A quick little tally I put together: Wyoming high school football coaches with at least 10 playoff wins entering the 2016 season. It’s no surprise to see Cokeville coach Todd Dayton at the top; however, the fact that he has more than twice as many victories as the coach in the second spot, Southeast’s Mark Bullington, is another testament to both Dayton’s skill and longevity.

In all, 29 coaches have at least 10 playoff victories. Of those 29, only one has a losing record in playoff games.

The list below includes the coaches, the schools they took to the playoffs at least once, and their overall playoff record:

1. Todd Dayton, Cokeville, 67-13
2. Mark Bullington, Southeast, 33-8
3. Steve Harshman, Natrona, 29-19
4. Jerry Fullmer, Lusk, 25-8
5. Joel Eskelsen, Big Piney, 24-14
6. Don Julian, Riverton/Sheridan, 23-9
7. (tie) John Scott, Kemmerer/Gillette/Tongue River, 20-7
7. (tie) Ray Kumpula, Glenrock, 20-10
9. (tie) Jay Rhoades, Douglas, 18-7
9. (tie) Ben Smith, Rocky Mountain, 18-8
9. (tie) Vic Wilkerson, Gillette, 18-10
9. (tie) Don Dinnel, Mountain View/Rawlins/Evanston, 18-12
13. Pat Lynch, Buffalo, 17-11
14. (tie) Bruce Keith, Sheridan/Kelly Walsh, 15-3
14. (tie) Chad Goff, Cheyenne East, 15-7
16. (tie) Jim Stringer, Powell, 14-5
16. (tie) John R. Deti, Laramie, 14-14
18. (tie) Robert Linford, Star Valley, 13-6
18. (tie) Mike Moon, Buffalo, 13-10
18. (tie) Bert Dow, Sheridan/Big Horn, 13-10
21. Bobby St. John, Big Horn, 12-5
22. (tie) Matt VandeBossche, Lusk, 11-9
22. (tie) Carl Selmer, Worland, 11-1
22. (tie) Michael McGuire, Riverside/Big Horn, 11-6
25. (tie) Mike Bates, Snake River, 10-5
25. (tie) Wade Sanford, Worland, 10-6
25. (tie) Andy Garland, Upton/Upton-Sundance, 10-7
25. (tie) Kay Fackrell, Lyman/Evanston, 10-9
25. (tie) Brick Cegelski, Cheyenne Central, 10-15


3 Thoughts on “Playoff records for Wyoming high school football coaches

  1. Phil on July 19, 2016 at 4:28 pm said:

    Did Shawn Rogers not get ten playoff wins at Kemmerer from 2003-2011? Could have sworn he was up there

  2. Patrick on July 19, 2016 at 4:33 pm said:

    I’ve got Shawn with nine playoff wins… Just missed the cut. 9-7 in the postseason in his time as Kemmerer’s coach.

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