South Dakota considers shifting classifications (Rapid City Journal).

South Dakota has six classifications right now — three 11-man, three nine-man. They are looking at changing this to four 11-man and two nine-man divisions… but the top classification of 11-man would have only nine schools in it, as opposed to the 16 or 17 in there now. Thoughts?


2 Thoughts on “Newsbreak: South Dakota

  1. I agree with those who worry about watering down championships. This would be adopting a weaker Wyoming approach to high school sports.

    From a Wyoming perspective, I just hope that eventually there will be room for more cross-border play between Gillette and Rapid City schools.

  2. Patrick on March 28, 2011 at 9:33 pm said:

    Agreed on both points, Boyd. Nothing wrong with 17, although I do see Spearfish’s argument against playing Sioux Falls metro schools. Enrollment-wise in Wyoming, that’s like Lander taking on Gillette year in and year out.

    As for cross-border play — would love to see it. But it ain’t happening any time soon. Not as long as the WHSAA controls the football schedules. Not as long as there’s a nine-week regular season in a 10-team 4A.


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