I’ve been doing some research on streaks (more on that later) and I’ve found a couple more streaks that needed to be added to the streaks page, ones that have somehow escaped my knowledge until recently:

I added Cheyenne Central’s 24-game winning streak from 1988-90 and added Kelly Walsh’s 20-game winning streak from 1980-82 to the streaks page. I also added Lusk’s 20-game unbeaten streak (19-0-1) from 1961-64.

I also changed Hanna’s 1992-97 losing streak from 24 to 26 games to reflect the change of the Riverside game in 1992 from a victory to a loss for the Miners, as updated earlier this year.

As always, if you see anything wrong or missing on my listings, feel free to contact me: on Facebook, on Twitter @wyomingfootball, by email at pschmiedt@yahoo.com or just post a comment below.


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