Several years ago, the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming digitized a large collection of photographs from the Ludwig-Svenson photography studio in Laramie.

More than 3,500 negatives from the studio were digitized. Many captured scenes and people from in and around Laramie. A few of those captured Laramie High and University High (later University Prep) sports teams, including team photos for numerous LHS and UHS football teams.

Photos cannot be posted on this website because of the AHC’s strict copyright guidelines, so instead I’ve linked to the photos on the AHC website.

Laramie High, 1919 team photo

Laramie High, 1920 team photo

Laramie High, 1920 or 1921 starting 11

Laramie High, 1922 team photo 1

Laramie High, 1922 team photo 2

Laramie High, 1922 starting 11

Laramie High, 1923 team photo 1

Laramie High, 1923 team photo 2

Laramie High, 1923 team photo 3

Laramie High, 1923 team photo 4

Laramie High, 1925 starting 11

Laramie High, 1925 team photo

Laramie High, 1927 team photo

Laramie High, 1927 starting 11

Laramie High, 1929 team photo 1

Laramie High, 1929 team photo 2

Laramie High, 1930 team photo

University Prep, 1920 team photo

University Prep, 1927 team photo

University Prep, 1929 team photo


The collection also captured team photos of nearly every team participating in the 1931 state basketball tournament, which was played at the University of Wyoming.

The 1931 state tournament was significant in several ways: it was the last tournament in Laramie before it moved to Casper for the 1932-37 tournaments; it was the last “all-comers” tournament (no regional or district tournaments were used prior to 1932, and teams “qualified” for state simply by coming to Laramie); and it was the only state tournament in Laramie that didn’t have an all-class finals champion (Cheyenne was declared champ by winning the Class A division).

In these team photos, note: the standard varsity size team was eight players, not 12 like today. Also note that jerseys don’t have numbers, at least on the front.

And, for perspective: A senior in 1931 would likely be either 99 or 100 years old now. Even the youngest person in these photos is probably at least 94 years old by now. If you know someone in one of these photos who is still alive, post a comment below!

Big Piney


Byron (BHB champs and sweet uniform logo)

Carpenter (Class D champs)

Cheyenne (Class A champs)


Cokeville (Class C champs)





Fort Laramie


Green River

Hanna (Class B champs)

Hawk Springs


Iowa Center





Rock River (was Rock River the “Pioneers” before it was the “Longhorns”?)



Superior (unofficial winners of the “best warmups”)

Upton (unofficial winners of “best jersey logo”)




The acquired collection also had several team photos from the 1923 state basketball tournament, also played in Laramie. Many teams had two photos: one in a standard style and one in a “rowboat” seating style.

Big Piney (standard) and Big Piney (rowboat)

Casper and Casper (two photos)

Cody (standard) and Cody (rowboat)

Evanston (standard) and Evanston (rowboat)

Laramie (state champs) and Laramie (with the trophies)


Worland (uncomfortable) and Worland (comfortable)


A few other basketball team pictures from various state tournaments and from University Prep in-season photos were also digitized:

Midwest 1925

Worland 1925 (state runners-up)

Glenrock 1929 (state runners-up; Class B champs)

Wheatland 1929 and again (two photos of the state champs)

University Prep 1931

University Prep 1932

University Prep 1936

University Prep 1937

University Prep 1938

University Prep 1939


The collection is also full of UW sports photos and, of course, photos from in and around Laramie. It’s worth your time to simply browse the collection of 3,650 photos or search for your favorite words… like “basketball” or “football.”


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    Check out the background to the Laramie High, 1925 team photo, “Beat Cheyenne”

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