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Colors: Red and white

Program highlights
Records and superlatives
All-time record (since 1922): 57-119-7 (.331)
All-time playoff record (since 1922): 0-0
Best season(s): 1924 (4-0)
Worst season(s): 1928 (0-4), 1941 (0-5), 1961 (0-8) and 1966 (0-8)
Best-ever state finish: never made playoffs
Scoring records
Most points scored, game: 61, at Ten Sleep (0), S27-N5/1924
Largest margin of victory: 61, at Ten Sleep (61-0), S27-N5/1924
Most points allowed, game: 72, at Cowley (Manderson 14), S14/1973
Largest margin of defeat: 62, at Deaver-Frannie (70-8), N4/1975
Longest winning streak: 4 games, 1924, 1963-64, 1969 and 1972-73
Longest unbeaten streak: 5 games (4-0-1), 1969
Longest winless/losing streak: 10 games, 1960-61

All records through the end of last season.

Year-by-year results

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YearClassConferenceCoachWLTPctPO W-LStateTPSTPAAPSAPA
1924SmallNorthwestHarry Wiley4001.000DNQ1442536.006.25
1925-27--No team----------
1929-38--No team----------
1939six-manNorthwestJ.J. Secrest2100.667DNP504225.0021.00
1940six-manNorthwestHarold Bender3200.600DNP12311130.7527.75
1942-55--No team----------
1956B 11-manIndependentWilliam Diercks0100.000INE6246.0024.00
1957B 11-manBig Horn BasinWilliam Diercks4500.444DNQ312521613.8924.00
1958B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthWilliam Diercks1610.188DNQ38421110.5026.38
1959B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthPhil Treick5300.625DNQ31218215.1310.25
1960B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthDarold Hitland3500.375DNQ213310516.6313.13
1961B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthJim Caines0800.000DNQ2302343.7529.25
1962B 11-manBig Horn Basin NorthJim Caines5210.688DNP1215815.137.25
1963BBig Horn Basin NorthJim Caines3310.500DNP785811.148.29
1964BBig Horn Basin NorthJim Caines4300.571DNP14010320.0014.71
1965BBig Horn Basin SouthBurt McDonald1710.167DNP591526.5616.89
1966BBig Horn Basin SouthDiercks and Rhodes0800.000DNP642768.0034.50
1967BBig Horn Basin South (eight-man)Phil Juillard2700.222DNP11329012.5632.22
1968BBig Horn Basin South (eight-man)Phil Juillard1800.111DNP15430417.1133.78
1969BBig Horn Basin South (eight-man)Phil Juillard5310.611DNP23818226.4420.22
1970BBig Horn Basin (eight-man)Gary Sutherland1800.111DNP10536311.6740.33
1971BBig Horn Basin (eight-man)Gary Sutherland1710.167DNP582286.4425.33
1972noneeight-man Big Horn BasinRick Case5300.625DNP16715620.8819.50
1973noneeight-man Big Horn BasinKen Keil2700.222DNP14034115.5637.89
1974noneeight-man Big Horn BasinWilliam Diercks2610.278DNP9428210.4431.33
1975noneeight-man Big Horn BasinJohn Tate2600.250NB582427.2530.25
Game-by-game results

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