The final touches on the 2019 Wyoming high school football schedule are done.

The portion of the schedule set by the Wyoming High School Activities Association was released to schools during the statewide scheduling meeting in mid-November in Casper. Since then, schools have finalized dates and times and, in some cases, added games to their schedules where open weeks were available.

As expected, most of the 2019 schedule is a flip-flop of the 2018 schedule, with home and road locations switching places from 2018 to 2019 for most schools. However, a handful of games will be different for 2019, especially in nonconference games.

Class 3A, Class 2A, Class 1A 11-man and Class 1A six-man schools also have the option of scheduling Zero Week contests. Those will be updated as they are received from the schools. For now, only a small handful of schools have opted not to play in some kind of Zero Week game or scrimmage.

Saratoga will continue to play six-man and will take over the 1A six-man East Conference schedule originally held by Rock River. Rock River will not field a team in 2019; Saratoga will be ineligible for the six-man playoffs.

Encampment, which is tentatively scheduled to add a sub-varsity six-man team in 2019, is not on the schedule; the Tigers have yet to set up any games while waiting to see if the program will obtain final approval.

The 2019 schedule is available here. It will be updated with changes when received. Also, the 2019 schedules will start appearing on team pages on this site in the next couple weeks.


Here are the quarterfinal pairings for the 2018 Wyoming high school football season:

Class 4A
(8) Kelly Walsh at (1) Natrona
(5) Laramie at (4) Cheyenne East
(7) Cheyenne Central at (2) Thunder Basin
(6) Rock Springs at (3) Sheridan
Class 3A
(4E) Worland at (1W) Star Valley
(3W) Cody at (2E) Douglas
(4W) Evanston at (1E) Torrington
(3E) Lander at (2W) Jackson
Class 2A
(4W) Kemmerer at (1E) Buffalo
(3E) Wheatland at (2W) Greybull
(4E) Thermopolis at (1W) Mountain View
(3W) Big Piney at (2E) Glenrock
Class 1A 11-man
(4W) Wind River at (1E) Big Horn
(3E) Pine Bluffs at (2W) Shoshoni
(4E) Wright at (1W) Cokeville
(3W) Rocky Mountain at (2E) Upton-Sundance
Class 1A six-man
(4E) Hulett at (1W) Farson
(3W) Snake River at (2E) Kaycee
(4W) Burlington at (1E) Hanna
(3E) Guernsey at (2W) Meeteetse

Dates and kickoff times will be set by the WHSAA.


The Wind River football team will play its home games in 2018 in Ethete at Wyoming Indian High School.

County 10 reported that the Wind River football field was reseeded in the spring, and the reseeding process, as well as an incident where a fire truck drove over the newly seeded field, rendered the Cougars’ field in Pavillion unplayable for this fall.

For the full 2018 statewide schedule, including kickoff times, click here.


Here it is, the Wyoming high school football schedule for 2018, complete with dates and kick times for every program in the state. Every school except Lander sent its schedule, including kickoff times, for the 2018 season, and they’re compiled by week here. Bookmark the page now; that’s where scores will be posted throughout the season.


Every year when the new schedule comes out, we typically see a few games on the schedule we’ve never seen.

In 2018, we will have six seven regular-season games that have never been played.

Two of the six seven involve Buffalo, which is moving from Class 3A to Class 2A, while two three others involve out-of-state foes.

The 2018 schedule is not necessarily complete. Schools below the Class 4A level still have opportunities to add Zero Week games, and some schools have open weeks they can fill.

The new series are:

Week 1: Yuma, Colorado, at Pine Bluffs; Southeast at Mitchell, Neb.

Week 2: Upton-Sundance at Wheatland; Star Valley at Sugar-Salem, Idaho

Week 3: Burns at Buffalo; Newcastle at Rocky Mountain

Week 5: Moorcroft at Buffalo

The longest active series scheduled to end in 2018 will be the series between Star Valley and Worland. The two programs have played each other every season since 1983. The Powell-Buffalo series, played every year since 1991, is also scheduled to end.


Updated 8:11 a.m. Nov. 30 to reflect the addition of the Southeast-Mitchell series.

