Standings for six years of Wyoming high school football have been added to the site.

Standings have now been posted for 1986, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1995 and 1996.

To see all available year-by-year standings, click here.

In the process of adding standings, I realized a couple mistakes. First and foremost, I fixed a score from the 1992 season. On Oct. 2, Riverside beat Hanna 48-14; I had the score reversed, with Hanna winning. Thanks to Karla Pomeroy at the Basin Republican-Rustler for her help in verifying this fix!

Second, I realized I had miscalculated a couple season records. I miscounted Mountain View’s 1996 record — that year, the Buffalos went 6-3, not 7-2. I also fixed Saratoga’s 1990 record — the Panthers were 4-4, not 5-2. In an unrelated fix, I also corrected Sheridan’s record in 1974 — the Broncs were 3-6, not 2-7. The fixes are reflected on all the relevant pages.


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