on all-state teams from 1920 to 1936.

All of the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


Weekly rankings from 1955-83 and from 1952 have been added to the annual listings on wyoming-football.com.

This all but completes a big chunk of research on weekly polls, the first part of which — from 1984 to 2021 — was posted and shared on wyoming-football.com in January.

Polls from 1955 to 1983 included two polls per week — one from the Associated Press and, usually, one from United Press International. Prior to 1960, though, the UPI poll was not yet being conducted, and a poll from the Wyoming Association of Sportswriters and Sportscasters fills those years.

The top five teams in each classification have been ranked since 1972. From 1965-70, the top 10 teams in both Class AA/A and Class B were ranked in the UPI polls, while the top 10 in all classes were ranked in the single AP poll. (The exception is in 1971, when the AP ran top fives for Class AA, Class A and Class B, while UPI ran top 10s in Class AA/A and Class B.) Prior to 1965, both the AP and UPI/WASS poll had one set of all-class rankings, which ranked the top 10 teams regardless of classification.

Here’s more on how rankings have changed over time.

Once again, a huge thank you goes out to “Stat Rat” Jim Craig for his help in filling in the numerous missing pieces I had in this research. This wouldn’t have been possible without his help!

You can access the weekly polls on the results by year page.


Here are some updated records on who’s had the most consecutive weeks ranked and most consecutive weeks at No. 1:

Consecutive weeks ranked (minimum 40 weeks)

Top 10 streaks
Cokeville: 194 weeks (1993-2015)
Sheridan: 114 weeks (2009-20)
Cokeville: 94 weeks (1982-92)
Campbell County: 87 weeks (1996-2007)
Cheyenne Central: 82 weeks (1963-70)
Buffalo: 77 weeks (2003-11)
Laramie: 76 weeks (1959-66)
Big Horn: 73 weeks (2012-20)
Lusk: 73 weeks (1994-2003)
Byron: 71 weeks (1965-72)
Next 10
Lovell: 70 weeks (1987-95)
Campbell County: 68 weeks (2010-16)
Lusk: 66 weeks (2008-15)
Meeteetse: 63 weeks (1987-94)
Natrona: 63 weeks (1959-65)
Star Valley: 63 weeks (2015-21) *active
Guernsey-Sunrise: 62 weeks (2002-08)
Douglas: 61 weeks (2008-15)
Farson: 61 weeks (2015-21)
Natrona: 61 weeks (2010-16)
Others longer than 40 weeks:
Big Horn: 59 weeks (1983-89)
Sheridan: 59 weeks (1981-87)
Big Piney: 58 weeks (1998-2005)
Cheyenne Central: 58 weeks (1976-82)
Upton-Sundance: 56 weeks (2014-20)
Kelly Walsh: 54 weeks (1979-84)
Natrona: 52 weeks (2001-07)
Sheridan: 52 weeks (1956-61)
Cheyenne East: 51 weeks (2011-16)
Cheyenne East: 50 weeks (2017-21) *active
Mountain View: 49 weeks (2016-21)
Rock Springs: 49 weeks (1986-91)
Laramie: 46 weeks (1967-71)
Kemmerer: 45 weeks (2005-10)
Rocky Mountain: 45 weeks (1994-2000)
Star Valley: 45 weeks (1990-95)
Natrona: 44 weeks (1955-59)
Cody: 43 weeks (2017-21) *active
Thunder Basin: 43 weeks (2017-21) *active
Southeast: 43 weeks (2005-10)
Laramie: 42 weeks (1994-99)
Laramie: 41 weeks (1955-59)
Midwest: 41 weeks (1983-87)
Natrona: 41 weeks (2016-20)
Star Valley: 41 weeks (1980-85)
Mountain View: 40 weeks (1993-98)
Torrington: 40 weeks (1987-92)


Consecutive weeks at No. 1 (minimum 10 weeks)

