The players for the 2024 Wyoming-Nebraska Six-man Shootout all-star game have been selected.

The annual cross-border game will kick off at 7 p.m. May 31 at Chadron State College in Chadron, Neb.

Wyoming six-man football players selected for the 2024 team include:

Burlington: Hunter Aagard, Mickey Maroni, Jordan Michaels
Dubois: Kaleb Gleim, Jonah Oard, Wyatt Trembly
Encampment: Quade Jordan, Ryon Miller, Kaben Pickett
Farson: Ory Johnson
Hulett: Christian Reilly
Kaycee: Vaun Pierson
Meeteetse: Jason Moody, Joe Pina
Snake River: Tanner Duncan, Seth Maxson, Isaiah Skalberg, Jaden Thomas

Coaches include Trent Aagard, Wade Aagard and Nate Kreider from Burlington; Jack Cobb from Snake River; and David Trembly from Dubois.

The all-time series is tied 6-6, but Nebraska has won three of the past four games and won last year 52-16.


As Sheridan enters the 2024 season on a 31-game winning streak, the talk of a state record is inescapable.

Sheridan is just three games away from tying, and four games from breaking, the winning streak of 34 games set by Laramie from 1959-63. The Broncs are also six games from breaking Worland’s unbeaten streak of 36 games (34-0-2), set from 1953-56.

Already, Sheridan’s winning streak is the longest of the past 60 years of Wyoming high school football.

But four games from the winning streak record and six games from the unbeaten streak record, another football winning streak from a Wyoming high school looms like a ghost over them all.

Now-defunct Byron High School, a community in northwestern Wyoming that now provides a big chunk of the students for Rocky Mountain High School, has a streak that could top them all.

The Eagles, in a streak from 1945 to 1950, won 43 consecutive games. Or 42. Or 35. Or 33. Or 28. Or maybe it was a conference winning streak. Not sure.

That uncertainty of the actual length of the streak keeps it from being listed at the claimed length of 43 on this site’s state record streaks.

We do know when the streak ended. Here’s a portion of a report in the Billings Gazette from Oct. 14, 1950:

“The Cowley Jaguars, relying heavily on a good passing attack, defeated the Byron six-man football team, 35 to 6, at Byron Friday to halt a 43-game winning streak by the Eagles who established a national record. The Big Horn Basin conference defeat was the first for Coach W.A. Mower’s team since 1944.”

Yep. A Wyoming team held the national six-man record for consecutive victories.

Well, allegedly.

Of the 43 games claimed as a part of this streak, only 28 can be verified — one to end the season in 1945, four in 1946, five in 1947, seven in 1948, eight in 1949 and three to start the season in 1950.

Trying to count Byron’s 43 victories feels like chasing ghosts, a pursuit of phantom games that exist only in a tally but not independently, separate from it.

The problems in the count are immediately evident from the report above. We know Byron lost at least one game in 1945, that a 34-12 loss to Bridger, Mont., on Oct. 26. Already, we have a direct contradiction to the idea in the article that the streak started in 1944. That said, the loss to Bridger was a nonconference game, and Byron’s last conference loss did come in 1944, that a 54-6 loss to Basin.

So maybe the streak was just conference games? If the Bridger loss in 1945 isn’t counted, the streak grows to 33. Byron’s final game of the 1944 season was a 46-0 loss to the Heart Mountain JV team. If you don’t count that nonconference game, then the streak grows to 35, with that 48-point loss to Basin interrupting the win streak — except, one thing. We don’t know what date the Basin game was played on.

With all that in mind, we have a much harder time figuring out when the streak started in the midst of all of that rigmarole.

Finding the starting point isn’t the only problem. Games also might be missing from the middle of the streak.

A Nov. 6, 1946, Billings Gazette report says Byron had “six conference wins” during the 1946 season by a total margin of 241-66 for the Eagles’ “second undefeated season.” (Again, are we not counting that Bridger loss in 1945?) But only four games in that season are accounted for. Chasing ghosts.

A year later, a Nov. 15, 1947, Billings Gazette report says the 1947 Eagles finished 6-0 in conference play with a scoring margin of 271-66. But only five games are listed in the article — not coincidentally, the five games listed on this site. The game had to come before Oct. 17, though… as an Oct. 20, 1947, report in the Gazette noted Byron’s victory against Cowley was the team’s fourth consecutive victory that season. On this site, it’s Byron’s third game. Another phantom.

