The folks over at have posted this year’s all-state selections from the Wyoming Coaches Association. This year’s selections have also been added to my all-time all-state listings. I tried to catch all the misspellings, but if I missed one, let me know. Cool.


7 Thoughts on “All-state selections for 2010

  1. Jay Reddon on November 21, 2010 at 8:33 am said:


    Riverton 3A player John Reddon…mispelled last name.


  2. Thanks for the catch. It’s now fixed. I appreciate it!


  3. Ksimmons on December 7, 2010 at 9:14 pm said:

    Is their a way to post the class of the the All state players?

  4. Patrick on December 7, 2010 at 9:49 pm said:

    I don’t understand the question, K. The classes are posted with the players. Clarify?


  5. Ksimmons on December 17, 2010 at 11:19 pm said:

    I run the Badger Sport Elite 7on7 and I am looking to put together a strong Wyoming team and I need players from the class of 2012,2013,2014. When I was looking at the all state team i didn’t see their classification. you can email me at for any suggestions.

  6. I get it now. Classes as in class standing, not as classification of school (4A, 3A, etc.). I see, said the blind man….

    Those weren’t released with the teams but I can put them together no problem. I will get those onto that page today and comment here again.


  7. OK, underclass all-state players for 2010 were:

    First team
    EVANSTON: Matt Eddington, jr, RB; Austin Wiggins, jr, DL.
    GILLETTE: Jordan Roberts, jr, RB.
    Second team
    CHEYENNE CENTRAL: Matt Carver, jr, LB; Josh Braunschweig, jr, DB.
    GILLETTE: Caleb Olson, jr, OL; Nick Bazemore, jr, RB.
    NATRONA: Cody Vollmar, jr, RS.
    SHERIDAN: Riley Ryan, jr, TE.

    Class 3A
    CODY: Brady Gulde, jr; Quinn Rivera, jr.
    JACKSON: Caleb Strohmenger, jr.
    LANDER: Jordan Hanson, jr; Derek Peil, jr; Tanner Simpson, jr.
    POWELL: Josh Cragoe, jr; Skyler Middleton, jr; Olie Olson, jr; Vince Sleep, so; Cooper Wise, jr.
    STAR VALLEY: Jason Lewis, jr.
    WORLAND: Bronson Hernandez, jr.

    Class 2A
    BURNS: Kaleb Morgan, jr; Colton Wright, so.
    GLENROCK: Troy Pinkerton, jr.
    GREYBULL: Austin Fraizer, jr; Hayden Goton, jr.
    LOVELL: Mark Grant, jr; A.J. Montanez, jr.
    LYMAN: Wade Eyre, jr; Cisco Taylor, so.
    MOORCROFT: Trevor Nelson, jr.
    MOUNTAIN VIEW: Bo Aimone, jr; Earl Hickman, jr.
    NEWCASTLE: Mitch Weigel, jr.
    PINEDALE: Rodney Carter, jr.
    THERMOPOLIS: Chris Ryan, jr.
    TONGUE RIVER: Austin Bolin, jr.

    Class 1A 11-man
    BURLINGTON: Anson George, jr.
    COKEVILLE: Dustin Davis, jr; Jordan Johnson, jr; Brigham Teichert, so; Bronson Teichert, jr.
    DUBOIS: Mitchell Baker, jr; Ty Finley, jr.
    LINGLE: Garrett Meyer, jr.
    ROCKY MOUNTAIN: Derrick Romero, jr.
    SARATOGA: Anthony Samson, jr.
    SOUTHEAST: Zach Eisenbarth, so; Zac Zimmerer, jr.
    WIND RIVER: Jesse Brown, jr.

    Class 1A six-man
    FARSON: Chris Zuck, jr.
    KAYCEE: James Caro, so.
    MIDWEST: Adam VanNorman, jr.
    SNAKE RIVER: Jake Ready, so; Daniel Wille, jr.

    Also, check out the all-conference lists: Many more names and class standing for most of the players, too.

    Hope that helps. Good luck! Let me know if I can help any other way.


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