Top 10 streaks (OK, 12…)
Sheridan: 23 weeks (1991-93)
Rocky Mountain: 22 weeks (1997-99)
Cokeville: 21 weeks (2001-03)
Powell: 21 weeks (2012-14)
Meeteetse: 20 weeks (1989-91)
Natrona: 20 weeks (2011-13)
Tongue River: 20 weeks (1966-68)
Douglas: 19 weeks (2009-11)
Snake River: 19 weeks (2010-12)
Big Horn: 18 weeks (2018-19)
Glenrock: 18 weeks (2016-17)
Cheyenne Central: 18 weeks (1989-90)
Remainder of top 20…
Big Horn: 17 weeks (1985-87)
Kemmerer: 16 weeks (2007-08)
Rock Springs: 16 weeks (2001-03)
Laramie: 15 weeks (1969-70)
Riverton: 15 weeks (1998-99)
Big Horn: 14 weeks (2007-08)
Laramie: 14 weeks (1964-65)
Laramie: 14 weeks (1968-69)
Rocky Mountain: 14 weeks (1995-96)
Others with at least 10 consecutive weeks at No. 1…
Campbell County: 13 weeks (1997-99)
Lovell: 13 weeks (2011-12)
Sheridan: 13 weeks (2017-18)
Torrington: 13 weeks (1974-75)
Cheyenne Central: 12 weeks (1979-80)
Cokeville: 12 weeks (1996-97)
Cokeville: 12 weeks (2009-11)
Lovell: 12 weeks (1987-88)
Star Valley: 12 weeks (2016-17)
Star Valley: 12 weeks (2018-20)
Big Horn: 11 weeks (2003-04)
Dubois: 11 weeks (2012-13)
Laramie: 11 weeks (1960-61)
Laramie: 11 weeks (1962-63)
Midwest: 11 weeks (1979-80)
Powell: 11 weeks (2000-01)
Sheridan: 11 weeks (1986-87)
Thermopolis: 11 weeks (1992-93)
Tongue River: 11 weeks (1974-75)
Buffalo: 10 weeks (2004-05)
Cokeville: 10 weeks (1991-92)
Cokeville: 10 weeks (2014-15)
Meeteetse: 10 weeks (1987-88)
Meeteetse: 10 weeks (2015-16)
Natrona: 10 weeks (1963-64)
Natrona: 10 weeks (2010)
Rocky Mountain: 10 weeks (1992-93)
Southeast: 10 weeks (2007-08)
Southeast: 10 weeks (2020-21)

Got any questions about the polls? Leave a comment and let’s chat about it.


A few quick updates over the weekend:

Fixed the score for the 1959 Class B eight-man championship game on Nov. 14, 1959; Big Piney beat Moorcroft 25-12, not 15-12.

Added Cokeville’s 45-6 victory against Big Piney on Oct. 23, 1953, in Cokeville.

Updated the location of the November 1935 game between Cokeville and Inkom, Idaho; it was in Cokeville. The date is still unknown but was between Nov. 6 and Nov. 9.

Corrected Guernsey-Sunrise’s coach for 1995; it was Dean Rahmig, not Trevor Williams.

All of the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


I’ll be honest: During the season, one of the things I look forward to most between games is the weekly rankings.

I love them because they are a great gauge for perspective. Is that team as good as I think it is? What do others think? Are y’all seeing what I’m seeing?

I also love them because it gives every team in the state except for the five teams ranked No. 1 some motivation. You know, “everyone” is overlooking us, “no one” thought we could do it, etc. Motivation can come in many forms, but rankings are the most public. Without them, how could anyone ever feel slighted?

Most of all, though, I love them because they are basically one big way for coaches and media types to have a conversation about who they think are the best teams without ever having to talk to each other.

The problem with rankings is that they’re only good for a week. Friday comes along, a whole slew of games are played, and that new information is incorporated into a new set of votes for next week’s rankings.

However, looking at old rankings can give us lots of insight into a season. Who rallied after a poor start? Who was the team that everyone knew was coming and lived up to expectations? Who lived fast and died young?

Since I want to know the answers to those questions, I started tracking down every single weekly poll for Wyoming high school football, all the way back to the start of such statewide polls.

This research took several weeks of evenings and weekends, most of which was spent either on wyopreps.com or the Casper Star-Tribune archive on newspapers.com. To this point, research has taken me back to 1952, which I believe is the first year for a coordinated statewide effort at an actual poll and not just rankings put out by individual newspapers.

