Trying to predict an exact final score in any one high school football game is nearly impossible.

But if you’re going to take a shot in the dark, try 6-0.

That score has been reached 516 times in Wyoming high school varsity football games since 1894, making it by far the most common final score. The second-most popular tally, 13-0, has only been reached 344 times, according to listings at this site.

Although 6-0 is by far the most common final score, its popularity has waned recently. The final score of 6-0 only happened once in 2015 — and it was in a six-man game, with Guernsey-Sunrise beating Kaycee.

The last full-length 11-man game to finish with that score was when Moorcroft beat Sundance in Week 1 in 2010. (Burlington beat Shoshoni 6-0 in a triangular playoff in 2013.)

It’s interesting to note that the most popular scores at the highest level of football are nowhere near as popular at the high-school level. The most common NFL final score of 20-17 has only happened 19 times in Wyoming high school football. The second-most common in the pro ranks, 27-24, has only occurred five times in Wyoming.

And 6-0 has only occurred 77 times in the NFL, and only once since 1993.

The most surprising final score that has never shown up in Wyoming history is 31-23. Never reached at the Equality State prep level, the final of 31-23 has been achieved 27 times in the NFL.

Some other final scores that have never been reached in Wyoming? 11-10; 18-10; 23-15; 25-17; 32-17; 49-17; 34-23; 29-25; 37-26; 43-28; 35-31; 35-32; and 36-33.

Here are the final scores that have been reached at least 100 times in Wyoming high school football games:

6-0: 516
13-0: 344
20-0: 341
7-0: 311
12-0: 300
7-6: 273
19-0: 267
14-0: 262
13-6: 239
12-6: 237
21-0: 231
20-6: 225
14-6: 222
26-0: 273
27-0: 218
28-0: 216
0-0: 211
33-0: 204
13-7: 196
19-6: 186
34-0: 182
26-6: 178
32-0: 176
25-0: 173
18-0: 165
14-7: 161
12-7: 148
13-12: 140
6-6: 136
27-6: 132
40-0: 131
20-7: 130
19-7: 126
14-13: 123
35-0: 123
21-6: 122
45-0: 118
41-0: 116
28-6: 116
32-6: 115
38-0: 115
42-0: 114
46-0: 114
14-12: 113
31-0: 111
20-14: 110
24-0: 109
21-14: 107
21-7: 107
39-0: 107
18-6: 106
26-7: 103
33-6: 103


Trent Aagard will be the new head coach at Burlington this fall.

Aagard, who was an assistant coach with the Huskies for the past three years, verified the change via email this week with He takes over for Aaron Papich, who led the Huskies for the 2015 season.

Aagard is a Burlington native and the younger brother of former Burlington head coach Mike Aagard.

Papich went 4-2 with the Huskies in six-man exhibition games. Burlington forfeited its 11-man season after its Week 1 loss to Lusk and played a patchwork six-man schedule instead. Burlington officially moves into the six-man classification this season and will be in the West Conference.


With thanks again to “Stat Rat” Jim Craig, I have made the following updates to the site:

Standings: Added the 1966 and 1965 statewide standings.


All-state: Added the 1970 AA all-state team and the Associated Press 1968 AA all-state team, and updated Tom Neuman’s information on the 1966 AA all-state team: He was from Rawlins, not Riverton.

In adding the AP 1968 AA all-state team, the 1968 Class AA UPI all-state team was removed. Here it is, so you can compare the changes:

First team

LARAMIE: Scott Freeman, QB; Larry Garcia, HB; Gary Engen, G; Greg Kipper, E.
NATRONA: Dave True, C.
POWELL: Charles Hoston, E.
SHERIDAN: Ken Madia, HB; Dick Doyle, T.
WORLAND: Jerry Seawright, FB; Nick McAuley, T.

Honorable mention
CHEYENNE CENTRAL: Jerry Lopez; Ken Crauser; Don Westbrook; Monty Gore; John Klecker.
CHEYENNE EAST: Bob Ward; Herb Webb.
GREEN RIVER: Allen Kemp.
KELLY WALSH: Ted Sandberg.
LARAMIE: Karl Lenk; Rod Holland; Don Smith; Kevin Freeman.
LOVELL: Mike Davis.
NATRONA: Scott Jones; Bill Heck.
POWELL: Pat Sapp.
RAWLINS: Mike Grauberger.
RIVERTON: Bill Fleak; Ken House; Bill Ray.
ROCK SPRINGS: Jerry Levitt; Ray Foianini.
SHERIDAN: Mickey Doyle; Doug Minick; Steve Olson; Dave Eisenman.
WORLAND: Keith Howard; Alan Hanson; Steve Bradshaw; Mark Burton.


