Three performances have made their way onto the single-game top 10 performances lists on, including a new top performance for receiving yards.

The most recent entry comes from earlier in September, when Jackson’s Sadler Smith threw for 429 yards against Pocatello, Idaho. The 429-yard passing game is good enough for third all-time in state history.

Brady Mangus of Glenrock had a five-catch, 281-yard performance against Rawlins in 1998, recent research uncovered, giving him the top spot for receiving yards in a game.

A 236-yard receiving game from Wheatland’s J.C. Trautwein, also from 1998, puts him eighth on the all-time single-game list.

If you know of other games or season totals that should be in their respective top 10, email me at and include in your email any and all possible documentation to verify the record claim.


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