The biggest changes to the 2018 Wyoming high school football schedules were prompted by one move.

Buffalo, which opted up to Class 3A last year, will move to Class 2A in 2018. Worland will move from the 3A West to the 3A East to give the 12-school 3A classification equal conferences with six teams apiece. Buffalo will be in the 2A East, giving each 2A conference seven teams.

That shift brought about numerous changes to the 2018 schedules in the 3A, 2A and 1A 11-man ranks. The WHSAA released the schedules to schools today at the statewide scheduling meeting in Casper.

In 2017, the WHSAA scheduled only the conference games, leaving nonconference scheduling up to the schools. This year, however, committees met in Casper in the first week of November to help develop nonconference schedules in addition to conference schedules.

WHSAA Associate Commissioner Trevor Wilson said via email that schools will be allowed to schedule nonconference games in their open weeks but won’t be allowed to change the nonconference schedules set earlier this month and posted below. Some holes in the schedules still exist, including the first week for several six-man schools and open weeks for a handful of schools in other weeks.

Star Valley and Farson both appear to be hurt the most by the new schedule — they are the only two teams in the state to have a schedule of three home games and five road games. Both squads could add a home game in Zero Week, though.

As usual, schools outside of 4A have Zero Week open and can schedule a game, jamboree or scrimmage in that week.

The 2018 4A schedule is a mirror of the 2017 schedule. Conferences in 1A 11-man and 1A six-man will remain unchanged.

Here is the schedule, first by week and then by school:

Week 0 (Friday, Aug. 24)
Class 4A
Cheyenne East at Gillette
Laramie at Kelly Walsh
Natrona at Cheyenne South
Sheridan at Rock Springs
Thunder Basin at Cheyenne Central
Schedule TBD: All non-4A schools

Week 1 (Friday, Aug. 31)
Class 4A
Cheyenne Central at Sheridan
Kelly Walsh at Cheyenne East
Natrona at Gillette
Rock Springs at Laramie
Thunder Basin at Cheyenne South
Class 3A
Lander at Green River
Powell at Worland
Rawlins at Evanston
Riverton at Cody
Class 2A
Lyman at Pinedale
Wheatland at Newcastle
Class 1A 11-man
Upton-Sundance at Lusk
Class 1A six-man
Burlington at Kaycee
Dubois at Midwest
Farson at Guernsey-Sunrise
Hanna vs. St. Stephens (location TBD)
Big Piney at Shoshoni
Burns at Wright
Douglas at Buffalo
Greybull at Rocky Mountain
Kemmerer at Saratoga
Mountain View at Cokeville
Thermopolis at Big Horn
Tongue River at Moorcroft
Torrington at Glenrock
Wind River at Lovell
Jackson at Bear Lake, Idaho
Preston, Idaho, at Star Valley
Southeast at Mitchell, Neb.
Yuma, Colo., at Pine Bluffs
Schedule TBD: Hulett, Lingle, Meeteetse, NSI, Riverside, Rock River, Snake River, Ten Sleep, Wyoming Indian.

Week 2 (Friday, Sept. 7)
Class 4A
Cheyenne East at Thunder Basin
Cheyenne South at Kelly Walsh
Gillette at Laramie
Rock Springs at Cheyenne Central
Sheridan at Natrona
Class 3A
Evanston at Riverton
Lander at Powell
Rawlins at Green River
Worland at Cody
Class 2A
Big Piney at Mountain View
Buffalo at Thermopolis
Glenrock at Newcastle
Lyman at Kemmerer
Moorcroft at Burns
Class 1A 11-man
Lusk at Tongue River
Saratoga at Southeast
Rocky Mountain at Wind River (nonconference)
Wright at Pine Bluffs
Class 1A six-man
Dubois at Riverside
Guernsey-Sunrise at Hulett
Hanna at Midwest
Rock River at Kaycee
NSI at Lingle
St. Stephens at Meeteetse
Snake River at Burlington
Ten Sleep at Farson
Big Horn at Greybull
Lovell at Shoshoni
Pinedale at Jackson
Upton-Sundance at Wheatland
Douglas at Hot Springs, S.D.
Gering, Neb., at Torrington
Star Valley at Sugar-Salem, Idaho
Schedule TBD: Cokeville, Wyoming Indian.

