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2023 conference: Class 1A six-man South
2023 coach: Jack Cobb
Colors: Purple and yellow
Stadium: Rattler Field

Program highlights
Records and superlatives
All-time record (since 1951): 120-55-2 (.684)
All-time playoff record (since 1951): 23-10
Best season(s): 2010 (10-0), 2011 (11-0), 2019 (10-0), 2021 (10-0) and 2022 (11-0)
Worst season(s): 1951 (0-4), 1955 (0-6), 1956 (0-2), 1957 (0-2) and 1958 (0-1)
Best-ever state finish: State champions, 2010, 2011, 2019, 2021 and 2022
Scoring records
Most points scored, game: 82, at Ten Sleep (14), S27/2014
Largest margin of victory: 79, vs. Farson (79-0), S17/2010
Most points allowed, game: 81, at Meeteetse (Snake River 60), S11/2015
Largest margin of defeat: 75, at Pinedale (75-0), S26/1952
Longest winning/unbeaten streak: 30 games, 2021-23
Longest winless/losing streak: Unknown, 13 to 15 games, 1954-58 (one game with date unknown)

All records through the end of last season.

Year-by-year results

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YearClassConferenceSnake RiverWLTPctPO W-LStateTPSTPAAPSAPA
1951B six-manSouthwestFrank Chapman0400.000DNQ431967.7524.00
1952B six-manSouthwestFrank Chapman1310.300DNQ45516911.0033.80
1953B six-manSouthwestDarwin Pitchford1410.250DNQ49924816.5041.33
1954B six-manSouthwestDarwin Pitchford1400.200DNQ48821117.6042.20
1955B six-manSouthwestIvan "Red" Jones0600.000DNQ4422577.0042.83
1956B six-manIndependentIvan "Red" Jones0200.000INE12706.0035.00
1957B six-manIndependentUnknown0200.000NB228411.0042.00
1958B eight-manIndependentJohn Higgins0100.000INE132813.0028.00
1959-2008--No team----------
20091A six-manWestMike Bates3400.4290-1QF28827941.1439.86
20101A six-mannoneMike Bates10001.0003-0CH60715260.7015.20
20111A six-manSouthMike Bates11001.0003-0CH63120563.1020.50
20121A six-manSouthMike Bates9200.8182-1RU57629052.3626.36
20131A six-manWestMike Bates4400.5000-1QF27130033.8837.50
20141A six-manWestMike Bates8200.8001-1SF56736656.7036.60
20151A six-manWestMike Bates7300.7001-1SF53040853.0040.80
20161A six-manWestMike Bates6300.6670-1QF41322845.8925.33
20171A six-manWestJack Cobb8200.8001-1SF62616862.6016.80
20181A six-manWestJack Cobb7300.7001-1SF43630843.6030.80
20191A six-manWestJack Cobb10001.0003-0CH5973859.703.80
20201A six-manWestJack Cobb4500.4440-1QF33927637.6730.67
20211A six-manWestJack Cobb10001.0003-0CH52415952.4015.90
20221A six-manSouthJack Cobb11001.0003-0CH62910157.189.18
20231A six-manSouthJack Cobb9100.9002-1RU59819559.8019.50
Game-by-game results

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