Thanks to Jim Craig’s continuing research, I’ve been able to make the following updates to the site:

Fixed the score of Basin’s 25-6 victory against Shoshoni on Sept. 21, 1956; I had the score transposed, with Shoshoni winning by that score.

Added Cokeville’s 40-26 victory against Mountain View on Sept. 9, 1955. This was actually Mountain View’s first game in program history.

Added Cowley’s 63-30 victory against Belfry, Mont., on either Sept. 9 or 10, 1955 (added to the missing games list because a date and a location couldn’t be verified).

Added Lingle’s 30-24 victory against Sunrise on Oct. 29, 1954.

Added statewide standings for 1955, 1956, 1957 and 1958.

Through my own research, I also found the final score for one more game: Evanston’s 57-0 loss to Montpelier, Idaho, on Oct. 23, 1942. I had already noted that Evanston had lost this game; this update simply provided the final score.

All the changes are reflected on all the relevant pages.


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