Week 3 (Friday, Sept. 14)
Class 4A
Cheyenne Central at Gillette
Cheyenne South at Cheyenne East
Kelly Walsh at Rock Springs
Laramie at Natrona
Thunder Basin at Sheridan
Class 3A
Cody at Rawlins
Evanston at Lander
Green River at Torrington
Jackson at Worland
Powell at Riverton
Star Valley at Douglas
Class 2A
Burns at Buffalo
Glenrock at Wheatland
Greybull at Big Piney
Kemmerer at Pinedale
Mountain View at Lovell
Thermopolis at Moorcroft
Class 1A 11-man
Big Horn at Wright
Pine Bluffs at Southeast
Tongue River at Upton-Sundance
Wind River at Lusk
Class 1A six-man
Burlington at St. Stephens
Farson at Dubois
Kaycee at Guernsey-Sunrise
Hulett at Hanna
Lingle at Rock River
Meeteetse at Snake River
Midwest at NSI
Riverside at Ten Sleep
Cokeville at Lyman
Newcastle at Rocky Mountain
Schedule TBD: Saratoga, Shoshoni, Wyoming Indian.

Week 4 (Friday, Sept. 21)
Class 4A
Cheyenne Central at Laramie
Cheyenne South at Rock Springs
Gillette at Thunder Basin
Natrona at Cheyenne East
Sheridan at Kelly Walsh
Class 3A
Cody at Jackson
Green River at Star Valley
Powell at Evanston
Rawlins at Douglas
Riverton at Worland
Torrington at Lander
Class 2A
Buffalo at Glenrock
Kemmerer at Big Piney
Lovell at Lyman
Newcastle at Moorcroft
Pinedale at Greybull
Thermopolis at Mountain View
Wheatland at Burns
Class 1A 11-man
Pine Bluffs at Tongue River
Saratoga at Rocky Mountain
Shoshoni at Cokeville
Southeast at Lusk
Upton-Sundance at Big Horn
Wyoming Indian at Wind River
Class 1A six-man
Burlington at Meeteetse
Farson at Riverside
Guernsey-Sunrise at NSI
Hanna at Lingle
Rock River at Hulett
Midwest at Kaycee
St. Stephens at Snake River
Ten Sleep at Dubois
Schedule TBD: Wright.

Week 5 (Friday, Sept. 28)
Class 4A
Kelly Walsh at Cheyenne Central
Laramie at Cheyenne East
Rock Springs at Gillette
Sheridan at Cheyenne South
Thunder Basin at Natrona
Class 3A
Douglas at Torrington
Evanston at Cody
Jackson at Green River
Lander at Riverton
Star Valley at Powell
Worland at Rawlins
Class 2A
Big Piney at Lovell
Burns at Glenrock
Greybull at Kemmerer
Mountain View at Pinedale
Moorcroft at Buffalo
Wheatland at Thermopolis
Class 1A 11-man
Big Horn at Pine Bluffs
Cokeville at Wyoming Indian
Rocky Mountain at Shoshoni
Tongue River at Southeast
Upton-Sundance at Wright
Wind River at Saratoga
Class 1A six-man
Dubois at Burlington
Kaycee at Hulett
Lingle at Midwest
Meeteetse at Farson
NSI at Hanna
Rock River at Guernsey-Sunrise
Snake River at Riverside
Ten Sleep at St. Stephens
Lusk at Newcastle
Schedule TBD: Lyman

Week 6 (Friday, Oct. 5)
Class 4A
Cheyenne East at Cheyenne Central
Cheyenne South at Laramie
Gillette at Sheridan
Natrona at Kelly Walsh
Rock Springs at Thunder Basin
Class 3A
Cody at Powell
Green River at Evanston
Rawlins at Lander
Riverton at Torrington
Star Valley at Jackson
Worland at Douglas
Class 2A
Big Piney at Pinedale
Buffalo at Wheatland
Glenrock at Kemmerer
Lovell at Greybull
Lyman at Mountain View
Thermopolis at Newcastle
Class 1A 11-man
Big Horn at Tongue River
Rocky Mountain at Cokeville
Saratoga at Wyoming Indian
Shoshoni at Wind River
Southeast at Upton-Sundance
Wright at Lusk
Class 1A six-man
Burlington at Ten Sleep
Dubois at St. Stephens
Hanna at Rock River
Hulett at NSI
Lingle at Kaycee
Midwest at Guernsey-Sunrise
Riverside at Meeteetse
Snake River at Farson
Pine Bluffs at Burns
Schedule TBD: Moorcroft.