The Wyoming team will take the field today for the fifth annual Six-man Shootout against the Nebraska all-star team in Albion, Nebraska.

The game will kick off at 1 p.m. (noon MDT). A live video stream will be available here.

The Wyoming roster is as follows:

DUBOIS: Zak Rose.
FARSON: Neale Jones.
GUERNSEY-SUNRISE: Forest Foos, Jonah Girard.
HANNA: Wyatt Phillips.
HULETT: Curtis Cornett, Reece Jolley.
KAYCEE: Hayden Fauber, Rio Stafford.
MEETEETSE: Carter Johnson, A.J. Merz, Scott Sessions, Shawn Shepperson.
SNAKE RIVER: Braden Duncan, J.P. Ely, Irving Ortega.
TEN SLEEP: Quentin Fettig, J.D. Nelson.

Wyoming is coached by Meeteetse’s Matt Jensen. Meeteetse’s Dale Query, Dubois’ David Trembly and Hulett’s Boz Backen and Ryan Neiman are the assistant coaches.

Nebraska’s roster includes Michael Buitron and Ben Miles of Arthur County; Logan Schultz of Deschler; Austin Anthony, Gabe Haney and Wyatt Rowe of Hyannis; Calyn Werkmeister of Maywood/Hayes Center; Yovan Perez of Minatare; Jake Kennedy and Tanner Hudson of Riverside; Bryce Hoffmeister, Brandon Miller and Drake Shanle of St. Edward; Quentin Journey of Silver Lake; Garrett Ellis of Sioux County; Brock Leslie of Spalding Academy; Trey Brown of Walthill; and Triston Farley of Wilcox Hildreth. Nebraska’s head coach is Joe Imus of Riverside.

Wyoming is 3-1 all-time in the series. Nebraska won last year’s game 34-8.





Jake Zent will again be the head football coach at Ten Sleep.

Ten Sleep principal and athletic director Russ Budmayr affirmed the hiring to on Friday via email.

Zent was the Pioneers’ head coach for six years, from 2007-12, leading the team to a 21-23 record, including a trip to the six-man semifinals in 2010. He takes over for Andy Ray, who had led the team since 2013 but resigned under pressure in April.


This spring, I digitized 84 Midwest High School football game tapes and posted them to YouTube. The games range from 1980 to 2007, but most of the games are from the 1980s and the 2000s. I created a playlist on YouTube for all the games, but I’ve also posted links to the individual games below. Many thanks to Midwest coach Ken Swieter for giving me access to the tape library!
If other schools have similar tape libraries they would like to see digitized, let me know.

One of the cool things about this project is that it’s not just for Midwest; footage of teams from 17 other schools are here, too.

My favorite game in the collection is the 1986 game between Midwest and Big Horn. I knew the significance of this game long before I saw the game footage — both teams entered the regular-season finale undefeated, but only the winner moved on to the playoffs. I also knew Big Horn won in overtime. What I did not realize was that Big Horn tied the game with less than two minutes to go in the fourth quarter (update: I watched again, and it was actually 40 seconds remaining) with an 85-yard touchdown pass. Heartbreak for the Oilers; jubilation for the Rams; astonishment for me, 30 years later. (If you want to see that play, fast forward to 41:10 on that video.)

Another good one is the 1989 nine-man semifinal game between Midwest and Dubois. Midwest was down 15-14 in the fourth quarter but staged an epic 16-play drive — all running plays — and converted two fourth downs on its way to the winning touchdown. I lived seven years in Midwest and never heard about that drive…. Well, now, we can all see it in its full glory.

The following games have been added to YouTube:

1980 season

1982 season
Natrona sophs
Tongue River

1983 season
Tongue River

1984 season

1985 season
Tongue River

1986 season
Tongue River
Big Horn

1987 season
Tongue River
Big Horn
 (1A semifinals)

1988 season
Tongue River
Big Horn

1989 season
Tongue River
Big Horn
Dubois (1A semifinals)
Hanna (1A state championship)

1991 season
Ten Sleep

1993 season
Big Horn

1998 season
Big Horn

1999 season

2000 season
Normative Services
Ten Sleep

2001 season
Ten Sleep
Big Horn

2002 season
Upton JV
Sundance JV
Natrona sophs 1
Natrona sophs 2

2003 season
Ten Sleep

2004 season
Wyoming Indian
Ten Sleep
Normative Services

2005 season
Natrona sophs
Normative Services

2007 season


A few updates I’ve recently made to the site:


Added Deaver-Frannie’s coach for 1951: It was Dale Dragich.


Added Cowley’s victory over Deaver-Frannie on Oct. 26, 1951. (Added to the missing games list because the game is missing a score and a location.)

Added Tongue River’s 21-19 loss to the Sheridan JV on Oct. 17, 1957. (This game was originally listed as canceled. It was actually played.)

