The 2013 Wyoming high school football schedule was released Tuesday, and although school classification changes are only coming in Class 1A, changes to the schedule have been made in every classification.

Major schedule overhauls were conducted in Class 4A and Class 1A.

Class 1A, both 11-man and six-man, saw the most changes, as three schools departed 11-man for six-man this year and another joined six-man from the junior-varsity ranks. The Class 4A schedule was completely overhauled, as well, while minor changes were made in the Class 2A and 3A schedules.

The Wyoming High School Activities Association has produced the schedules for all Wyoming varsity football teams since 2001. Schedules were distributed to the schools this morning.

Class 1A overhauls are major

The biggest changes in 2013 come in Class 1A, where Normative Services, Saratoga and Wyoming Indian will depart the 11-man ranks for six-man. Six-man also has St. Stephens moving up to the varsity ranks after two seasons of junior-varsity play. Conversely, six-man has been restructured into East and West conferences, with seven schools in each — Guernsey, Hanna, Hulett, Kaycee, Midwest, Normative Services and Saratoga in the East and Dubois, Farson, Meeteetse, St. Stephens, Snake River, Ten Sleep and Wyoming Indian in the West. All six-man schools will play six conference games and two nonconference games.

In 1A 11-man, the conferences remain East-West, with six programs in the West (Burlington, Cokeville, Riverside, Rocky Mountain, Shoshoni and Wind River) and five in the East (Lingle, Lusk, Pine Bluffs, Southeast, Upton-Sundance). The schedule was built to accommodate a split in the Upton-Sundance coop, a pairing scheduled to end after the 2013 season. All but one 1A 11-man program will play a 2A school in the season opener; Pine Bluffs, which has an open week in Week 1, is the lone exception.

Interconference play has been expanded in 1A 11-man this year, as schools play two teams from the opposite conference in the regular season — one at home, one away. One of the marquee regular-season matchups will be a Week 2 showdown between Cokeville and Southeast in Lincoln County.

New 4A schedule switches some home-away patterns; 3A, 2A classes have minor changes

Despite no changes in the classification’s structure, the Class 4A schedule was completely retooled. No school plays a flip-flop schedule from 2012; every team will make at least one road trip that’s exactly the same as the 2012 season. Key among these is the Oil Bowl, which will be played at Kelly Walsh for a second consecutive season next year.

The Class 3A schedule saw the fewest changes. The schedule was flipped from the 2012 schedule in all but two instances, and they’re both in Week 1 — Rawlins will play at Kemmerer rather than Wheatland, and Torrington will play at Glenrock rather than having an open date. The rest of the schedule mirrors the 2012 schedule, with home and road games switched.

In Class 2A, the West Conference schedule was flipped from 2012, but the East Conference schedule was shifted slightly, with the Week 8 schedule moving to Week 2 and the calendar moving down a week thereafter — 2012’s Week 2 will be 2013’s Week 3, Week 3 becomes Week 4 and so on. The changes in 1A’s schedules have shifted some of the Week 1 nonconference opponents, as only three Class 2A schools (Big Horn, Greybull and Mountain View) retain the Week 1 nonconference foe they had in 2012. Big Horn and Greybull continue to play each other, while Mountain View kept its game with Cokeville.

Class 3A, 2A and 1A schools may schedule Week 0 contests on their own, if they so choose. Those games and scrimmages will be set later this year.


Key games

Here’s a quick glance at some key games, week by week:

Week 0: Cheyenne South at Evanston. The Bison almost picked up their first victory in varsity play in 2012 against the Red Devils. It will be interesting to see if South can finish the job and end the losing streak in the 2013 season opener.

Week 1: Saratoga at Snake River. How will the Panthers stack up in six-man? We’ll find out quickly, as they travel to play one of the most successful programs in the state regardless of classification in the opening week. Other key games: Cheyenne East at Natrona, Douglas at Green River, Riverton at Powell.

Week 2: Big Horn at Newcastle. The two frontrunners in the 2A East in 2012 didn’t meet until Week 8; in 2013, they’ll open the conference slate with each other. Other key games: Green River at Riverton, Southeast at Cokeville, Meeteetse at Snake River.

Week 3: Gillette at Natrona AND Lyman at Lovell. Two rematches of 2012 title games come in the same week in 2013. Other key games: Star Valley at Douglas, Shoshoni at Burlington, Wyoming Indian at St. Stephens.

