As promised, I’ve added single-season scoring records for each team and each year onto the individual team pages. Columns on each team page are sortable; click on the column headers for each team to sort and click again to sort in reverse order.

In looking through these records, I noticed several squads set team records in 2014 for most points scored or allowed in a season:

Most points scored: Cheyenne South, Gillette, Cody, Jackson, Mountain View, Upton-Sundance, Cokeville, Guernsey-Sunrise, Hanna, Farson.

Most points allowed: Kelly Walsh, Buffalo, Lander, Star Valley, Wright, Southeast, Wyoming Indian, Midwest, Normative Services, Dubois, Snake River.

Most average points scored (min. 5 games played): Cheyenne South, Mountain View, Hanna, Normative Services, Farson.

Most average points allowed (min. 5 games played): Buffalo, Lander, Wright, Wyoming Indian, Midwest, Ten Sleep.

Several other teams had seasons that ranked high (second or third place) on that school’s all-time list, or set their all-time marks in the last couple years, or both. And Rock River, in its first varsity season, notched its initial season totals and, technically, could be included in the lists above.

Meanwhile, only Kaycee and Upton-Sundance, two relatively new programs, allowed the fewest total and average points in school history in 2014. And, thankfully, no school set an offensive futility record.

Keep in mind that a bunch of points allowed doesn’t necessarily mean “bad,” especially in six-man. Dubois played in the state title game this year; Snake River was a semifinalist.

Meanwhile, four of the five teams that won state titles in 2014 — Cody, Mountain View, Cokeville and Guernsey-Sunrise — scored more points than any other squad in school history.

Now it’s your turn to sort through your favorite team and see what kind of cool tidbits you can dig up! Let me know what you find by leaving a comment.


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