Added Hulett’s 27-0 loss to Vale, South Dakota, on Sept. 13, 1957. (Added to the missing games list because the game is missing the location.)


As has been the case for the past couple months, Jim Craig has been a huge help with all-state lists. Info for the updates below were provided by him. Thanks again!

Added Dave Eisenman from Sheridan to the 1968 Class AA honorable mention all-state list. I had him noted, but in the original list I had, only his last name — not his first name or school — was provided.

Also added John Klecker from Cheyenne Central to the same list. Again, I had him noted, but the original list provided an illegible name and had the player listed for Cheyenne East. That’s been fixed.


I also updated the 1969 all-state teams with the Wyoming Coaches Association teams, replacing teams picked by the UPI and AP pollsters. The WCA teams are listed on the all-state page; the teams formerly on that page but removed are put here for reference:

As chosen by UPI panel

First team
BUFFALO: Randy Ziemer, E.
CHEYENNE CENTRAL: Don Westbrook, RB; Lynn O’Neal, DB.
CHEYENNE EAST: Bob Ward, DT; Dan Rushing, DB.
KELLY WALSH: Dan Doyle, DE; Rany Walling, DB.
LARAMIE: Mike Kanaly, OG; Bill Bonger, C/LB; Bart Parham, RB; Greg Hardin, NG; Greg Kipper, DB.
NATRONA: Bill Heck, OT; Steve Milliken, OG; Mike Mundell, LB.
POWELL: Rex Bennett, E.
SHERIDAN: Ken Madia, FB.
STAR VALLEY: Bill Clines, DE.
WORLAND: Charlie Patterson, OT; Steve Bradshaw, QB; Mark Burton, DT.

Second team
CHEYENNE CENTRAL: Steve Furtney, LB; Don Westbrook, DB.
KELLY WALSH: Dan Doyle, E; Dan Geldien, DB.
LARAMIE: Dave Wilson, E; Greg Hardin, OG; Greg Kipper, RB; Bob Eberhart, DE; Terry Miller, DE.
NATRONA: Bill Heck, DT.
POWELL: Gary Bunett, QB.
ROCK SPRINGS: Ray Foianini, FB; Walt Scarletti, NG; Stuart Delaney, LB.
SHERIDAN: Phil King, OG.
STAR VALLEY: Curt Stock, DB.
TORRINGTON: Charles Gulley, OT; Mike Jay, DB.
WORLAND: Jim Bake, C; Dan Winzer, RB; Charlie Patterson, DT.

As chosen by Associated Press

First team

HULETT: Ed Wilson, G; Wayne Aaberg, B.
MIDWEST: Dave Harshman, E; Dale Miller, C; Randy Macy, B.
SUNDANCE: Jim Viergets, T; Perry Livingston, G; Gary Roadifer, B.
TONGUE RIVER: Jim Sobotka, E.
UPTON: Terry Wham, T; Bimbo Rankin, B.

Second team

BIG HORN: Jim Mackey, E.
COKEVILLE: Keith Nate, B; Todd Dayton, B.
LINGLE: Jim Hill, C.
MIDWEST: Bob Eldridge, E; Brad Chapman, B.
MOORCROFT: Jim Klentz, T.
SUNDANCE: Alan Harper, B.
TONGUE RIVER: Anton Bocek, T; J.C. Gupton, G.
UPTON: Tom Barritt, G.



With big thanks again extended to Jim Craig — who’s been doing yeoman’s work with digging up all-state teams from the 1960s — the 1966 Class AA and Class A all-state teams, the 1968 Class A and Class B all-state teams and the 1969 Class B all-state teams have been added to the site.

I also updated the 1963 all-state teams to include the Class AA and Class A all-state teams as chosen by the Associated Press, which I feel was more representative of both classifications. In the process, I removed the 1963 UPI Class AA/A combined all-state team. That team was as follows:

First team

CHEYENNE CENTRAL: Dick Gish, QB; Allen Russell, E; Dave Coulson, T.
CHEYENNE EAST: Brent Fabian, HB; Dan Madrid, G.
LANDER: Tom McKinney, HB.
LARAMIE: John Godbe, E; Pinky Johnson, G.
NATRONA: Dave Schilling, T; Diemer True, C; Herb Mapp, FB.
RIVERTON: Roger Campbell, T; Everett Befus, HB.

Second team
CHEYENNE EAST: Keith Beckwith, G.
LARAMIE: Wes Ackerson, HB.
LUSK: Tommy Thompson, FB; Jack Butler, E.
NATRONA: Dick Phillips, QB; Don Wilcox, T; Bob Phillips, E.
RAWLINS: Tom McCulloch, G.
SHERIDAN: Jim Wilson, C.

You can see all of the 1960s all-state updates here.