Week 4: Kemmerer at Thermopolis. The past couple years, this game has been pivotal for success in the second half of the season. Other key games: Cheyenne East at Kelly Walsh, Douglas at Buffalo, Hulett at Kaycee.

Week 5: Cheyenne Central at Cheyenne East, Natrona at Kelly Walsh, AND Sheridan at Gillette. Rivalry week is back! Other key games: Powell at Star Valley, Big Horn at Glenrock, Shoshoni at Wind River, Rocky Mountain at Burlington.

Week 6: Star Valley at Cody. This could be a trap game for the Braves, one week after what is likely to be an emotional rematch against Powell. Other key games: Sheridan at Cheyenne Central, Lyman at Mountain View, Pinedale at Big Piney, Cokeville at Rocky Mountain, Guernsey at Midwest.

Week 7: Lusk at Southeast AND Dubois at Snake River. Once again, the 2013 schedule has paired two title-game combatants from 2012 against one another in the same week. Other key games: Natrona at Sheridan, Cody at Powell, Douglas at Riverton, Green River at Star Valley, Mountain View at Thermopolis, Burlington at Cokeville, Kaycee at Midwest.

Week 8: Powell at Green River. These two schools have gotten very familiar with each other the past two years…. Other key games: Gillette at Cheyenne East, Glenrock at Burns, Shoshoni at Cokeville, Hanna at Saratoga.


The complete schedules, both by week and by school, are posted below:

By week

Week 0 (Aug. 24-25)
Class 4A
: Cheyenne South at Evanston; Gillette at Kelly Walsh; Natrona at Cheyenne Central; Rock Springs at Cheyenne East; Sheridan at Laramie.
Class 3A, Class 2A and Class 1A Week 0 schedules will be set by individual schools.

Week 1 (Aug. 30-Sept. 1)
Class 4A: Cheyenne Central at Cheyenne South; Cheyenne East at Natrona; Evanston at Gillette; Kelly Walsh at Sheridan; Laramie at Rock Springs.
Class 3A: Buffalo at Worland; Douglas at Green River; Lander at Cody; Riverton at Powell.
Class 2A: Greybull at Big Horn; Lyman at Wheatland.
Class 1A six-man: Farson at Midwest; Hanna at Meeteetse; Hulett at Ten Sleep; Kaycee at Wyoming Indian; Normative Services at Dubois; St. Stephens at Guernsey-Sunrise; Saratoga at Snake River.
Interclass: Big Piney at Riverside; Burlington at Thermopolis; Burns at Southeast; Cokeville at Mountain View; Glenrock at Torrington; Lusk at Newcastle; Moorcroft at Upton-Sundance; Pinedale at Shoshoni; Rawlins at Kemmerer; Rocky Mountain at Tongue River; Wind River at Lovell; Wright at Lingle.
Interstate: Star Valley at Snake River, Idaho; Teton, Idaho, at Jackson.
Open: Pine Bluffs.

Week 2 (Sept. 6-8)
Class 4A: Cheyenne South at Cheyenne East; Gillette at Cheyenne Central; Natrona at Laramie; Rock Springs at Kelly Walsh; Sheridan at Evanston.
Class 3A: Cody at Douglas; Green River at Riverton; Lander at Star Valley; Powell at Buffalo; Rawlins at Jackson; Torrington at Worland.
Class 2A: Big Horn at Newcastle; Burns at Wright; Kemmerer at Lyman; Lovell at Pinedale; Moorcroft at Glenrock; Mountain View at Greybull; Thermopolis at Big Piney; Wheatland at Tongue River.
Class 1A 11-man: Lingle at Burlington; Riverside at Pine Bluffs; Shoshoni at Lusk; Southeast at Cokeville; Upton-Sundance at Rocky Mountain.
Class 1A six-man: Farson at Dubois; Guernsey-Sunrise at Hulett; Kaycee at Hanna; Meeteetse at Snake River; Normative Services at Midwest; St. Stephens at Ten Sleep; Wyoming Indian at Saratoga.
Open: Wind River.

