One of the toughest aspects of this project has been securing scores played against out-of-state opponents. The number of missing games to the number of out-of-state games is ridiculously out of proportion. Fortunately, today, I made a couple big steps in rectifying this.

Using the interlibrary loan capabilities at Coe Library, I secured four microfilm rolls of the Rapid City Journal. Those four rolls helped me take six games off my missing games list — a significant dent in an ever-shrinking project.

I’m also in the process of obtaining some more microfilm from Rapid City (you can only get four at a time) and from Scottsbluff (that costs money). Anyway, I’m making a big dent in this part of the missing games project.

The six games KOed today:

Hulett had four games knocked off the missing games list, all from the early 1960s. I found the score for Hulett’s 25-6 victory over Hill City on Sept. 7, 1963, the score for Hulett’s 42-12 victory over New Underwood on Oct. 9, 1963, the score for Hulett’s 12-8 loss to Buffalo, S.D., on Sept. 14, 1962, and the score for Hulett’s 25-13 loss to Newell on Oct. 28, 1960.

I also found the scores for two Moorcroft games in 1989: a 49-6 loss to Lead on Sept. 8 and a 28-0 victory over Rapid City St. Martins on Sept. 16. The win over St. Martins was actually Moorcroft’s only victory that season.

That inspired me to look for some more stuff with a fresh attitude, and conversely I found some info that had been missing for a long time. This is what I found:

Byes Project

Added two games for Pine Bluffs in 1952 — a 19-12 victory over the Laramie JV on Sept. 20 and a 12-0 victory over the Scottsbluff, Neb., JV on Sept. 24.

Added Basin’s 13-13 tie with the Worland Institute on Sept. 10, 1954.

Missing games

Found the date and location of Midwest’s 34-6 victory over the Upton JV on Aug. 30, 2002. (This is part of Midwest’s sub-varsity 2002 season, which has been a tough season for me to pin down exact dates… but this game, at least, is done.)

Found the location for Rocky Mountain’s 26-0 victory over the Cody JV on Oct. 15, 1994 (it was in Cody).

Found the location for Hulett’s 42-12 loss to St. Thomas More, S.D., on Sept. 29, 1992 (it was in Hulett).

Found the score for Wheatland’s 6-0 loss to the Cheyenne East JV on Aug. 29, 1969.

Found the location of Huntley’s 41-12 victory over Harrison, Neb., on Oct. 12, 1962 (it was in Huntley).

Found the missing score for Meeteetse’s 40-20 loss to the Cody JV on Oct. 22, 1959.

Found the missing date for Huntley’s 46-6 victory over Albin in 1951 — Oct. 26.

Also, thanks to coach Ted Holmstrom down in Lyman, I have the score of the Eagles’ loss to Mountain View on Oct. 12, 1963 — 43-0. Coach Holmstrom has been a big help to me on locating some missing info for the Eagles and his help is really appreciated!

Coaches Project: New listings for Arvada-Clearmont.

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.

Also, research continues backward in time. Years through 1935 are complete, and 1934 has been started…. Hey, who knew Gebo High School had a team? Yep, the Gebo Miners. Oh, and Fort Laramie High School also played football for a couple years? Hooray for finding out cool new stuff!


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