For what it’s worth, and really anymore it’s only worth the color of the jerseys, here is who would wear the dark jerseys in Laramie, based on the WHSAA’s rotating host model outlined in its handbook. The highest remaining seed will wear its home jersey next week in Laramie. Seeds of the remaining teams break down this way this year based on the host rotation and conference seeding entering the playoffs:

4A: 1. Natrona; 2. Gillette; 3. Sheridan; 4. East.

3A: 1. Powell; 2. Star Valley; 3. Green River; 4. Cody.

2A: 1. Big Horn; 2. Lyman; 3. Newcastle; 4. Lovell.

1A 11-man: 1. Cokeville; 2. Lusk; 3. Burlington; 4. Southeast.

1A six-man: 1. Snake River; 2. Dubois; 3. Midwest; 4. Meeteetse.

In short, the top seed, if it wins, can only wear the home jerseys; the fourth seed, if it wins, can only wear its road jerseys; seeds 2 or 3 could wear either depending on who wins the other semifinal game.

And that’s your fashion update for the week….


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