Four quick updates that I’ve posted today:

1. I noted that Torrington’s 27-7 victory over Newcastle in 1957 was indeed a playoff game. It wasn’t marked as a playoff game the first time around. But I double-checked and my hunch was right, it was a Class A semifinal….

2. I’ve removed a game listed on Oct. 11, 1960, between Pavillion and Morton. I had duplicated the score from earlier in the season and slapped another date on there, but the second duplicate entry has been removed….

3. I corrected a game listed for Torrington on Oct. 26, 1951. That day, the Blazers played Mitchell, Neb., NOT Mitchell, S.D. …

4. I’ve corrected the score for the first game between Pinedale and Cokeville for Sept. 5, 1975. The score was 32-0 Pinedale, NOT 32-0 Cokeville. The Pinedale Roundup was especially clear, saying something to the effect of, “Despite what you may have read in other newspapers, Pinedale indeed defeated Cokeville…” in the first sentence of the game recap. Of note, Pinedale went 10-0 that 1975 season (not 9-1 as I had listed) and beat Cokeville again by an identical 32-0 score later that season. …

That’s it for now. My big secret project, in which I’m really delving into the game-by-game results, continues — hence the reason for catching all the mistakes I made the first time around and all of the updates recently.


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