If you follow wyoming-football.com on its social media accounts — Facebook and Twitter — you’ve noticed me asking for your nominations for who you think would HAVE to be included on a list of Wyoming’s 100 best high school football players of all-time.

The #wyo100 (new unofficial hashtag) will highlight Wyoming’s 100 best high school football players ever, in line with what will roughly be the state’s 100th year of high school football. There’s still time for nominations — just reply here!

My research for this led me to compile a list of four-time, three-time and two-time all-state selections. The raw numbers for first-team picks:

  • Four-time selections: 3
  • Three-time selections: 112
  • Two-time selections: 1,095
  • Total first-team selections: 7,623

The math behind this? More than 99.4% of total all-state selections aren’t going to make the #wyo100. Even those two-time selections have barely a 9% chance of making it.

But I don’t want to just put a whole bunch of three-timers on the list and call it good. I REALLY want y’all’s insight. So leave your thoughts below about which player (or players) HAS to be on this list. And thanks a TON to those of you who have already chimed in with your nominations. Thanks!


3 Thoughts on “The #wyo100 — I need your help!

  1. Mike Walk on November 27, 2020 at 4:10 am said:

    Tyler Ashton- Lyman
    3 time all-state
    Super 25
    Super 25 defensive player of the year
    Played at Utah State and University of Mary

  2. Cory Griffith on December 14, 2020 at 9:26 pm said:

    Lusk has had a lot of really good ones as we approach 100 years of Tiger Football. Steve Cockreham and Casey Fosher should be easy picks and the most recent Drake Lamp deserves a look. Others to consider are Walt Sturman, Tommy Thompson, Doug Lytle, Zane Hladky and Derick VandeBossche.

  3. Kelly Moneyhun on December 15, 2020 at 12:50 pm said:

    Erick Pauley
    2 Time Super 25
    2 Time All-State
    Lineman of The Year
    Gatorade Player of the Year
    Played for Joe Glenn at UW

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