I’m ready to share a big chunk of that research today.

Starting today, weekly polls from 1984 to 2021 will be available on wyoming-football.com. Polls for each year will be linked from the results by year page.



With 38 years of week-by-week rankings now part of wyoming-football.com — and with more to come — we can take a quick look at which teams have done what in the polls.

Most weeks ranked, most weeks at No. 1: It should be no surprise that Cokeville has spent the most weeks ranked (313) and the most weeks ranked No. 1 (141). With 345 weekly rankings available — and with not every week containing a ranking for the classification that Cokeville was in at the time — the Panthers have been ranked more than 90% of the time and have been No. 1 more than 40% of the time.

Not coincidentally, the same five programs that spent the most time both at No. 1 also spent the most time in the rankings, period.

Behind Cokeville in time in the No. 1 spot is Natrona at 94 weeks, Big Horn at 92, Star Valley at 86 and Sheridan at 80.

Behind Cokeville in total weeks ranked is Natrona (279), Sheridan (265), Big Horn (263) and Star Valley (259).

Cokeville is also the program that has spent the most weeks ranked at No. 2 with 82 weeks, tied with Lusk for the most time spent in the second slot.

Who’s been No. 1: In all, 38 teams since 2010 have been ranked No. 1 for at least one week, and since 1984 all but eight programs have failed to reach the top spot. Those who haven’t been ranked No. 1 since 1984 include:

  • Saratoga (last reached No. 1 in the final AP poll of 1982)
  • Pinedale (last reached No. 1 in the UPI poll in Week 9, 1981)
  • Newcastle (last reached No. 1 in the UPI poll in Week 5, 1980)
  • Rawlins (last reached No. 1 in the AP poll in Week 10, 1974)
  • Cheyenne South, Encampment, St. Stephens, Wyoming Indian (never ranked No. 1, according to currently researched polls)

Five more programs (Hulett, Kelly Walsh, Ten Sleep, Tongue River and Moorcroft) have been ranked No. 1 for just one week since 1984.

Of the teams that have been around since 1984, Wyoming Indian (15 weeks), Rawlins (29 weeks) and Saratoga (36 weeks) have spent the least amount of time ranked. Every other program that has existed since 1984 has spent at least 42 weeks ranked. Of the eight Class 4A programs that have existed since 1984, Kelly Walsh has the fewest weeks at No. 1 (one week) and the fewest total weeks in the polls (93 weeks).

No. 1 all season long: In all, 60 teams have gone wire-to-wire ranked No. 1, most recently Southeast and Farson in 2020. Of those 60, 41 eventually won a state championship.


At the end of this post is a table that notes the total weeks at No. 1, the total weeks ranked and the last time ranked No. 1 for each program.

Prior to 1984, two polls existed for most years — the Associated Press poll and the United Press International poll. Research is continuing on those, and I hope to share them, or at least what we can find, soon. Poll information from 1952 to 1983 is much more spotty, but I will share it all once I feel like it’s in a “shareable” state; right now, it’s not quite there yet.

Remember, weekly polls from each season from 1984-2021 are on the results by year page. More blog posts are coming, so keep your eyes open! I’m still exploring the current data, including figuring out who’s spent the most consecutive weeks ranked and the most consecutive weeks at No. 1.

My huge gratitude goes out to “Stat Rat” Jim Craig and his help for finding a few of the polls I couldn’t. Do a search for his name on this blog and you’ll see how helpful he has been for many, many years, and he’s also one of the key architects to the work posted on sister site wyoming-basketball.com. Thanks again, good sir!

I’m always looking for new information I can post to wyoming-football.com. What do you want to see next?