Week 7 (Friday, Oct. 12)
Class 4A
Cheyenne Central at Natrona
Cheyenne East at Rock Springs
Gillette at Cheyenne South
Laramie at Sheridan
Thunder Basin at Kelly Walsh
Class 3A
Cody at Star Valley
Evanston at Jackson
Lander at Douglas
Powell at Green River
Riverton at Rawlins
Torrington at Worland
Class 2A
Buffalo at Big Piney
Glenrock at Thermopolis
Greybull at Lyman
Kemmerer at Mountain View
Newcastle at Burns
Pinedale at Lovell
Wheatland at Moorcroft
Class 1A 11-man
Lusk at Big Horn
Pine Bluffs at Upton-Sundance
Saratoga at Cokeville
Wind River at Rocky Mountain
Wright at Southeast
Wyoming Indian at Shoshoni
Class 1A six-man
Farson at Burlington
Guernsey-Sunrise at Lingle
Kaycee at Hanna
Meeteetse at Dubois
Midwest at Hulett
NSI at Rock River
St. Stephens at Riverside
Ten Sleep at Snake River
Schedule TBD: Tongue River

Week 8 (Friday, Oct. 19)
Class 4A
Cheyenne Central at Cheyenne South
Kelly Walsh at Gillette
Laramie at Thunder Basin
Natrona at Rock Springs
Sheridan at Cheyenne East
Class 3A
Douglas at Riverton
Green River at Cody
Jackson at Powell
Star Valley at Evanston
Torrington at Rawlins
Worland at Lander
Class 2A
Burns at Thermopolis
Glenrock at Moorcroft
Lovell at Kemmerer
Lyman at Big Piney
Mountain View at Greybull
Newcastle at Buffalo
Pinedale at Wheatland
Class 1A 11-man
Cokeville at Wind River
Lusk at Pine Bluffs
Rocky Mountain at Wyoming Indian
Shoshoni at Saratoga
Southeast at Big Horn
Tongue River at Wright
Class 1A six-man
Farson at St. Stephens
Guernsey-Sunrise at Hanna
Hulett at Lingle
Kaycee at NSI
Meeteetse at Ten Sleep
Riverside at Burlington
Rock River at Midwest
Snake River at Dubois
Schedule TBD: Upton-Sundance

Schedules by team
Class 4A
Cheyenne Central: vs. Thunder Basin; at Sheridan; vs. Rock Springs; at Gillette; at Laramie; vs. Kelly Walsh; vs. Cheyenne East; at Natrona; at Cheyenne South.
Cheyenne East: at Gillette; vs. Kelly Walsh; at Thunder Basin; vs. Cheyenne South; vs. Natrona; vs. Laramie; at Cheyenne Central; at Rock Springs; vs. Sheridan.
Cheyenne South: vs. Natrona; vs. Thunder Basin; at Kelly Walsh; at Cheyenne East; at Rock Springs; vs. Sheridan; at Laramie; vs. Gillette; vs. Cheyenne Central.
Gillette: vs. Cheyenne East; vs. Natrona; at Laramie; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Thunder Basin; vs. Rock Springs; at Sheridan; at Cheyenne South; vs. Kelly Walsh.
Kelly Walsh: vs. Laramie; at Cheyenne East; vs. Cheyenne South; at Rock Springs; vs. Sheridan; at Cheyenne Central; vs. Natrona; vs. Thunder Basin; at Gillette.
Laramie: at Kelly Walsh; vs. Rock Springs; vs. Gillette; at Natrona; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Cheyenne East; vs. Cheyenne South; at Sheridan; at Thunder Basin.
Natrona: at Cheyenne South; at Gillette; vs. Sheridan; vs. Laramie; at Cheyenne East; vs. Thunder Basin; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Rock Springs.
Rock Springs: vs. Sheridan; at Laramie; at Cheyenne Central; vs. Kelly Walsh; vs. Cheyenne South; at Gillette; at Thunder Basin; vs. Cheyenne East; vs. Natrona.
Sheridan: at Rock Springs; vs. Cheyenne Central; at Natrona; vs. Thunder Basin; at Kelly Walsh; at Cheyenne South; vs. Gillette; vs. Laramie; at Cheyenne East.
Thunder Basin: at Cheyenne Central; at Cheyenne South; vs. Cheyenne East; at Sheridan; vs. Gillette; at Natrona; vs. Rock Springs; at Kelly Walsh; vs. Laramie.

