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Home and road winning and losing streaks… I highlighted these records in the blog earlier this summer (home winning, home losing, road winning, road losing), and now the records are posted on the streaks page.

Shrine Bowl player totals… I also highlighted these in the blog earlier this summer; these totals are now on the Shrine Bowl page, as are the Shrine Bowl records.

Consecutive scoring streaks… Something else I highlighted in the blog, all the way back in November, the consecutive scoring streaks records are now posted on the streaks page.


3 Thoughts on “Recent record additions: Home/road winning/losing streaks, consecutive scoring streaks, Shrine Bowl players

  1. So Patrick, what is the answer to my question? Please share the list of wyoming versus wyoming.

  2. One other thing, this is one former Greybull Buff that hopes the longest losing streak gets bested by the Outlaws.

  3. Patrick on August 22, 2012 at 9:33 pm said:

    Steve, you will probably like the answer more than most: The “winner” is Greybull. The Buffs have the honor of winning that bit of trivia.

    Glenrock is second at 52 and Midwest and Hanna are tied for third at 48.

    Makes sense when you think about it. All four schools have bounced around several classifications and have played in a variety of conferences. That leads to a lot of different opponents.

    By the way, anyone want to take a stab at the Gillette-Evanston series record? Not a lot there to calculate, I guess….


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