Weekly poll rankings, 1984-2021

TeamWeeks at No. 1Total weeks rankedLast ranked No. 1
Cokeville141313Playoffs 2017
Natrona94279Week 2 2019
Big Horn92263Playoffs 2019
Star Valley86259Week 1 2020
Sheridan80265Week 4 2021
Meeteetse66145Week 5 2021
Mountain View54217Week 8 2020
Southeast54218Preseason 2021
Campbell County51239Playoffs 2016
Powell49199Week 4 2020
Rocky Mountain46135Playoffs 1999
Buffalo46202Week 3 2019
Lovell42219Week 2 2020
Snake River39107Playoffs 2021
Glenrock37164Week 4 2018
Rock Springs36131Playoffs 2021
Torrington35169Preseason 2021
Lusk33229Week 2 2021
Jackson30144Week 2 2021
Big Piney30152Week 2 2007
Lander29112Week 8 2004
Thermopolis28105Week 5 2010
Kemmerer28120Playoffs 2008
Lyman28127Playoffs 2021
Cheyenne Central28154Week 6 2020
Guernsey27131Week 4 2015
Cody27185Playoffs 2021
Green River24143Week 6 2016
Wheatland22145Week 3 2021
Douglas22188Playoffs 2014
Farson2179Playoffs 2020
Laramie21124Week 8 1996
Burlington21163Playoffs 2008
Dubois20106Week 4 2013
Riverton20117Week 7 2014
Greybull17121Week 5 1991
Shoshoni15121Week 5 2021
Worland1493Playoffs 2003
Midwest13132Week 3 2010
Thunder Basin1257Week 1 2021
Riverside1276Week 3 2007
Kaycee1289Playoffs 2017
Upton-Sundance1173Playoffs 2016
Evanston11117Week 5 2007
Cheyenne East11182Preseason 2021
Pine Bluffs9101Playoffs 2021
Sundance886Week 2 2006
Wright762Week 4 2005
Lingle786Week 7 2015
Upton7106Week 2 2006
Wind River544Preseason 1998
Burns363Playoffs 2013
Hanna266Week 5 2000
Moorcroft154Preseason 1997
Tongue River169Preseason 2007
Ten Sleep191Week 4 1987
Kelly Walsh193Week 4 2006
Hulett193Week 6 1994
Rock River00Never
St. Stephens00Never
St. Mary's/Seton05Never
Cheyenne South07Never
Wyoming Indian015Never
Rawlins029Week 10 1974
Saratoga036Playoffs 1982
Pinedale042Week 9 1981
Newcastle043Week 5 1980

Note: Post updated 5:49 p.m. Jan. 18, 2022, to reflect Newcastle’s last No. 1 ranking in 1980.

Some digital digging around over the holidays led me to one new game, a couple corrections and a couple other updates of note:

Added Laramie’s 11-6 victory against the UW third team on Nov. 14, 1898. This is Laramie’s first victory as a high school team that I can find.

Fixed the opponent for Laramie’s game against the UW third team on Oct. 18, 1901 — it wasn’t against the UW varsity.

Noted that Hanna beat Saratoga on Oct. 21, 1949; I’m still searching for a final score.

Noted that the Sept. 25, 1954, game between Hanna and Baggs and the Nov. 2, 1951, game between the same two teams were not played.

I also found three coaches for the Coaches Project — Hanna’s coach for 1949, Ted Rogers; Clearmont’s coach for 1935, Chester Stiteler; and Farson’s coach for 1951, Keith Sorenson. I also found the first name for Carpenter’s head coach in 1941, Devon Clark, and for Newcastle’s head coach in 1930, Ollie Hulse. Also, Huntley’s head coach in 1961 and 1962 was Bill Perich, not LeRoy Cundall.

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


Thanks to the continuing research of “Stat Rat” Jim Craig, I have added the 1958 Class B all-state teams to the all-state listings. This was the first year for the Associated Press to choose a Class B all-state team. Thanks to Jim for his help, as always!

I also added some first names to all-state players from Douglas, Rock Springs and Cheyenne Central from the 1920s and 1930s. I still have 78 all-state players from 1920 to 1939 whose first names are unaccounted for. They include players from Basin, Buffalo, Cheyenne Central, Cody, Cowley, Douglas, Evanston, Gillette, Green River, Greybull, Kemmerer, Lander, Laramie, Lovell, Midwest, Newcastle, Powell, Riverton, Rock Springs, Sundance, Superior, Thermopolis, Torrington, University Prep and Worland. Let me know if you’re interested in helping me out to find these!

