Some recent site updates:

I added the date and location for Huntley’s 19-0 loss to McGrew, Neb., on Sept. 21, 1956; the game was in McGrew.

I added the location for Albin’s 27-6 victory against Melbeta, Neb., on Sept. 10, 1954; it was in Melbeta.

I added the location for Torrington’s 13-0 loss to Mitchell, Neb., on Oct. 11, 1946; it was in Torrington.

I added the score for St. Mary’s 15-14 victory against Sidney (Neb.) St. Patrick’s on Oct. 26, 1945.

I fixed the location for the 1998 Class 1A Division I semifinal game between Rocky Mountain and Sundance; the game was in Sundance. I discovered this when sorting through the Rocky game tapes on YouTube. This change does bump Rocky Mountain’s state record road winning streak to 26 games.

I also fixed Hulett’s football coaches for 1973 and 1974. In 1973, Doug Bartlett was head coach, not Ronald Halvorsen; in 1974, Larry Moore was head coach, not Jim Player.

I also added the 1976 Class AA all-state second team to my all-state listings. Thanks to Jim Robertson for his help with that!

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


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