The 39th annual Wyoming Shrine Bowl all-star football game is coming up quick — on June 9 in Casper, to be exact.

And with 38 years of history behind it, the Shrine Bowl has had a bunch of players sport the brown and white jerseys.

But which school has had the most Shrine Bowl players? And has a school ever had a player chosen for every Shrine Bowl?

Using the archived rosters available at the Shrine Bowl’s official site, I tallied up two lists: the total numbers of players per school and the number of years every school has had at least one player selected.

Natrona County, with 137 total players, has had more Shrine Bowl selections than any other school. Also, Natrona is one of just three schools to have at least one player selected for every Shrine Bowl game; Riverton and Sheridan are the only other schools that can claim that honor.

Not counting 2012’s selections, here are the tallies, both by total number of players selected and the number of years in which at least one player was chosen:

Total players selected
Natrona: 137
Sheridan: 108
Gillette: 103
Kelly Walsh, Laramie: 102
Cheyenne Central: 100
Rock Springs: 91
Evanston: 86
Cheyenne East, Riverton: 82
Green River: 78
Star Valley: 74
Buffalo: 70
Cody, Douglas: 65
Worland: 63
Powell: 61
Kemmerer, Wheatland: 60
Torrington: 58
Lander, Rawlins: 51
Jackson: 45
Lovell: 42
Big Piney, Glenrock: 40
Mountain View: 39
Thermopolis: 37
Cokeville, Newcastle: 36
Southeast: 34
Pinedale: 32
Big Horn: 31
Lusk: 29
Rocky Mountain, Tongue River: 27
Guernsey-Sunrise: 26
Lyman: 24
Upton: 22
Wright: 20
Greybull: 18
Lingle, Saratoga: 17
Burns: 16
Dubois, Midwest: 15
Wind River: 14
Moorcroft, Shoshoni: 13
Pine Bluffs: 12
Sundance: 11
Basin, Meeteetse, Riverside, Ten Sleep: 7
Hulett, Normative Services, St. Mary’s/Seton: 5
Burlington, Byron, Hanna: 4
Cowley: 2
Bow-Basin, Deaver-Frannie, Kaycee, North Big Horn, Snake River, Wyoming Indian: 1

Total years in which at least one player was selected
38: Natrona, Riverton, Sheridan
37: Kelly Walsh
36: Cheyenne Central, Gillette, Laramie, Rock Springs
35: Buffalo, Star Valley
34: Torrington
33: Cheyenne East, Evanston
32: Green River
31: Cody, Douglas, Wheatland
30: Powell
29: Kemmerer, Lander
27: Big Piney, Worland
26: Glenrock, Lovell, Pinedale, Rawlins
25: Thermopolis
24: Cokeville, Jackson, Mountain View
23: Newcastle, Southeast
22: Tongue River
21: Guernsey-Sunrise
20: Lyman
18: Big Horn, Upton
17: Lusk
16: Rocky Mountain
15: Wright
14: Greybull
13: Burns, Dubois, Lingle, Saratoga
12: Pine Bluffs
11: Midwest, Moorcroft, Wind River
10: Shoshoni, Sundance
7: Meeteetse
6: Riverside
5: Basin, St. Mary’s/Seton, Ten Sleep
4: Burlington, Byron, Hulett
3: Hanna, Normative Services
1: Bow-Basin, Cowley, Deaver-Frannie, Kaycee, North Big Horn, Snake River, Wyoming Indian


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  1. Patrick on May 29, 2012 at 10:19 am said:

    And in case you’re wondering — yes, I can post lists of every player picked from each school. Eventually, this will happen….


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