School: Morton
Nickname: Broncs
Colors: Unknown
Stadium: Unknown
State championships: None
Times worth remembering: Only one thing stood in the way of a Morton dynasty in the mid-1950s — Byron. The Broncs were a combined 22-4 in three seasons from 1956-58; three of those losses came against Byron, and all three helped keep Morton out of the playoffs. Even so, the Broncs were consistent winners with a penchant for winning close, competitive, hard-fought defensive games (nine of Morton’s 22 wins in those years were by 10 points or less).
Times worth forgetting: In three seasons from 1960-62, the Broncs were the conference doormat. Those three seasons, Morton finished a combined 3-17-1, only posting victories over the Riverton JV team, Manderson and the Worland Institute (boys’ school) team.
Best team: A team has never done more with less than the Morton Broncs did in 1965. That season, Morton posted a 5-1-1 record and finished third in the final statewide poll for the mythical title, but what was impressive about the Broncs was how they won. The scores from Morton’s victories that year? 13-6, 6-0, 6-0, 12-8 and 19-14. The lone loss was a 13-6 nail-biter to eventual mythical champ Byron; the lone tie was a 0-0 draw with Big Piney. Two other games were canceled.
Biggest win: For a school with no playoff appearances, big victories are hard to find. But imagine the thrill the Broncs felt on Oct. 18, 1957. That day, Morton beat Shoshoni in classic Morton style — a hard-fought, close, thrilling 13-6 contest — for its 15th consecutive victory. It set up a dream matchup with Byron the next week on Morton’s home field — a game that has no drama to it whatsoever if the Broncs don’t beat Shoshoni in the previous week.
Heartbreaker: The mythical Class B title was Morton’s to claim in 1964. All they had to do was beat Byron in the season finale. But Byron was ready for the challenge and swamped Morton 34-12 in the capper. As it was, Morton finished fourth in the final statewide poll; Byron, even with one loss, won the mythical title. It wasn’t the first time Byron thwarted Morton (see 1956-58), and it wasn’t the last — a similar scenario unfolded in 1965, and Byron again got the best of Morton to wrap up the mythical state title.

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2 Thoughts on “Five Minute Introduction: Morton

  1. Steve Core on February 24, 2010 at 9:30 am said:

    Okay Patrick, you have thrown me a big time curveball–Morton, where is that??? Also, I understand my daughters in your class—-she enjoys the class—-once again, great site—-Steve Core

  2. Hi Steve,

    Morton is up the road from Riverton a ways. Morton and Pavillion were the two schools that combined to form Wind River in the late 1960s.

    And, yes, I do have daughter Core in one of my classes at UW. Glad she likes the class — I like having her in the class, so I guess we’re even. 🙂


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