Finally, as the Eagles polished off another championship in 1949 by beating Reliance in the title game, another Billings Gazette report said the title-game victory was Byron’s 40th in a row over a five-year period; another Gazette report earlier in the month said Byron hadn’t lost since losing to Bridger in 1944. Two problems: Byron and Bridger didn’t play in 1944; they played in 1945. And a five-year period only goes back to 1945.

To get to 43 victories between the Bridger loss on Oct. 26, 1945, and the Cowley loss on Oct. 13, 1950, the Eagles would have played more than eight games per season. It’s possible… but knowing the Eagles only played six games in 1947, right in the middle of the streak, puts a big question mark on the veracity of that mark of 43. Right now, no full season in Byron’s streak has more than eight verified games.

In short, right now, the only way Byron’s streak gets to 43 consecutive victories is if you don’t count losses. And, well, that’s antithetical to the idea of a winning streak. Even then, we’re still eight games short.

Let’s make this a little more confusing. A note in the May 3, 1951, Casper Star-Tribune said the “Six-man Football” magazine listed Byron’s national record at 42 games, not 43. The Billings Gazette echoed the 42-game mark in an article in December of that same year. The reason for all this attention to Byron’s record at the end of 1951? Well, the record, whatever it was, did not last a year. Claremont, South Dakota, overtook Byron for the national six-man record and had won 44 straight by the end of the 1951 season on its way to a 61-game winning streak.

I have always been hesitant to list Byron’s alleged 43-game winning streak as Wyoming’s best. The math just never added up. The ghosts are just too elusive.

Yet, as Sheridan engages in a chase for state records this fall, I felt it was important to at least acknowledge the possibility that the Eagles did, indeed, win 43 straight. It’s possible the Eagles have had the record all along. It’s possible that Sheridan could go 12-0 again in 2024 and still only have enough victories to tie Byron for the record.

But I don’t believe in ghosts. I believe in what I can see. For now, I see 28 games. And for me, that’s what Byron’s win streak has to be.


From the perspective of a fan who has no rooting interest, a close game always makes for a more interesting experience than a blowout.

And from that perspective, Wyoming’s six-man classification in 2022 may have given us some of the most boring football we’ve ever seen.

Last year in Class 1A six-man, the chances were significantly better that the game would end with a running clock than in a down-to-the-wire finish — and it wasn’t even close.

More than 61% of six-man games in 2022 (36 of 59) ended with the winning team winning by at least 45 points, the cutoff point for the mercy-rule running clock. This included all seven playoff games. Only two of those 59 six-man games (3.4%) were decided by a margin of a single possession or less. Overall, only 10 of those 59 games last season were decided by less than 20 points.

The average margin of victory was 44.3 points.

Not all that exciting.

The hope is that the blowout trend in 2022 was just an anomaly. After all, the 61% blowout rate was the highest at the six-man level since its return to Wyoming in 2009. And the 3.4% single-possession game rate was the lowest.

Blowouts have always been more plentiful than single-possession games, but the differences in 2022 were stark:

YearTotal gamesMargin 45 or moreMargin 8 or lessPercent finishing with mercy rulePercent single-possesison

Some hope that 2023 might return to some kind of normalcy is the fact that the 2021 season was maybe six-man’s most exciting. In that season, 20% of six-man games finished as one-possession games, the highest rate since six-man’s return in 2009.


Four Wyoming players helped Team USA to an 84-16 victory against Team Canada in the 25th annual CanAm Bowl six-man all-star game on Saturday in Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

Former Farson assistant coach Scott Reed, a Team USA coach, said the four Wyoming players — Kannadis Peroulis, Hadley Myers and David Hernandez from Snake River and Clayton Rux from Dubois — all had a hand in the victory.

Peroulis scored twice and had 237 rushing yards on just four carries. Myers added 106 rushing yards, threw a 21-yard touchdown pass and scored on an 88-yard kick return. Hernandez intercepted a pass and blocked a punt. And Rux played center, despite never playing the position previous to the CanAm Bowl, and was in on every offensive play for Team USA.

The 84 points scored by Team USA on Saturday was a CanAm Bowl team record, Reed said.

Reed said the CanAm Bowl will be played in Wyoming for the first time — and in the United States for just the second time — next year. CanAm Bowl XXVI is slated for July 6 in Meeteetse. The first CanAm Bowl to be played in the United States came in 2021 in Lambert, Montana. This year’s game in Alberta was the only other game in CanAm Bowl history to be played outside Saskatchewan.


Four Wyoming six-man football players will take part in the 25th CanAm Bowl, a six-man all-star game between teams from America and Canada, this week.