Week 3 (Sept. 13-15)
Class 4A: Cheyenne Central at Rock Springs; Cheyenne East at Sheridan; Evanston at Laramie; Gillette at Natrona; Kelly Walsh at Cheyenne South.
Class 3A: Buffalo at Green River; Cody at Riverton; Jackson at Lander; Powell at Torrington; Star Valley at Douglas; Worland at Rawlins.
Class 2A: Big Horn at Burns; Big Piney at Mountain View; Greybull at Thermopolis; Lyman at Lovell; Newcastle at Moorcroft; Pinedale at Kemmerer; Tongue River at Glenrock; Wheatland at Wright.
Class 1A 11-man: Cokeville at Wind River; Lingle at Lusk; Rocky Mountain at Riverside; Shoshoni at Burlington; Southeast at Pine Bluffs.
Class 1A six-man: Dubois at Hulett; Hanna at Guernsey-Sunrise; Normative Services at Kaycee; Saratoga at Midwest; Snake River at Farson; Ten Sleep at Meeteetse; Wyoming Indian at St. Stephens.
Open: Upton-Sundance.

Week 4 (Sept. 20-22)
Class 4A: Cheyenne East at Kelly Walsh; Cheyenne South at Gillette; Laramie at Cheyenne Central; Natrona at Evanston; Rock Springs at Sheridan.
Class 3A: Douglas at Buffalo; Green River at Cody; Jackson at Powell; Riverton at Rawlins; Star Valley at Worland; Torrington at Lander.
Class 2A: Big Piney at Lyman; Burns at Newcastle; Glenrock at Wheatland; Kemmerer at Thermopolis; Lovell at Mountain View; Moorcroft at Tongue River; Pinedale at Greybull; Wright at Big Horn.
Class 1A 11-man: Burlington at Upton-Sundance; Cokeville at Lingle; Lusk at Riverside; Pine Bluffs at Shoshoni; Wind River at Southeast.
Class 1A six-man: Guernsey-Sunrise at Farson; Hulett at Kaycee; Meeteetse at Dubois; Midwest at Hanna; St. Stephens at Snake River; Saratoga at Normative Services; Ten Sleep at Wyoming Indian.
Open: Rocky Mountain.

Week 5 (Sept. 27-29)
Class 4A: Cheyenne Central at Cheyenne East; Evanston at Rock Springs; Laramie at Cheyenne South; Natrona at Kelly Walsh; Sheridan at Gillette.
Class 3A: Cody at Jackson; Lander at Douglas; Powell at Star Valley; Rawlins at Torrington; Riverton at Buffalo; Worland at Green River.
Class 2A: Big Horn at Glenrock; Kemmerer at Big Piney; Lovell at Greybull; Mountain View at Pinedale; Newcastle at Wright; Thermopolis at Lyman; Tongue River at Burns; Wheatland at Moorcroft.
Class 1A 11-man: Lusk at Pine Bluffs; Riverside at Cokeville; Rocky Mountain at Burlington; Shoshoni at Wind River; Upton-Sundance at Southeast.
Class 1A six-man: Dubois at Ten Sleep; Farson at St. Stephens; Kaycee at Saratoga; Midwest at Hulett; Normative Services at Guernsey-Sunrise; Snake River at Hanna; Wyoming Indian at Meeteetse.
Open: Lingle.

Week 6 (Oct. 4-6)
Class 4A: Cheyenne East at Laramie; Cheyenne South at Natrona; Gillette at Rock Springs; Kelly Walsh at Evanston; Sheridan at Cheyenne Central.
Class 3A: Buffalo at Lander; Green River at Jackson; Rawlins at Douglas; Star Valley at Cody; Torrington at Riverton; Worland at Powell.
Class 2A: Big Horn at Wheatland; Burns at Moorcroft; Greybull at Kemmerer; Lyman at Mountain View; Newcastle at Glenrock; Pinedale at Big Piney; Thermopolis at Lovell; Wright at Tongue River.
Class 1A 11-man: Burlington at Wind River; Cokeville at Rocky Mountain; Pine Bluffs at Lingle; Riverside at Shoshoni; Upton-Sundance at Lusk.
Class 1A six-man: Guernsey-Sunrise at Midwest; Hanna at Normative Services; Hulett at Saratoga; Meeteetse at Kaycee; St. Stephens at Dubois; Snake River at Wyoming Indian; Ten Sleep at Farson.
Open: Southeast.

