I’ve been using the Wyoming Digital Newspaper Collection a lot recently to track down information from before 1923, especially coaches. Some updates:


Found the location for the Oct. 20, 1922, game between Lovell and Greybull; it was in Greybull.

Coaches project

Added the first name for Torrington coach Gordon Warren, who was coach in 1922 and 1923.

Found Riverton’s coach for 1922; it was Richard “Tripp” Tripplett. Tripplett was a center for the University of Nebraska before coming to work in the oil industry and coach in Riverton.

Found the first name and corrected the spelling of the last name for Leo Kische, one of Basin’s head coaches in 1921.

Found Buffalo’s coach for 1916; it was Lynn Myers.

Found the coach for Laramie in 1910 and corrected the name for the Laramie coach in both 1911 and 1912; they were all E.E. Smith.

Found the first name for Lander’s coach in 1910; it was William Kemp.

Found the first name for Natrona’s head coach in 1908; it was Rolla Hoffman.

Found the coach for Cheyenne Central in 1908; it was B.H. Claypool. Claypool coached at Douglas the next year.

Found the first name for Cheyenne Central’s coach in 1907; it was Russell Townsend.

Found the last name for Cheyenne Central’s coach in 1905; it was Lee. Still looking for the first name.

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


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