Once again, Lyman coach Ted Holmstrom has come through in a big way in providing help regarding his school’s football history. He recently sent me updates for 11 seasons — 11 new games and 10 missing games:

1947: Corrected the date of the Oct. 24 game between Lyman and Big Piney (had originally listed Oct. 17)

1952: Added three games, Lyman’s 51-0 victory over Big Piney on Oct. 10; Lyman’s 18-18 tie with Cokeville on Oct. 17; and Lyman’s 37-6 victory over Big Piney on Oct. 24. Found the score for Lyman’s 42-18 victory over Cokeville on Oct. 3. Also removed a missing game scheduled Oct. 24 with Baggs-Snake River.

1953: Added two games, Lyman’s 38-14 loss to Cokeville on Oct. 1 and Lyman’s 61-61 tie with Big Piney on Oct. 16. (That 61-61 tie also set a new state record for the highest-scoring tie game — and by a wide margin, too.)

1954: Added one game, Lyman’s 48-33 victory over North Rich, Utah, on Oct. 21. Also found scores for two games, Lyman’s 38-21 loss to Cokeville on Sept. 24 and Lyman’s 54-13 victory over Baggs-Snake River on Oct. 11.

1957: Found scores for two missing games, Lyman’s 34-12 loss to Cokeville on Oct. 11 and Lyman’s 34-30 victory over Mountain View on Oct. 18.

1958: Added two games, Lyman’s 39-12 victory over Mountain View on Sept. 26 and Lyman’s 12-7 loss to Hanna on Oct. 17.

1959: Found scores for two missing games, Lyman’s 28-19 loss to Superior on Sept. 11 and Lyman’s 21-0 victory over Mountain View on Sept. 18.

1966: Added Lyman’s 18-0 loss to Provo, Utah, on Oct. 7.

1967: Added Lyman’s 46-33 victory over Ogden Deaf School, Utah, on Oct. 6

1968: Found a score for Lyman’s 36-6 victory over Ogden Deaf School, Utah, on Oct. 18.

1969: Added Lyman’s 7-6 victory over Park City, Utah, on Oct. 24.

Coach Holmstrom also hooked me up with all the missing coaches I had for Lyman on the Coaches Project. Thanks, coach!



Glendo native and current Greybull coach John Cundall hooked me up with a list of Glendo’s coaches for the Coaches Project. Every year but 1952 has been accounted for in regards to the Eagles’ history. Glendo coaches were notoriously tough for me to find, so coach Cundall’s list was a huge, huge help to me. Thanks a ton, coach!


Coaches Project:

In between receiving awesome e-mails from coaches, I’ve been chipping away at the Coaches Project on my own. The following schools have received updates in the past couple weeks, mostly in the 1960s or early 1970s: Arvada-Clearmont, Basin, Bow-Basin, Byron, Cowley, Deaver-Frannie, Goshen Hole, Guernsey, Hanna, Huntley, Jackson, Lander, Lingle, Manderson, Pavillion, Saratoga, St. Mary’s, Sunrise, Ten Sleep, Tongue River, Torrington. Check out those teams’ individual pages to see the updates.

The coaching list for Bow-Basin is now complete, which is pretty sweet.

I’ve got nearly every coach from 1964 to the present, with the exception of Huntley in the four seasons from 1965-68, Deaver-Frannie and Manderson in 1970, Pinedale in 1964 and Goshen Hole in 1966…. as well as Cokeville for pretty much every year prior to 1976. Cokeville is the only school where I’m still getting hung up, so if anyone knows who Cokeville’s coaches were back in the day, shoot me an e-mail to and fill me in on who’s missing from the list. Cokeville’s team page is here.


That’s it for now. Obviously it’s been a fun week!


3 Thoughts on “Updates: A movement in three acts (a Lyman act, a Glendo act and a Coaches Project act)

  1. I cover sports in schools for the deaf across the USA. As far as I have known, Utah School for the Deaf and Blind never fielded a football team. I am puzzled by the scores that you posted:

    1967: Added Lyman’s 46-33 victory over Ogden Deaf School, Utah, on Oct. 6

    1968: Found a score for Lyman’s 36-6 victory over Ogden Deaf School, Utah, on Oct. 18.

    Would you care to elaborate? Many thanks.

    Barry Strassler

  2. Patrick on February 25, 2010 at 6:58 am said:

    Hi Barry,

    Records are rarely listed for the school in Ogden because it played six-man football, which was basically frowned upon in Utah at that time. The Ogden school played in a conference with Wyoming schools in the southwest corner as well as two other Utah schools, North Rich and South Rich (now combined into Rich County).

    That said, I don’t think the school played that long. I have recorded 12 games in which the Ogden school played Wyoming schools, but all 12 of those games were between 1967 and 1969.

    Six-man games from that era usually weren’t recorded as “official” games in Utah at that time, which is probably why you may not know about the 1960s Ogden team. Obviously the school isn’t playing anymore, as I’m sure you’re well aware, and I have no idea what happened to the program after 1969 or if the team played before 1967….

    Hope that explains, at least in part, the situation. I can’t give a full picture of the Ogden school’s football history, but I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about when and where they played Wyoming schools.


  3. Ted Holmstrom on February 26, 2010 at 3:32 am said:

    Just a quick comment, the Michigan school of the Deaf has had a long history of playing high school football but cut it in the 1980s, but I think they just started playing again this past year. One of my old bosses played for that team in the 1960s and was very proud of it. He told me that they would bring a big Bass drum to every game and that drum would travel up and down the sideline of the field always on the LOS and that is how they would know the snap count … they could feel it. 🙂

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