We close out a week’s worth of picks with the big-school classification today. Please spend a second reading a brief introduction about how these picks were made.

Natrona; Gillette; Cheyenne East; Sheridan; Kelly Walsh; Cheyenne Central; Rock Springs; Evanston; Cheyenne South; Laramie.


Pick: First in 4A
Confidence Index: 70 percent
My gut says: Favorites in 4A? Gillette and Natrona. Gillette has to go to Casper to play the Mustangs this year. And the Mustangs hardly ever lose at home.

Pick: Second in 4A
Confidence Index: 80 percent
My gut says: The Camels won’t make it easy on anyone this year. That trip to Casper, though, will be a toughie.

Cheyenne East
Pick: Third in 4A
Confidence Index: 85 percent
My gut says: The T-Birds have the talent to beat everyone they face. Except Gillette and Natrona. Those two games will require a couple lucky bounces. Could happen, though.

Pick: Fourth in 4A
Confidence Index: 50 percent
My gut says: Sheridan earns the No. 4 spot by default. After the past few years, the Broncs have earned that nod. Of course, they have to re-earn it on the field this year.

Kelly Walsh
Pick: Fifth in 4A
Confidence Index: 35 percent
My gut says: Basically every coach in 4A said Kelly Walsh will be improved from last year. Whether that’s enough to get the Trojans into the top four or not is debatable. Hence my low confidence.

Cheyenne Central
Pick: Sixth in 4A
Confidence Index: 60 percent
My gut says: The Indians have consistently been a .500 team the past few years. They’ll be competitive again this year, but upper-echelon worthy? Not yet.

Rock Springs
Pick: Seventh in 4A
Confidence Index: 40 percent
My gut says: Spots 7-10 in 4A are as big a mess as last year. The Tigers earn this spot because I think they’ve got enough player consistency in their program to top the other three.

Pick: Eighth in 4A
Confidence Index: 25 percent
My gut says: I have had a really tough time getting a read on the Red Devils this year. So did the 4A coaches I talked to. The summary? The Red Devils should be playoff contenders. I think.

Cheyenne South
Pick: Ninth in 4A
Confidence Index: 40 percent
My gut says: I want to see that losing streak end. Everyone does — unless you’re lined up on the opposite side from the Bison. Unfortunately for South, that means they’ll get the best out of everyone they face.

Pick: Tenth in 4A
Confidence Index: 35 percent
My gut says: Laramie could – and maybe should – be put higher than this. I hope a new coaching staff can give some stability and strength to the program, but it may take years to see a consistent winner come from the Gem City.

PLAYOFFS: Quarterfinals, Natrona over Evanston, Gillette over Rock Springs, Cheyenne East over Cheyenne Central, Sheridan over Kelly Walsh; semifinals, Natrona over Sheridan, Gillette over Cheyenne East; championship, Natrona over Gillette.

Ho-hum, another Gillette-Natrona title game. Right? Or am I missing something in looking at Wyoming’s big-school classification?


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