Snake River’s Hadley Myers, David Hernandez and Kannadis Peroulis and Dubois’ Clayton Rux will be a part of a group of six-man players from Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska and Texas to play in the game, which will be played Saturday in Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

The game will stream live on YouTube. The game will start at 1 p.m.

Team USA has been practicing in Lambert, Montana, since Monday. The team leaves Friday for Alberta.

Former Farson assistant coach Scott Reed and Snake River assistant coach Sam Weeldreyer, along with Thomas Tritz of Oakwood, Texas, will comprise the coaching staff.

Team USA won last year’s game 71-30. The game wasn’t played in 2020 or 2021. Team USA leads the series 19-5.


Nebraska defeated Wyoming 52-16 on Friday in Chadron, Nebraska, in the annual six-man all-star football game between the two states.

A couple highlights are provided here. The series is now tied at six victories apiece.

Wyoming’s roster changed slightly from the initial announcement in March. Players included:

BURLINGTON: Carson Jones, Pablo Mendez, Cohen Schlenker, Seth Wardell.
DUBOIS: Kaden Chamley, Ryan Wells, Clayton Rux.
ENCAMPMENT: Briston Sifford, Ben Wagy.
FARSON: Matthew Smith, Simeon Stotts.
HANNA: Tom Wagner.
HULETT: Hunter Reilly, M.J. Ulmer.
SNAKE RIVER: Wade Corson, David Hernandez, Hadley Myers, Kannadis Peroulis.


The 2023 Wyoming-Nebraska six-man all-star football game roster is set for Team Wyoming.

Wyoming all-stars head coach Jack Cobb of Snake River, the defending 1A six-man champion, shared the roster via email Thursday.

The roster is dominated by two teams, with players from runner-up Burlington nabbing five spots and Snake River grabbing four more. Dubois, Encampment, Farson, Hanna and Hulett also have players on the team.

The team includes:

BURLINGTON: Carson Jones, Noah McMakin, Pablo Mendez, Cohen Schlenker, Seth Wardell.
DUBOIS: Kaden Chamley, Ryan Wells, Clayton Rux.
ENCAMPMENT: Briston Sifford, Ben Wagy.
FARSON: Matthew Smith, Simeon Stotts.
HANNA: Tom Wagner.
HULETT: Hunter Reilly.
SNAKE RIVER: Wade Corson, David Hernandez, Hadley Myers, Kannadis Peroulis.

Coaches for team Wyoming include Cobb; Trent Aagard of Burlington; Kegan Willford of Encampment; and Sam Weeldreyer and Kyle Jeffres of Snake River.

The game will be played at 7 p.m. June 2 in Chadron, Nebraska. Wyoming leads the all-time series 6-5 and won last year’s game 68-44.


Post updated 3:47 p.m. March 23 to include coaches.

Sheridan’s undefeated Broncs of 2022 deserve tons of praise.

With a 12-0 finish, Class 4A Sheridan became just the fourth team since 2005 to finish Wyoming’s big-school football season undefeated, joining a previously undefeated Bronc team from 2017 and Natrona teams from 2012 and 2014.

However, a look at their playoff results gives Sheridan an ignominious aspect to its playoff run — worst playoff defense ever among state champions.

Before you get those keyboards fired up, though, Bronc fans, hear me out. This isn’t my call. It’s simple math: No team that has ever won an 11-man championship in Wyoming has ever given up so many points during its three-game playoff run than Sheridan gave up in its three playoff games of 2022.

The Broncs gave up 92 total points in their three playoff victories, giving up 27, 42 and 23 points in their quarterfinal, semifinal and championship games, respectively. Sheridan still won each game by double digits on its way to victories of 52-27, 63-42 and 34-23, finishing off that undefeated season with yet another 4A title.

Still, the 92 total points allowed is by far the most allowed by a title-winning team in a three-game stretch, topping the 79 points Star Valley allowed in 2016. In fact, only four 11-man title teams have allowed more than 60 points in their three games, the others being — ready for this? — Sheridan in 2019 with 75 points and Sheridan in 2021 with 65 points.

The other 11-man champions this year gave up 51 points (Star Valley, 3A) and 33 points (Big Horn, 2A) in their respective three-game playoff runs.

