A glance at new coaches

Posted on May 26th, 2011 in Coaches project,Everything by Patrick

Here is a quick glance at which coaches are taking over programs in the fall of 2011 and which coaches are stepping down:

Burns: Out, Bill Fullmer. In, Marv Mirich.
Cheyenne South: Out, Scott Noble. In, Tracy Pugh.
Green River: Out, Darren Howard. In, Don Maggi.
Greybull: Out, John Cundall. In, Josh Heinemeyer.
Kelly Walsh: Out, Jim Horne. In, Jon Vance.
Pine Bluffs: Out, Dale Gilbert. In, Will Gray.
Pinedale: Out, Michael Gregory. In, Allen Johnson.
Rock Springs: Out, Tony Yerkovich. In, Tom Jassman.
Torrington: Out, Brian Harms. In, Mark Lenhardt.

If you know of any other changes to head coaches statewide, let me know by emailing me at pschmiedt@yahoo.com or by posting a comment below….


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