Class 3A East
Douglas: at Buffalo; at Hot Springs, S.D.; vs. Star Valley; vs. Rawlins; at Torrington; vs. Worland; vs. Lander; at Riverton.
Lander: at Green River; at Powell; vs. Evanston; vs. Torrington; at Riverton; vs. Rawlins; at Douglas; vs. Worland.
Rawlins: at Evanston; at Green River; vs. Cody; at Douglas; vs. Worland; at Lander; vs. Riverton; vs. Torrington.
Riverton: at Cody; vs. Evanston; vs. Powell; at Worland; vs. Lander; at Torrington; at Rawlins; vs. Douglas.
Torrington: at Glenrock; vs. Gering, Neb.; vs. Green River; at Lander; vs. Douglas; vs. Riverton; at Worland; at Rawlins.
Worland: vs. Powell; at Cody; vs. Jackson; vs. Riverton; at Rawlins; at Douglas; vs. Torrington; at Lander.

Class 3A West
Cody: vs. Riverton; vs. Worland; at Rawlins; at Jackson; vs. Evanston; at Powell; at Star Valley; vs. Green River.
Evanston: vs. Rawlins; at Riverton; at Lander; vs. Powell; at Cody; vs. Green River; at Jackson; vs. Star Valley.
Green River: vs. Lander; vs. Rawlins; at Torrington; at Star Valley; vs. Jackson; at Evanston; vs. Powell; at Cody.
Jackson: at Bear Lake, Idaho; vs. Pinedale; at Worland; vs. Cody; at Green River; vs. Star Valley; vs. Evanston; at Powell.
Powell: at Worland; vs. Lander; at Riverton; at Evanston; vs. Star Valley; vs. Cody; at Green River; vs. Jackson.
Star Valley: vs. Preston, Idaho; at Sugar-Salem, Idaho; at Douglas; vs. Green River; at Powell; at Jackson; vs. Cody; at Evanston.

Class 2A East
Buffalo: vs. Douglas; at Thermopolis; vs. Burns; at Glenrock; vs. Moorcroft; at Wheatland; at Big Piney; vs. Newcastle.
Burns: at Wright; vs. Moorcroft; at Buffalo; vs. Wheatland; at Glenrock; vs. Pine Bluffs; vs. Newcastle; at Thermopolis.
Glenrock: vs. Torrington; at Newcastle; at Wheatland; vs. Buffalo; vs. Burns; at Kemmerer; at Thermopolis; vs. Moorcroft.
Moorcroft: vs. Tongue River; at Burns; vs. Thermopolis; vs. Newcastle; at Buffalo; TBD; vs. Wheatland; at Glenrock.
Newcastle: vs. Wheatland; vs. Glenrock; at Rocky Mountain; at Moorcroft; vs. Lusk; vs. Thermopolis; at Burns; at Buffalo.
Thermopolis: at Big Horn; vs. Buffalo; at Moorcroft; at Mountain View; vs. Wheatland; at Newcastle; vs. Glenrock; vs. Burns.
Wheatland: at Newcastle; vs. Upton-Sundance; vs. Glenrock; at Burns; at Thermopolis; vs. Buffalo; at Moorcroft; vs. Pinedale.

