So the big news for today is that I’m starting to upload the seasons 1933 through 1945 onto the Web site. It will take several days, maybe several weeks, so bear with me as I make changes to basically every page on this site. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

In other news, Nebraska microfilm, from the interlibrary loan department at Coe, arrived this week. It helped me with some updates:

Missing games

Added the score for Goshen Hole’s 34-12 loss to Lyman, Neb., on Sept. 23, 1966.

Found the date and location for Huntley’s 22-7 victory over the Gering, Neb., JV on Oct. 12, 1966 (it was in Huntley).

Found the score for Huntley’s 12-6 loss to the Gering, Neb., JV on Sept. 15, 1965.

Found the location of Huntley’s 13-7 victory over Lyman, Neb., on Oct. 6, 1965 (it was in Huntley).

Found the score for Albin’s 38-18 loss to Morrill, Neb., on Oct. 4, 1950.

Found the score for Guernsey’s 34-6 loss to Lyman, Neb., on Nov. 3, 1950.

Found the location of Albin’s 41-6 loss to Harrisburg, Neb., on Nov. 3, 1950 (it was in Harrisburg).

Coaches Project

Updates for Byron and Huntley.


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