I believe the only all-state teams I am now missing are the 1994 Class 1A 9-man and the all-class teams from 1932, 1930 and 1926. The last three may not have been chosen, but I know for sure that 1994 team was. Anyone out there who can help with that?


The 2021 season — as much as it can be — is now incorporated into each individual page on wyoming-football.com. Let me know if something looks weird or incorrect, or if I missed something, by leaving a comment here or emailing me: pschmiedt@yahoo.com.

With that, here were some team record scoring and streaks that made their way to their respective top 10s this year:

The 148 combined points scored by Dubois (68) and Meeteetse (80) in their game on Sept. 18 tied for the ninth-most combined points in a single game.

The 102 points scored combined by Buffalo (27) and Jackson (75) in their 3A quarterfinal game was the fourth-most ever by two teams in an 11-man playoff game. Jackson’s 75 points was the second-most points ever scored by one team in an 11-man playoff game.

Cheyenne South’s 490 points allowed is sixth-most all-time for a single 11-man season. The 54.44 points allowed per game by the Bison was 10th all-time most allowed in an 11-man season.

Cokeville extended existing records with its 34th consecutive winning season and its 36th consecutive non-losing season. Sheridan reached the top 10 with its 15th consecutive non-losing season and also moved up to tied for third all-time with its 15th consecutive winning season.

Laramie stayed in second place all-time with its 21st consecutive losing season and remained in third with its 21st consecutive non-winning season. Moorcroft moved into a tie for fifth with its 13th consecutive losing season. Together, Worland and Wyoming Indian moved into a tie for seventh with their 12th consecutive losing seasons. And Wright moved into a tie for seventh with its 15th consecutive non-winning season.

Updates for individual records, all-state and other postseason honors will happen when they are available. Enjoy…


Some recent site updates:

I added the date and location for Huntley’s 19-0 loss to McGrew, Neb., on Sept. 21, 1956; the game was in McGrew.

I added the location for Albin’s 27-6 victory against Melbeta, Neb., on Sept. 10, 1954; it was in Melbeta.

I added the location for Torrington’s 13-0 loss to Mitchell, Neb., on Oct. 11, 1946; it was in Torrington.

I added the score for St. Mary’s 15-14 victory against Sidney (Neb.) St. Patrick’s on Oct. 26, 1945.

I fixed the location for the 1998 Class 1A Division I semifinal game between Rocky Mountain and Sundance; the game was in Sundance. I discovered this when sorting through the Rocky game tapes on YouTube. This change does bump Rocky Mountain’s state record road winning streak to 26 games.

I also fixed Hulett’s football coaches for 1973 and 1974. In 1973, Doug Bartlett was head coach, not Ronald Halvorsen; in 1974, Larry Moore was head coach, not Jim Player.

I also added the 1976 Class AA all-state second team to my all-state listings. Thanks to Jim Robertson for his help with that!

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


A few updates to the site made recently:

I fixed the location of the 1987 Class 2A championship game — it was in Upton, not Lovell. Thanks to Joe White for the catch on that!

I added Saratoga’s 57-16 victory against Hanna on or around Oct. 30, 1987; I added it to the missing games list because I couldn’t find a location, and I’m not exactly sure on the date.

I added Powell’s 19-6 victory against Red Lodge, Montana, on Oct. 1, 1939.

I added Laramie’s 36-6 victory against the Colorado State freshman team on Nov. 11, 1921.

I also fixed some things for the Oct. 12, 1979, game between North Big Horn and the Lovell JV. I originally had North Big Horn winning 26-24; the Lovell JV actually won the game by that score. It’s still on the missing games list because I still haven’t been able to pin down a location.

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.

Two other updates I’ve made to the site:

First, I went through and changed all references from “Gillette” to “Campbell County” in reference to the Camels. Much like I’ve done with other schools who have gone by multiple names, such as Cheyenne Central, Natrona and a handful of others, I’ve made the change for consistency’s sake, so there’s no doubt as to which school I am referring.

Second, I’ve added 2021 schedules to all the individual team pages. They’re now ready to be filled in through November as game results roll in week by week. It’s always a fun update to make last year’s results part of the history and this year’s results part of the present. 🙂


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