Class 2A West
Big Piney: at Shoshoni; at Mountain View; vs. Greybull; vs. Kemmerer; at Lovell; at Pinedale; vs. Buffalo; vs. Lyman.
Greybull: at Rocky Mountain; vs. Big Horn; at Big Piney; vs. Pinedale; at Kemmerer; vs. Lovell; at Lyman; vs. Mountain View.
Kemmerer: at Saratoga; vs. Lyman; at Pinedale; at Big Piney; vs. Greybull; vs. Glenrock; at Mountain View; vs. Lovell.
Lovell: vs. Wind River; at Shoshoni; vs. Mountain View; at Lyman; vs. Big Piney; at Greybull; vs. Pinedale; at Kemmerer.
Lyman: at Pinedale; at Kemmerer; vs. Cokeville; vs. Lovell; TBD; at Mountain View; vs. Greybull; at Big Piney.
Mountain View: at Cokeville; vs. Big Piney; at Lovell; vs. Thermopolis; at Pinedale; vs. Lyman; vs. Kemmerer; at Greybull.
Pinedale: vs. Lyman; at Jackson; vs. Kemmerer; at Greybull; vs. Mountain View; vs. Big Piney; at Lovell; at Wheatland.

Class 1A 11-man East
Big Horn: vs. Thermopolis; at Greybull; at Wright; vs. Upton-Sundance; at Pine Bluffs; at Tongue River; vs. Lusk; vs. Southeast.
Lusk: vs. Upton-Sundance; at Tongue River; vs. Wind River; vs. Southeast; at Newcastle; vs. Wright; at Big Horn; at Pine Bluffs.
Pine Bluffs: vs. Yuma, Colo.; vs. Wright; at Southeast; at Tongue River; vs. Big Horn; at Burns; at Upton-Sundance; vs. Lusk.
Southeast: at Mitchell, Neb.; vs. Saratoga; vs. Pine Bluffs; at Lusk; vs. Tongue River; at Upton-Sundance; vs. Wright; at Big Horn.
Tongue River: at Moorcroft; vs. Lusk; at Upton-Sundance; vs. Pine Bluffs; at Southeast; vs. Big Horn; TBD; at Wright.
Upton-Sundance: at Lusk; at Wheatland; vs. Tongue River; at Big Horn; at Wright; vs. Southeast; vs. Pine Bluffs; TBD.
Wright: vs. Burns; at Pine Bluffs; vs. Big Horn; TBD; vs. Upton-Sundance; at Lusk; at Southeast; vs. Tongue River.

Class 1A 11-man West
Cokeville: vs. Mountain View; TBD; at Lyman; vs. Shoshoni; at Wyoming Indian; vs. Rocky Mountain; vs. Saratoga; at Wind River.
Rocky Mountain: vs. Greybull; at Wind River (nonconference); vs. Newcastle; vs. Saratoga; at Shoshoni; at Cokeville; vs. Wind River; at Wyoming Indian.
Saratoga: vs. Kemmerer; at Southeast; TBD; at Rocky Mountain; vs. Wind River; at Wyoming Indian; at Cokeville; vs. Shoshoni.
Shoshoni: vs. Big Piney; vs. Lovell; TBD; at Cokeville; vs. Rocky Mountain; at Wind River; vs. Wyoming Indian; at Saratoga.
Wind River: at Lovell; vs. Rocky Mountain; at Lusk; vs. Wyoming Indian; at Saratoga; vs. Shoshoni; at Rocky Mountain; vs. Cokeville.
Wyoming Indian: TBD; TBD; TBD; at Wind River; vs. Cokeville; vs. Saratoga; at Shoshoni; vs. Rocky Mountain.