As noted in a previous post and updated here, here are the most points allowed by 11-man teams in their three-game championship runs:

92 points: Sheridan (27, 42, 23), 4A 2022
79 points: Star Valley (27, 42, 10), 3A 2016
75 points: Sheridan (14, 35, 26), 4A 2019
65 points: Sheridan (14, 24, 27), 4A 2021
58 points: Cheyenne East (10, 34, 14), 5A 2007
55 points: Star Valley (13, 27, 15), 3A 2015 … Big Horn (14, 19, 22), 2A 2013 … Sheridan (12, 29, 14), 4A 2011 … Big Piney (8, 33, 14), 3A 2001 … Big Piney (7, 20, 28), 2A 2000
54 points: Lyman (20, 28, 6), 2A 2021 … Cheyenne Central (20, 20, 14), 5A 2005 … Rocky Mountain (12, 22, 20), 1A DI 1997
51 points: Star Valley (17, 27, 7), 3A 2022 … Sheridan (17, 6, 28), 4A 2016

Conversely, the fewest points allowed in a three-game playoff run for teams on their way to a championship include:

0 points: Kemmerer (0, 0, 0), 3A 2007 … Wind River (0, 0, 0), 1A DII 1997
2 points: Southeast (0, 2, 0), 1A 2008
6 points: Lusk (6, 0, 0), 2A 2002 … Sundance (0, 6, 0), 2A 2005
7 points: Gillette (0, 0, 7), 4A 2000
8 points: Cokeville (0, 8, 0), 1A 2002 … Glenrock (8, 0, 0), 3A 2008
9 points: Upton (0, 3, 6), 1A 2005
10 points: Natrona (0, 7, 3), 5A 2003
12 points: Glenrock (0, 6, 6), 3A 2003 … Glenrock (0, 12, 0), 3A 2002 … Torrington (6, 0, 6), 3A 1990
13 points: Cokeville (0, 7, 6), 1A 11-man 2014 … Cokeville (0, 7, 6), 1A 11-man 2010 … Cokeville (0, 13, 0), 1A DII 1995 … Lusk (6, 0, 7), 1A DI 2000 … Natrona (0, 13, 0), 4A 1996 … Powell (0, 3, 10), 3A 2012 … Southeast (0, 6, 7), 2A 2001 … Thermopolis (0, 0, 13), 2A 1992 … Worland (0, 0, 13), 4A 2003 … Worland (7, 6, 0), 4A 2001 … Mountain View (14, 0, 0), 2A 1995 … Natrona (7, 0, 7), 4A 2012 … Wheatland (6, 0, 8), 2A 2015


To win a championship while still allowing so many points, Sheridan must have had a record-setting offensive performance during its playoff run, right?

Well… almost.

The Broncs’ 149 points scored tied for the sixth-most ever by an 11-man team in a three-game title run. And four of the top five performances ahead of Sheridan, though, have come since 2018, including three from 2019 alone. Again updated from a previous post on this site, those include:

191 points: Big Horn (67, 68, 56), 1A 11-man 2018
185 points: Big Horn (82, 48, 55), 1A 11-man 2019
162 points: Cokeville (54, 54, 54), 1A 2002
159 points: Sheridan (62, 62, 35), 4A 2019
152 points: Mountain View (72, 56, 24), 2A 2019
149 points: Sheridan (52, 63, 34), 4A 2022 … Buffalo (56, 50, 43), 2A 2018 … Sheridan (64, 43, 42), 4A 1993
148 points: Mountain View (55, 66, 27), 2A 1995
145 points: Lusk (68, 49, 28), 1A Division I 1999
144 points: Southeast (74, 42, 28), 1A 2007
140 points: Mountain View (60, 52, 28), 2A 2014 … Douglas (40, 56, 44), 3A 2009

The fewest points scored in a championship run, though, now includes this year’s aforementioned Big Horn team. The Rams only allowed 33 points, but conversely only scored 43 — tied for second-lowest of any 11-man championship team in a three-game playoff run:

31 points: Cokeville (7, 7, 17), 1A 11-man 1994
43 points: Big Horn (28, 7, 8), 2A 2022 … Glenrock (20, 10, 13), 3A 2003
44 points: Natrona (14, 23, 7), 4A 1996
48 points: Riverside (17, 10, 21), 2A 2007
49 points: Big Piney (12, 16, 21), 3A 2006
52 points: Pine Bluffs (23, 19, 10), 1A 11-man 2016
53 points: Southeast (34, 7, 12), 1A 2008
54 points: Guernsey (32, 8, 14), 1A 2006
55 points: Cheyenne East (13, 28, 14), 4A 2013
59 points: Cokeville (28, 19, 12), 1A Division II 1998


In six-man, meanwhile, Snake River just put up the best defensive playoff run of any state champion. The 2022 version of the Rattlers allowed only 22 points — six in the quarterfinals and eight in both the semifinals and championship — on their way to this year’s six-man championship.