Thanks to Jim’s help, I also added Byron’s 61-13 victory over the Cody JV on Aug. 30, 1963.

This victory increased Byron’s consecutive scoring streak for that stretch to 97 games, still fifth-best all-time.

The changes are reflected on all the relevant pages.


One individual record was tied during the North’s 41-26 victory against the South in Saturday’s Shrine Bowl all-star football game in Casper, and a few other performances earned top-three spots on the Wyoming Shrine Bowl records list:

Individual records

Star Valley’s Reese Hiibel tied the Shrine Bowl record for touchdown passes with four; that mark has been reached three other times.

Dontae Crow of Sheridan finished tied for third all-time in receiving yards (133) and touchdown catches (two).

Southeast’s Jeff Burroughs matched Crow with two touchdown catches to also tie for third all-time.

Natrona’s Cody Wilkinson is No. 2 in the record books for made PATs in a game with five.

Team records

The North team matched the second-best offensive scoring output with five offensive touchdowns.

The South’s combined 25 completions is second-best all time, and its 287 passing yards is third-best all-time.

The North’s 41 points tied for second-most all-time.

The North now leads the all-time series 22-18-3; the North has won four Shrine Bowls in a row and six of the past seven. For more on this year’s game, check out the, and video highlights from The box score at was used as the basis for the records outlined above; thanks to that crew for their help!


The 43rd annual Shrine Bowl all-star football game will kick off at 2 p.m. today (Saturday) at Cheney Alumni Field in Casper.

The North leads the all-time series 21-18-3. North teams have won five of the last six Shrine Bowls and won last year’s game 40-14. Last year’s game raised $35,000 for the Shrine Hospitals for Children.

The rosters for the teams are as follows:

Big Piney: J.D. Fear, William Shafer.
Cheyenne Central: Jake Brownell, Jacob Carbaugh.
Cheyenne East: Jack Danni, Quinn Happold, Baylor Hayes.
Cheyenne South: Marquez Jefferson.
Cokeville: Jackson Linford.
Douglas: Cody Hooker.
Evanston: Tucker Leland, Brett Lowham.
Glenrock: Alec Arnold, Elijah Stewart.
Green River: Brendan Hopkins, Gage Hunt, Tyler Vendetti.
Lingle: Colten Wunder.
Mountain View: Dusty Iorg.
Pine Bluffs: Kyle Jeffres.
Pinedale: Caleb Raney.
Rawlins: Brett Penman.
Rock Springs: Collin Chivers, Carter Rosette.
Snake River: Braden Duncan.
Southeast: Jeff Burroughs.
Star Valley: Kyler Battleson, Reese Hiibel, Sean Pittman.
Torrington: Jace Canaday, Skyler Miller, Branton Samson.
Wheatland: Justis Borton, Josh Calvert, Daniel Chesser, Nathan Willis.
Managers: Ang Back, Douglas; McKenna Worden, Laramie.
Certified trainer: Alan Hill, Cheyenne East.
Head coach: Mark Lenhardt, Torrington.
Assistant coaches: Russell Steinmetz, Torrington; Drew Severn, Cheyenne Central; Aaron Makelky, Big Piney; Will Gray, Pine Bluffs; Michael Bates, Snake River.

Big Horn: Brice Beisher, Collin Powers.
Buffalo: Tommy Fieldgrove.
Cody: Ethan Acton, Cameron Myers.
Gillette: Lane Barbour, Dalton Holst, Derek Hooker, Zack Taylor.
Greybull: Jordan Jackson, Lane Nielson.
Jackson: Theo Dawson, Dillon Hartranft, Gabe Walls.
Kaycee: Hayden Fauber.
Kelly Walsh: Jacob Kostal.
Lovell: Beau Green.
Meeteetse: Carter Johnson.
Natrona: Caleb Hett, Wes Richner, Cody Wilkinson.
Powell: Teagan Cordes.
Riverside: Ethan Sherburne.
Riverton: Baylor Beers, Brayden Draper.
Sheridan: Davis Alden, Zach Campbell, Evan Coon, Dontae Crow, Riley Sessions.
Shoshoni: Patrick Forster, Connor Wilkinson.
Thermopolis: Tyler Cornwell.
Tongue River: Dillon Lyons.
Upton-Sundance: Rourke McPeters.
Worland: Mauricio Caballero.
Managers: KinDale Andreen, Thermopolis; Sierra Force, Natrona.
Certified trainer: Joanne Brewster, Sheridan.
Head coach: Jon Vance, Kelly Walsh.
Assistant coaches: Ryan Meyers, Kelly Walsh; Rob Hammond, Buffalo; Marty Wrage, Greybull; Tony Truempler, Shoshoni; Andy Ray, Ten Sleep.


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