Week 7 (Oct. 11-13)
Class 4A: Cheyenne Central at Kelly Walsh; Evanston at Cheyenne East; Laramie at Gillette; Natrona at Sheridan; Rock Springs at Cheyenne South.
Class 3A: Cody at Powell; Douglas at Riverton; Green River at Star Valley; Jackson at Worland; Lander at Rawlins; Torrington at Buffalo.
Class 2A: Big Piney at Greybull; Glenrock at Wright; Kemmerer at Lovell; Lyman at Pinedale; Moorcroft at Big Horn; Mountain View at Thermopolis; Tongue River at Newcastle; Wheatland at Burns.
Class 1A 11-man: Burlington at Cokeville; Lingle at Upton-Sundance; Lusk at Southeast; Rocky Mountain at Shoshoni; Wind River at Riverside.
Class 1A six-man: Dubois at Snake River; Hulett at Hanna; Kaycee at Midwest; Meeteetse at St. Stephens; Saratoga at Guernsey-Sunrise; Ten Sleep at Normative Services; Wyoming Indian at Farson.
Open: Pine Bluffs.

Week 8 (Oct. 18-20)
Class 4A: Cheyenne Central at Evanston; Cheyenne South at Sheridan; Gillette at Cheyenne East; Kelly Walsh at Laramie; Rock Springs at Natrona.
Class 3A: Buffalo at Rawlins; Douglas at Torrington; Jackson at Star Valley; Powell at Green River; Riverton at Lander; Worland at Cody.
Class 2A: Glenrock at Burns; Greybull at Lyman; Lovell at Big Piney; Mountain View at Kemmerer; Newcastle at Wheatland; Thermopolis at Pinedale; Tongue River at Big Horn; Wright at Moorcroft.
Class 1A 11-man: Pine Bluffs at Upton-Sundance; Riverside at Burlington; Shoshoni at Cokeville; Southeast at Lingle; Wind River at Rocky Mountain.
Class 1A six-man: Dubois at Wyoming Indian; Farson at Meeteetse; Guernsey-Sunrise at Kaycee; Hanna at Saratoga; Midwest at St. Stephens; Normative Services at Hulett; Snake River at Ten Sleep.
Open: Lusk.


By team
All schedules listed starting with Week 1, except Class 4A, which starts with Week 0

Class 4A
Cheyenne Central: vs. Natrona; at Cheyenne South; vs. Gillette; at Rock Springs; vs. Laramie; at Cheyenne East; vs. Sheridan; at Kelly Walsh; at Evanston.
Cheyenne East: vs. Rock Springs; at Natrona; vs. Cheyenne South; at Sheridan; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Laramie; vs. Evanston; vs. Gillette.
Cheyenne South: at Evanston; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Cheyenne East; vs. Kelly Walsh; at Gillette; vs. Laramie; at Natrona; vs. Rock Springs; at Sheridan.
Evanston: vs. Cheyenne South; at Gillette; vs. Sheridan; at Laramie; vs. Natrona; at Rock Springs; vs. Kelly Walsh; at Cheyenne East; vs. Cheyenne Central.
Gillette: at Kelly Walsh; vs. Evanston; at Cheyenne Central; at Natrona; vs. Cheyenne South; vs. Sheridan; at Rock Springs; vs. Laramie; at Cheyenne East.
Kelly Walsh: vs. Gillette; at Sheridan; vs. Rock Springs; at Cheyenne South; vs. Cheyenne East; vs. Natrona; at Evanston; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Laramie.
Laramie: vs. Sheridan; at Rock Springs; vs. Natrona; vs. Evanston; at Cheyenne Central; at Cheyenne South; vs. Cheyenne East; at Gillette; vs. Kelly Walsh.
Natrona: at Cheyenne Central; vs. Cheyenne East; at Laramie; vs. Gillette; at Evanston; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Cheyenne South; at Sheridan; vs. Rock Springs.
Rock Springs: at Cheyenne East; vs. Laramie; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Sheridan; vs. Evanston; vs. Gillette; at Cheyenne South; at Natrona.
Sheridan: at Laramie; vs. Kelly Walsh; at Evanston; vs. Cheyenne East; vs. Rock Springs; at Gillette; at Cheyenne Central; vs. Natrona; vs. Cheyenne South.