Class 1A six-man East
Guernsey-Sunrise: vs. Farson; at Hulett; vs. Kaycee; at NSI; vs. Rock River; vs. Midwest; at Lingle; at Hanna.
Hanna: vs. St. Stephens (location TBD); at Midwest; vs. Hulett; at Lingle; vs. NSI; at Rock River; vs. Kaycee; vs. Guernsey-Sunrise.
Hulett: TBD; vs. Guernsey-Sunrise; at Hanna; vs. Rock River; vs. Kaycee; at NSI; vs. Midwest; at Lingle.
Kaycee: vs. Burlington; vs. Rock River; at Guernsey-Sunrise; vs. Midwest; at Hulett; vs. Lingle; at Hanna; at NSI.
Lingle: TBD; vs. NSI; at Rock River; vs. Hanna; at Midwest; at Kaycee; vs. Guernsey-Sunrise; vs. Hulett.
Midwest: vs. Dubois; vs. Hanna; at NSI; at Kaycee; vs. Lingle; at Guernsey-Sunrise; at Hulett; vs. Rock River.
NSI: TBD; at Lingle; vs. Midwest; vs. Guernsey-Sunrise; at Hanna; vs. Hulett; at Rock River; vs. Kaycee.
Rock River: TBD; at Kaycee; vs. Lingle; at Hulett; at Guernsey-Sunrise; vs. Hanna; vs. NSI; at Midwest.

Class 1A six-man West
Burlington: at Kaycee; vs. Snake River; at St. Stephens; at Meeteetse; vs. Dubois; at Ten Sleep; vs. Farson; vs. Riverside.
Dubois: at Midwest; at Riverside; vs. Farson; vs. Ten Sleep; at Burlington; at St. Stephens; vs. Meeteetse; vs. Snake River.
Farson: at Guernsey-Sunrise; vs. Ten Sleep; at Dubois; at Riverside; vs. Meeteetse; vs. Snake River; at Burlington; at St. Stephens.
Meeteetse: TBD; vs. St. Stephens; at Snake River; vs. Burlington; at Farson; vs. Riverside; at Dubois; at Ten Sleep.
Riverside: TBD; vs. Dubois; at Ten Sleep; vs. Farson; vs. Snake River; at Meeteetse; vs. St. Stephens; at Burlington.
St. Stephens: vs. Hanna (location TBD); at Meeteetse; vs. Burlington; at Snake River; vs. Ten Sleep; vs. Dubois; at Riverside; vs. Farson.
Snake River: TBD; at Burlington; vs. Meeteetse; vs. St Stephens; at Riverside; at Farson; vs. Ten Sleep; at Dubois.
Ten Sleep: TBD; at Farson; vs. Riverside; at Dubois; at St. Stephens; vs. Burlington; at Snake River; vs. Meeteetse.


At War Memorial Stadium, Laramie
Friday, Nov. 10
Class 2A championship, (1W) Mountain View vs. (1E) Glenrock, noon
Class 3A championship, (3W) Cody vs. (1E) Torrington, 3 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 11
Class 1A six-man championship, (1W) Farson vs. (1E) Kaycee, 10 a.m.
Class 1A 11-man championship, (2E) Big Horn vs. (1E) Pine Bluffs, 1 p.m.
Class 4A championship, (2) Natrona vs. (1) Sheridan, 4 p.m.


These are the projected Wyoming high school football playoff pairings for the 2017 season. Some seeds in Class 1A six-man will be broken with games on Saturday.

Official pairings and game times will be posted by the WHSAA in the next few days.

Class 4A
(8) Cheyenne Central at (1) Sheridan
(5) Thunder Basin at (4) Kelly Walsh
(6) Rock Springs at (3) Cheyenne East
(7) Laramie at (2) Natrona

Class 3A
(4W) Worland at (1E) Torrington
(3E) Douglas at (2W) Green River
(3W) Cody at (2E) Buffalo
(4E) Rawlins at (1W) Star Valley

Class 2A
(4W) Lovell at (1E) Glenrock
(3E) Newcastle at (2W) Big Piney
(3W) Greybull at (2E) Wheatland
(4E) Thermopolis at (1W) Mountain View

Class 1A 11-man
(4E) Southeast at (1W) Cokeville
(3W) Wind River at (2E) Big Horn
(3E) Upton-Sundance at (2W) Rocky Mountain
(4W) Saratoga at (1E) Pine Bluffs

Class 1A six-man
(4W) Meeteetse at (1E) Kaycee
(3E) Midwest at (2W) Burlington
(3W) Snake River at (2E) Hanna
(4E) Guernsey-Sunrise at (1W) Farson


Updated 3:30 p.m. Oct. 21 to reflect the results of the 3A East coin flip with Buffalo, Douglas and Rawlins. Updated 3:36 p.m. Oct. 21 to reflect the results of the 1A six-man West coin flip. Updated 3:52 p.m. Oct. 21 to reflect the results of the 1A six-man East coin flip.

