Some digital digging around over the holidays led me to one new game, a couple corrections and a couple other updates of note:

Added Laramie’s 11-6 victory against the UW third team on Nov. 14, 1898. This is Laramie’s first victory as a high school team that I can find.

Fixed the opponent for Laramie’s game against the UW third team on Oct. 18, 1901 — it wasn’t against the UW varsity.

Noted that Hanna beat Saratoga on Oct. 21, 1949; I’m still searching for a final score.

Noted that the Sept. 25, 1954, game between Hanna and Baggs and the Nov. 2, 1951, game between the same two teams were not played.

I also found three coaches for the Coaches Project — Hanna’s coach for 1949, Ted Rogers; Clearmont’s coach for 1935, Chester Stiteler; and Farson’s coach for 1951, Keith Sorenson. I also found the first name for Carpenter’s head coach in 1941, Devon Clark, and for Newcastle’s head coach in 1930, Ollie Hulse. Also, Huntley’s head coach in 1961 and 1962 was Bill Perich, not LeRoy Cundall.

All the updates have been made on all the relevant pages.


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