Class 3A
East Conference
Buffalo: at Worland; vs. Powell; at Green River; vs. Douglas; vs. Riverton; at Lander; vs. Torrington; at Rawlins.
Douglas: at Green River; vs. Cody; vs. Star Valley; at Buffalo; vs. Lander; vs. Rawlins; at Riverton; at Torrington.
Lander: at Cody; at Star Valley; vs. Jackson; vs. Torrington; at Douglas; vs. Buffalo; at Rawlins; vs. Riverton.
Rawlins: at Kemmerer; at Jackson; vs. Worland; vs. Riverton; at Torrington; at Douglas; vs. Lander; vs. Buffalo.
Riverton: at Powell; vs. Green River; vs. Cody; at Rawlins; at Buffalo; vs. Torrington; vs. Douglas; at Lander.
Torrington: vs. Glenrock; at Worland; vs. Powell; at Lander; vs. Rawlins; at Riverton; at Buffalo; vs. Douglas.
West Conference
Cody: vs. Lander; at Douglas; at Riverton; vs. Green River; at Jackson; vs. Star Valley; at Powell; vs. Worland.
Green River: vs. Douglas; at Riverton; vs. Buffalo; at Cody; vs. Worland; at Jackson; at Star Valley; vs. Powell.
Jackson: vs. Teton, Idaho; vs. Rawlins; at Lander; at Powell; vs. Cody; vs. Green River; at Worland; at Star Valley.
Powell: vs. Riverton; at Buffalo; at Torrington; vs. Jackson; at Star Valley; vs. Worland; vs. Cody; at Green River.
Star Valley: at Snake River, Idaho; vs. Lander; at Douglas; at Worland; vs. Powell; at Cody; vs. Green River; vs. Jackson.
Worland: vs. Buffalo; vs. Torrington; at Rawlins; vs. Star Valley; at Green River; at Powell; vs. Jackson; at Cody.

Class 2A
East Conference
Big Horn: vs. Greybull; at Newcastle; at Burns; vs. Wright; at Glenrock; at Wheatland; vs. Moorcroft; vs. Tongue River.
Burns: at Southeast; at Wright; vs. Big Horn; at Newcastle; vs. Tongue River; at Moorcroft; vs. Wheatland; vs. Glenrock.
Glenrock: at Torrington; vs. Moorcroft; vs. Tongue River; at Wheatland; vs. Big Horn; vs. Newcastle; at Wright; at Burns.
Moorcroft: at Upton-Sundance; at Glenrock; vs. Newcastle; at Tongue River; vs. Wheatland; vs. Burns; at Big Horn; vs. Wright.
Newcastle: vs. Lusk; vs. Big Horn; at Moorcroft; vs. Burns; at Wright; at Glenrock; vs. Tongue River; at Wheatland.
Tongue River: vs. Rocky Mountain; vs. Wheatland; at Glenrock; vs. Moorcroft; at Burns; vs. Wright; at Newcastle; at Big Horn.
Wheatland: vs. Lyman; at Tongue River; at Wright; vs. Glenrock; at Moorcroft; vs. Big Horn; at Burns; vs. Newcastle.
Wright: at Lingle; vs. Burns; vs. Wheatland; at Big Horn; vs. Newcastle; at Tongue River; vs. Glenrock; at Moorcroft.
West Conference
Big Piney: at Riverside; vs. Thermopolis; at Mountain View; at Lyman; vs. Kemmerer; vs. Pinedale; at Greybull; vs. Lovell.
Greybull: at Big Horn; vs. Mountain View; at Thermopolis; vs. Pinedale; vs. Lovell; at Kemmerer; vs. Big Piney; at Lyman.
Kemmerer: vs. Rawlins; at Lyman; vs. Pinedale; at Thermopolis; at Big Piney; vs. Greybull; at Lovell; vs. Mountain View.
Lovell: vs. Wind River; at Pinedale; vs. Lyman; at Mountain View; at Greybull; vs. Thermopolis; vs. Kemmerer; at Big Piney.
Lyman: at Wheatland; vs. Kemmerer; at Lovell; vs. Big Piney; vs. Thermopolis; at Mountain View; at Pinedale; vs. Greybull.
Mountain View: vs. Cokeville; at Greybull; vs. Big Piney; vs. Lovell; at Pinedale; vs. Lyman; at Thermopolis; at Kemmerer.
Pinedale: at Shoshoni; vs. Lovell; at Kemmerer; at Greybull; vs. Mountain View; at Big Piney; vs. Lyman; vs. Thermopolis.
Thermopolis: vs. Burlington; at Big Piney; vs. Greybull; vs. Kemmerer; at Lyman; at Lovell; vs. Mountain View; at Pinedale.