When the Wyoming High School Activities Association handed nonconference football scheduling back to individual schools, reducing travel was the goal.

The schools came through on that end — big time.

A breakdown of the 2017 schedule shows travel is going to be down. WAY down.

The average Wyoming high school football road game trip this year, one way, is going to be more than 20 miles shorter than it was last year. And the average nonconference trip, one way, is going to be 70 miles shorter than it was last year. Even one-way mileage for conference games is down:

  • Average one-way trip for all games: 175 miles, down from 196 last year
  • Average one-way trip for conference games: 183 miles, down from 189 last year
  • Average one-way trip for nonconference games: 147 miles, down from 217 last year

Meanwhile, the median one-way nonconference trip this season will be 137 miles; the median one-way trip in 2016 was 221 miles.

In part, this is because some of the absurdly long trips teams made have also been pared down. In 2016, seven games had one-way trips of more than 400 miles; in 2017, only one game (the ridiculous Torrington-Star Valley game) is more than 400 miles one way.

Also, shorter trips are more numerous. Last season, 24 games had one-way trips of 50 miles or less; this year, 34 such games are scheduled.

A big reason for the mileage reduction is schools’ ability to schedule sub-varsity games in nonconference weeks. Five schools, so far, have taken advantage of that opportunity, and more may do so before the season starts in August.

Another thing that helped reduce the longest trips was Evanston’s move from 4A to 3A, which eliminated the Red Devils’ trips to, or their opponents’ trips from, Gillette and Sheridan — traditionally the longest trips on the Wyoming high school football schedule regardless of classification.

The reduced travel comes with tradeoffs, though.

Namely, eight schools don’t have full schedules. Rocky Mountain, Tongue River, Powell, Evanston, Cody and Wright all tentatively have bye weeks scheduled; Rocky Mountain actually has two open weeks, back-to-back, right now. Also, Riverton and Douglas have a scrimmage scheduled for the opening week of the season, which is far from ideal. No one had a scheduled open week last season.

We’ve seen that competitive equity scheduling increased travel but decreased competitiveness. Those trends continued in both 2015 and 2016. Maybe 2017 will bring us closer games AND reduced travel. For eight programs, though, the tradeoff might be one (or more) Friday night on the couch instead of on the field.

How mileage was calculated: Using Google Maps directions, distances from city to city were calculated for each game of the 2016 season and each scheduled game for the 2017 season. Scrimmages and jamborees were not considered. Games involving Upton-Sundance used the closer of the two schools for road games and the actual site for home games. Travel went “through the park” via Yellowstone when possible. Google Maps’ suggestions were used unless a shorter mileage option that did not significantly add to travel time (15 minutes or more) was available.


Wyoming will have 14 new high school football series begin in 2017, but nine of them will belong to the same school.

Obviously, the entire Thunder Basin schedule will consist of new series starting — nine new series with each one of the other 4A schools. The new high school in Gillette is scheduled to open this fall and start varsity football immediately.

The other five new series on the 2017 schedule include Rock River/Meeteetse (Week 1), Rawlins/Wind River (Week 3), Big Horn/Upton-Sundance (Week 6), Kemmerer/Lusk (Week 6) and Worland/Pinedale (Week 8).

Also, 13 other series will include their first meeting at a particular location: Snake River at Lingle (Week 1), Shoshoni at Thermopolis (Week 1), Jackson at Sugar-Salem, Idaho (Week 1), Newcastle at Upton-Sundance (Week 2), Riverside at Snake River (Week 2), Shoshoni at Tongue River (Week 3), Wright at Upton-Sundance (Week 4), Burlington at St. Stephens (Week 4), Riverside at St. Stephens (Week 5), Kaycee at Lingle (Week 6), Riverside at Farson (Week 7), Snake River at Burlington (Week 7) and Rock River at Lingle (Week 8). Most, but not all, of these series began last year and are the second meeting between these programs.


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