Thumbing through some series records the other day prompted me to think about Wyoming’s longest-lasting rivalries.

Oddly enough, series rivalry records are the one thing I have avoided tallying since I started this research in 2004. It was a lot of work, and I wasn’t sure about the payoff. But this week inspired me to start.

The logical starting place was tallying series records for this year’s games. After all, most longstanding series will continue no matter the year. So I tallied up the series records for all of this year’s games, and found three series with more than 100 games played. Here are the 10 most played current rivalries in Wyoming:

10 most played existing series
1. Cheyenne Central-Laramie: 126 games (Central leads 62-58-6)
2. Lander-Riverton: 114 games (Riverton leads 58-49-7)
3. Cody-Powell: 110 games (Cody leads 59-47-4)
4. Natrona-Sheridan: 98 games (Natrona leads 51-41-6)
5. Cheyenne Central-Natrona: 97 games (series tied 47-47-3)
6. Big Piney-Pinedale: 96 games (Big Piney leads 54-42)
7. Torrington-Wheatland: 92 games (Torrington leads 73-18-1)
8. Greybull-Lovell: 83 games (Lovell leads 52-27-4)
9. Douglas-Torrington: 82 games (Torrington leads 54-26-2)
10t. Laramie-Natrona: 78 games (Natrona leads 43-34-1)
10t. Riverton-Worland: 78 games (Riverton leads 42-35-1)

There were 22 other current series in Wyoming that topped 60 meetings. Those series included:

Other series of note (at least 60 games)
Laramie-Rock Springs: 76 games (Laramie leads 45-31)
Big Piney-Lyman: 75 games (Big Piney leads 44-30-1)
Evanston-Rock Springs: 74 games (Rock Springs leads 43-26-5)
Sundance-Upton: 74 games (Upton leads 38-31-5)
Jackson-Star Valley: 73 games (Star Valley leads 59-14)
Laramie-Sheridan: 72 games (Laramie leads 43-29)
Lovell-Thermopolis: 72 games (Thermopolis leads 42-30)
Cody-Worland: 71 games (Cody leads 38-32-1)
Lyman-Mountain View: 71 games (Mountain View leads 42-29)
Big Piney-Mountain View: 70 games (Big Piney leads 38-32)
Powell-Riverton: 68 games (Powell leads 36-29-3)
Powell-Worland: 68 games (Worland leads 39-29)
Cody-Riverton: 67 games (Cody leads 33-32-2)
Green River-Star Valley: 67 games (Star Valley leads 32-30-5)
Lyman-Pinedale: 66 games (Pinedale leads 38-28)
Gillette-Sheridan: 65 games (Sheridan leads 38-26-1)
Natrona-Rock Springs: 65 games (Natrona leads 43-19-3)
Greybull-Thermopolis: 64 games (Thermopolis leads 41-19-4)
Mountain View-Pinedale: 63 games (Mountain View leads 36-25-2)
Cheyenne Central-Rock Springs: 62 games (Cheyenne Central leads 40-18-4)
Cheyenne Central-Sheridan: 62 games (Sheridan leads 34-27-1)
Moorcroft-Sundance: 61 games (Moorcroft leads 35-26)

Remember, though, that this list ONLY encompasses series that are continuing this year. It does not account for other longstanding rivalry games that will not be played this year, including Evanston-Star Valley, Green River-Rock Springs, Douglas-Wheatland, Thermopolis-Worland, Evanston-Green River and others.

Some day, I hope to have series records for all schools. However, the research I have already accomplished gives me a neat little side note to add to the blog this year. In addition to my weekly picks, you will see the series record for each game noted in parentheses. While the past games have little bearing on this year’s games, it is fun to look back and see just how well two schools have stacked up against each other in the past.


9 Thoughts on “Current series records

  1. Dahl Erickson on August 23, 2011 at 9:16 am said:

    Cool topic Patrick,

    I’ve said many times that I hope at some point that the 3A/4A teams can schedule each other again. Not only because of difficulty in compiling a full schedule, but also because there are some great historic rivalries as well. Folks here are always a little surprised that SV has played Evanston more than any other school, including Jackson.

  2. Steve core on August 23, 2011 at 11:42 am said:

    Patrick, I will save you some time on Green River.
    1. Douglas–one meeting, 1949, Gr won 40-6
    2. Riverton–Gr leads series 19-10
    3. Buffalo–one meeting, 1976, Gr won 23-13. GR’s last game played at this classification
    4. Cody—Cody leads series 12-6
    5. Worland–GR leads series 6-3
    last meeting was 1985
    6. Jackson–GR leads series 26-8-2
    7. Star Valley–as you mention SV leads 32-30-5
    8. Powell–Powell leads series 5-4 last meeting was 1982
    other 3a teams
    Lander–Lander leads series 11-8 last meeting 1989.
    Rawlins–Rawlins leads series 21-19-6 last meeting 1989
    Torrington–Series tied 1-1 Last meeting 1954

    Love the site—Steve Core

  3. Dahl Erickson on August 23, 2011 at 12:52 pm said:

    Looks like I better look at my series record for GR/SV again, I had it at 31-29-4, maybe I was sleepy when I was counting them up, but if two folks are concurring at 32-30-5, I’d better look at it

    Looking forward to seeing you at our field this year Steve, make sure you give a ring and see if there is anything we can do to accomodate you

  4. Steve core on August 23, 2011 at 2:02 pm said:

    Just a phone line, and please no drummer in the press box like 2004. LOL see ya in October.

  5. Dahl Erickson on August 23, 2011 at 2:18 pm said:

    Sounds good, we’ll get you some dampening curtains 🙂

    I think the drum line has moved down the bleachers a few rows since then.

    The thing I cant get over is when we go to do games in Idaho, they don’t even have glass in front. It’s open air like Tonkin Stadium. Maybe I’m just wuss, after all the coldest I’ve ever been was in Cody two years ago and my fingers were numb and that was indoors (sort of)
    Good luck to you this year, let us know how we can help

  6. Great topic-i’ve been working on the Lusk records and this year will mark the 52nd game between the Tigers and Lingle. With consolidation over the decades, there might not be many other small school rivalries that have this kind of long time history.

  7. I have Worland leading Thermopolis all time 56-32-5, Worland having won the last 8 meetings. They have not played the last 2 seasons and won’t play this season, either.

  8. Patrick on August 25, 2011 at 6:05 pm said:

    Glad everyone is liking this stuff! Appreciate the help.


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