Four Wyoming players helped Team USA to an 84-16 victory against Team Canada in the 25th annual CanAm Bowl six-man all-star game on Saturday in Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

Former Farson assistant coach Scott Reed, a Team USA coach, said the four Wyoming players — Kannadis Peroulis, Hadley Myers and David Hernandez from Snake River and Clayton Rux from Dubois — all had a hand in the victory.

Peroulis scored twice and had 237 rushing yards on just four carries. Myers added 106 rushing yards, threw a 21-yard touchdown pass and scored on an 88-yard kick return. Hernandez intercepted a pass and blocked a punt. And Rux played center, despite never playing the position previous to the CanAm Bowl, and was in on every offensive play for Team USA.

The 84 points scored by Team USA on Saturday was a CanAm Bowl team record, Reed said.

Reed said the CanAm Bowl will be played in Wyoming for the first time — and in the United States for just the second time — next year. CanAm Bowl XXVI is slated for July 6 in Meeteetse. The first CanAm Bowl to be played in the United States came in 2021 in Lambert, Montana. This year’s game in Alberta was the only other game in CanAm Bowl history to be played outside Saskatchewan.


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