The 22 points allowed barely edged out the 24 allowed by Snake River in its 2010 title run. Snake River also owns the third-best run with 38 allowed in its 2019 championship season.

Three teams have finished with more than 200 points scored in a six-man championship run, led by Farson’s 225 in 2018. Farson also allowed more points during its three-game playoff championship run than any other, allowing 79 that same year. Two years later, in 2020, Farson scored 154 points — the fewest ever scored by any six-man champion since 2009.

Here are the top three performances by state champions in the six-man playoffs since 2009:

Most points scored
225 points: Farson (90, 62, 73), 2018
217 points: Guernsey (65, 72, 80), 2014
202 points: Dubois (89, 59, 54), 2012

Fewest points scored
154 points
: Farson (70, 42, 42), 2020
157 points: Kaycee (60, 56, 41), 2016
173 points: Snake River (64, 42, 67), 2010

Fewest points allowed
22 points
: Snake River (6, 8, 8), 2022
24 points: Snake River (0, 12, 12), 2010
38 points: Snake River (0, 0, 38), 2019

Most points allowed
79 points
: Farson (22, 19, 38), 2018
78 points: Guernsey (8, 40, 30), 2014 … Snake River (8, 46, 24), 2021


Wyoming’s newest high school football program will be in Casper.

Casper Christian School, which opened last year, will offer athletics for the first time this year, starting with six-man football and basketball.

CCS became a member of the Wyoming High School Activities Association and will play a sub-varsity six-man schedule this year. The Mountaineers will play Midwest in Week 0 to start the season for both programs. CCS football coach Ryan Harrison said via email the rest of the program’s schedule is in flux, as no other games are set and “we have become many teams’ backup options if another game on their schedule falls through.”

WHSAA Commissioner Ron Laird said via email Thursday that Casper Christian School will spend this year and next year playing a sub-varsity schedule, “and then will need to show that they have the numbers to sustain varsity level numbers.”

Harrison said about 10 students will make up the football team to start the season, but more could show up as the season starts. He said about 60 students will be enrolled to start the year across the seven grades (6-12) that the school offers. That is up from the 40 students enrolled last year, the school’s first. Home-school students will also be eligible to play sports.

He said he envisions the program growing as the school grows.

“Our expectation is that we will not be a six-man program forever,” Harrison said. “Casper is large enough that we have a lot of room to grow and I foresee us growing to the nine-man and eventually the 11-man levels at some point. Who knows how long that will take and what type of success we will have at the six-man level before that point, but I’m excited to see how everything turns out this year.”

Right now, Harrison said the only other sport on the horizon is boys basketball, but it too will play at the sub-varsity level to start. However, middle-school football and basketball, as well as volleyball, are also in the planning stages.

“At the size we’re at right now, it’s just about the interest our students have and if we can field a team or not,” he said.

CCS shares its building with the Restoration Church on the east side of Casper. It offers classes for sixth through 12th graders.


Wyoming tied a Six-man Shootout record with 68 points in a 68-44 victory against the Nebraska six-man all-stars during Friday’s all-star football game in Chadron, Nebraska.

Wyoming won in the series for the first time since 2019 and took a 6-5 lead in the all-time series.

Wyoming took the lead early, and despite Nebraska’s best attempts, the flatlanders could never re-take the lead.

Snake River’s Zander Risner and Meeteetse’s Dace Bennett scored touchdowns to give Wyoming a 16-8 lead early in the second quarter.

After a Nebraska score — and then a turnover — Encampment’s Koye Gilbert caught a touchdown pass to give Wyoming a 22-16 lead. On Nebraska’s subsequent possession, Gilbert scored on a pick-six, which came on the final play before halftime, and Wyoming led 30-16 at halftime.

Nebraska cut the lead to 30-28 with a pair of early third-quarter touchdowns, but Bennett scored on a scramble and Wyoming led 38-28.

Nebraska cut the lead to 38-36 but Farson’s Cree Jones’ touchdown catch from Bennett extended Wyoming’s lead to 46-36 with less than a minute to go in the third quarter.

Hulett’s Bryce Ackerman scored to extend Wyoming’s lead to 54-36 early in the fourth quarter.

Nebraska cut the lead to 54-44 but Ackerman scored again and Wyoming led 62-44; Risner caught another touchdown pass a bit later to make the score 68-44.

Nebraska threatened but didn’t score again.

Wyoming’s 68 points tied a Six-man Shootout series record set by the Wyoming team in 2014. The 112 combined points set a series record as well.


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