Class 1A 11-man
East Conference
Lingle: vs. Wright; at Burlington; at Lusk; vs. Cokeville; open; vs. Pine Bluffs; at Upton-Sundance; vs. Southeast.
Lusk: at Newcastle; vs. Shoshoni; vs. Lingle; at Riverside; at Pine Bluffs; vs. Upton-Sundance; at Southeast; open.
Pine Bluffs: Open; vs. Riverside; vs. Southeast; at Shoshoni; vs. Lusk; at Lingle; open; at Upton-Sundance.
Southeast: vs. Burns; at Cokeville; at Pine Bluffs; vs. Wind River; vs. Upton-Sundance; open; vs. Lusk; at Lingle.
Upton-Sundance: vs. Moorcroft; at Rocky Mountain; open; vs. Burlington; at Southeast; at Lusk; vs. Lingle; vs. Pine Bluffs.
West Conference
Burlington: at Thermopolis; vs. Lingle; vs. Shoshoni; at Upton-Sundance; vs. Rocky Mountain; at Wind River; at Cokeville; vs. Riverside.
Cokeville: at Mountain View; vs. Southeast; at Wind River; at Lingle; vs. Riverside; at Rocky Mountain; vs. Burlington; vs. Shoshoni.
Riverside: vs. Big Piney; at Pine Bluffs; vs. Rocky Mountain; vs. Lusk; at Cokeville; at Shoshoni; vs. Wind River; at Burlington.
Rocky Mountain: at Tongue River; vs. Upton-Sundance; at Riverside; open; at Burlington; vs. Cokeville; at Shoshoni; vs. Wind River.
Shoshoni: vs. Pinedale; at Lusk; at Burlington; vs. Pine Bluffs; at Wind River; vs. Riverside; vs. Rocky Mountain; at Cokeville.
Wind River: at Lovell; open; vs. Cokeville; at Southeast; vs. Shoshoni; vs. Burlington; at Riverside; at Rocky Mountain.

Class 1A six-man
East Conference
Guernsey: vs. St. Stephens; at Hulett; vs. Hanna; at Farson; vs. NSI; at Midwest; vs. Saratoga; at Kaycee.
Hanna: at Meeteetse; vs. Kaycee; at Guernsey; vs. Midwest; vs. Snake River; at NSI; vs. Hulett; at Saratoga.
Hulett: at Ten Sleep; vs. Guernsey; vs. Dubois; at Kaycee; vs. Midwest; at Saratoga; at Hanna; vs. NSI.
Kaycee: at Wyoming Indian; at Hanna; vs. NSI; vs. Hulett; at Saratoga; vs. Meeteetse; at Midwest; vs. Guernsey.
Midwest: vs. Farson; at NSI; vs. Saratoga; at Hanna; at Hulett; vs. Guernsey; vs. Kaycee; at St. Stephens.
NSI: at Dubois; vs. Midwest; at Kaycee; vs. Saratoga; at Guernsey; vs. Hanna; vs. Ten Sleep; at Hulett.
Saratoga: at Snake River; vs. Wyoming Indian; at Midwest; at NSI; vs. Kaycee; vs. Hulett; at Guernsey; vs. Hanna.
West Conference
Dubois: vs. NSI; vs. Farson; at Hulett; vs. Meeteetse; at Ten Sleep; vs. St. Stephens; at Snake River; at Wyoming Indian.
Farson: at Midwest; at Dubois; vs. Snake River; vs. Guernsey; at St. Stephens; vs. Ten Sleep; vs. Wyoming Indian; at Meeteetse.
Snake River: vs. Saratoga; vs. Meeteetse; at Farson; vs. St. Stephens; at Hanna; at Wyoming Indian; vs. Dubois; at Ten Sleep.
Meeteetse: vs. Hanna; at Snake River; vs. Ten Sleep; at Dubois; vs. Wyoming Indian; at Kaycee; at St. Stephens; vs. Farson.
St. Stephens: at Guernsey; at Ten Sleep; vs. Wyoming Indian; at Snake River; vs. Farson; at Dubois; vs. Meeteetse; vs. Midwest.
Ten Sleep: vs. Hulett; vs. St. Stephens; at Meeteetse; at Wyoming Indian; vs. Dubois; at Farson; at NSI; vs. Snake River.
Wyoming Indian: vs. Kaycee; at Saratoga; at St. Stephens; vs. Ten Sleep; at Meeteetse; vs. Snake River; at Farson; vs. Dubois.


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  1. Football fan on November 10, 2012 at 9:19 am said:

    Patrick, I believe your dates are a week off. 0 week will be August 30th. According to the WHSAA calender everything moves back one week. State championships games will be the 15-16 of November.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Will look into it. The dates I used were on the schedule the WHSAA sent me, fwiw.


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