Inspired by the tallying of Wyoming high school football stadium capacities, last week I updated the locations and elevations for those stadiums on the stadiums page.

I used a new tool to re-estimate the elevations of every stadium — Daft Logic’s elevation estimator — and also reset the locations of a handful of new stadiums that have popped up since 2013, when I originally did this research.

Kemmerer’s new stadium increased its elevation 87 feet and moved the Rangers’ rank from fifth to third statewide, leaping Evanston and Dubois. Recalculation of Saratoga’s elevation at its new stadium increased the Panthers’ home-field elevation 83 feet and put the Panthers ahead of Big Piney, Hanna and Rawlins. Riverton’s new stadium bumped up the elevation 50 feet and helped Riverton leap past Cody and Lusk. Most other schools saw their elevations change slightly, although most by no more than a couple feet in either direction; only one of those little changes caused any change in the order of the schools, as Guernsey-Sunrise jumped Thermopolis.

All of the details on locations and elevations of stadiums are available here.


2 Thoughts on “Stadium elevation updates

  1. Gary on May 5, 2016 at 12:49 pm said:

    The elevation of the new Laramie High School which will open in August of this year is 7280 which I believe makes it the highest school in the state.

  2. Patrick on May 5, 2016 at 11:05 pm said:

    Thanks for the help, Gary! Indeed, Laramie’s will be higher. Daft Logic puts the site at 7294. The new Deti will definitely jump past Pinedale and be the highest stadium in the state. It will even be higher than War Memorial, just down Grand Avenue…

    Thanks for the help!


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